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• 8/17/2014


Just wanted to point out a small typo on Nominations for user rights/Administrators page under the "Procedure" section:
"At the end of a set deadline, the the candidate with..."
Another on Nominations for user rights/Bureaucrats under the same section:
"At the end of a week or whatever set deadline, the the candidate with..."
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• 3/16/2014

Name of Sam & Cat Special

We got a problem on the name of the Sam & Cat special coming up on March 29th. There are many sources and they all say different things. There's the original source that said #PoorNora, and there's saying that it's #NoraNevelNightmare and TV Listings is saying that it's #SuperPsycho. What should we do?
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• 2/24/2014

Randy's Own Page

I believe that the character Randy has appeared enough to get his own page. Please reply ASAP.
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• 11/1/2013

Closing thread

Can this thread be closed, please?
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• 11/1/2013


May quotes be used at the top of character page or do you guys prefer not?
I mean like on other wiki's for example on top of Sam's page you put the quote: Man, I love food (not a real quote, for as far as I know)
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• 9/11/2013

Chat Moderators

I was just wondering if there are any spots available to be a chat mod. I am always looking for someone to chat with and I am on chat half of my wiki life.
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• 8/20/2013

Help With My Userpage

My user page is wonky. The trivia is always seperated and I try to put if normal but it never changes. My friends list is always far apart and its the same as the userboxes. Someone; help me!
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• 8/11/2013

I want to know

I want to know if the is space for ppl tom be a admin cuz i want to be one?
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• 8/7/2013

Message from Lindsey101

hi bj you and dice look exactly the same
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• 8/5/2013

That random dude at the cup...

I'm asking for permission if may I can add a slot at the Episode Template for the Mug Shot/Framed person in the episode,the slot would have a photo of the scene where the photo of person appears on the mug/frame and his/her name and where s/he live (the information for this will be obtained neither from the segment at the end of every new episode or from The Lil' Sam & Cat Show)
Altrought the only execption would be from #GoomerSitting,whereas instead of adding a photo,they named a robot at Bots,I could add a photo of the robot and put a caption with its name ("Zirk",I think it was) and the name of the boy who named it
-UltraDizu The Deudizian Warrior Write me a friendship letter. 21:07, August 5, 2013 (UTC)
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• 7/17/2013


I want to add emoticons to my wiki, but I want to add it so that images from the wiki such as this one could be an emoticon. My sister and I have been trying to do it but it keeps failing. What do I do?
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• 6/30/2013
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• 6/29/2013
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• 6/29/2013
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• 6/23/2013
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• 6/17/2013

Admin Request

I think I have what it takes to become an admin.
-I have experience solving problems.
-I am friendly with others
-I have a lot of Background with websites and helping.
-I can solve things quickly
-I send kind messages
-I follow guidelines
-I love Sam & Cat
Please think about it and message me.
Thanks for your Service!
BrookeSimoneLove11 (wall • contribs) 22:40, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
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• 4/1/2013

Something weird is going on with the Recent Activity page

It's like the main body of the wiki is slanted. As you scroll down on the page it's like the entire thing moves to the left. Sam's side get covered and Cat's side get uncovered. It only does this on the RA page and it it does this on both Firefox and Google Chrome. It doesn't do it on Internet Explorer but that browser is so horrible at displaying the wiki that it doesn't surprise me that something's different with it. Tried clearing my cache too. Just thought the admins should know.
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• 3/14/2013

I want to be admin!Hope you read this

Hi.I am love jane ugates from philippines.i am 22 years old going to be 23 this may.Too weird,im so old to watch this :) but i love my childhood i miss it❤ long story!haha :) i want to be admin here,if not given a chance on victorious wiki.A birthday gift to me is to be admin many days..should i be active?Just using ipod. :)
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