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• 7/18/2018

What kind of Fridge does Cat's kitchen have?

Since the fridge in the show is a fairly unique model, I am curious if it is an actual fridge or a fabricated prop.
Does anyone know if it is a real functional refrigerator?

This is the only information I was able to find online:
Scroll down to Nona's living room to read the section referencing the fridge.
Dan Schneider Presents: "Sam & Cat" - Sets in the City - Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider Presents: "Sam & Cat" - Sets in the City - Dan Schneider Dan Schneider
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• 1/4/2018


hello can you babysitting from my klittle sister ?? plies
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• 11/27/2017

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• 9/27/2016

Episode title?

Has anyone got the picture of this episode title?
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• 10/31/2015

I just figured out the spanish that Cat&Freddie talked..

Freddie - My foot is on fire.
Cat-Come spend the day with me
Wait a sec, what??
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• 11/29/2014

My acc being a candidate for deletion

For all of you that are thinking of marking my acc a candidate of deletion make sure u check out my blog, ok? I will be starting my blog on Dec 1. Until then, just mind Ur own business because I'm already freaking out about the blog, I don't want more pressure. Thanks
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• 10/26/2014

Why is there a "hummmm" at the end?

It kinda sounds a little barbershop quartet-ish.
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• 10/18/2014

Trivia-specific pages

I was wondering whether we should have specific pages for the Trivia sub-categories like "Running gags" or "Goofs".
The page would just pull the information from each episode article (like how is is on this wiki without having to edit the info on the page itself. It'd be a nice running list for those who want to, say, look at all of the goofs without having to go through all of the episodes.
For the record, in order for this to work, we'd have to ask staff to install this extension
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• 8/29/2014

Episode numbers

Okay, so a handful of you probably know this, but there is actually a flaw with the way episodes are listed. First off, there were 36 episodes that have aired, and that have been filmed. not 35, and the second problem (that still kinda bugs me) is how we are counting YayDay. Every online television guide (including my TV provider) lists YayDay as episode 25, and TKTJ is literally listed as 2 episodes on every television guide on both digital/cable, but I was told a long time ago that we aren't counting TKTJ as two episodes (and I'd like to know why.)
If i'm confusing the heck out of you guys, I think you should just compare this list with our episode guide.
I just want the episode guide to be as accurate as possible. I just don't see the point of not following the television guides, and even Viacom has Sam & Cat listed at 36 episodes.
So yeah, thoughts? :)
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• 8/17/2014


Just wanted to point out a small typo on Nominations for user rights/Administrators page under the "Procedure" section:
"At the end of a set deadline, the the candidate with..."
Another on Nominations for user rights/Bureaucrats under the same section:
"At the end of a week or whatever set deadline, the the candidate with..."
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• 8/5/2014

Admin trial period over

The trial period for the temporary adminship is now over. I have restored the user rights to their previous state. Some time this week I will be chatting with ArianaGrandeForever to talk about a more permanent permanent user rights configuration. Thank you to everyone who did the temporary adminship and your work will be evaluated.
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• 8/5/2014

Characters from a past show that didn't appear.

Hi, everyone. I wanted to do this since a long time, but I've never managed to find the time and/or the courage do to this. In fact, it's about something that happened two months ago.
So here's the deal: I've created a page on this wiki for Sam's mom, as she was mentioned in several episodes, and not much after, it got deleted without any mention about. Later, 3cooldog92 told me that he deleted the page because she didn't appear in Sam & Cat, giving me this as a reason for not having the page here.
I gotta say that it's a logic I didn't got. I knew since a long time that this wiki shouldn't have major informations of another show, and I did that page mainly with informations of her that we got from Sam & Cat (maybe there was uneeded stuff from iCarly that we would had to remove, but other pages of returning characters did too.).
I don't see why a character from a past show that has been only mentioned wouldn't be allowed to have a page here. We have the category "No appearance" that is meant for that. Also, since this Wiki is for "all things Sam & Cat", it barely makes sense.
I hope no one will see this as a criticism, I'm just giving an opinion that I wanted to share.
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• 7/26/2014


There is an error. I have seen #MommaGoomer and it has the same theme song as all the other episodes, and I have not heard the lengthened theme tune before now. Please correct all the errors.
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• 7/24/2014

Questions for Dan

Dan's holding a Q&A session on Twitter Saturday night. See here for details. Make sure to ask the questions on the blog so we can post it to the Twitter!
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• 7/6/2014

Removing the iCarly characters' dates of birth.

Sam, Freddie, Gibby, Nora and Nevel's page are featuring a date of birth. I think we should remove them, because first, it's more an iCarly information, and second because they're not canon anymore. Sam is supposed to be 20 today, but she's 17, according to #SuperPsycho. Logically, it's the same for the others.
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• 6/18/2014

Temporary Admin Update

This temporary admin gig will probably end in mid to late July. The reason it's gone on far longer than initially planned is because finding work took much longer than I expected and I'm doing orientation tomorrow for my new job. So in about a month I'll demote all the temporary admins and make decisions on permanent user rights arrangements to (in consultation with ArianaGrandeForever if she's back online by then. Until then, just working on proving your worth to the wiki as an admin. That means performing admin tasks. Good luck everyone.
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• 6/14/2014

List of websites

I propose that we take all the websites in the show and put them into an article named "List of websites". All the website pages here are just little stub articles with no way of expanding them. We can combine them and create a longer article!
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• 6/7/2014

Add a subheading to episode plots for the ending credits scene

I was thinking that maybe we can add the ending credits scene to the episode plot section on each episode article.
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• 5/29/2014

Candidates for deletion: Lettuce Eat Lunch, Drive me Crazy, Big & Tall Adoption Agency

These three pages of minor locations have been marked to be candidates for deletion, but there hasn't been any discuss about them yet. I've edited these pages since it got these marks of deletion and they became way longer that when they got it. I think these three pages look more like stubs than too minor pages, now.
I wanna know if some other people are agreeing with me about it and if we can get off these candidates for deletion marks of and keep the pages.
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• 5/25/2014

Jennette's boy name?

What were the name of Jennette McCurdy in which her mom said that she would have named her if she was born a boy? Jennette said it and i forgot it. (she said it on twitter if that helps a few years ago.)
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