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"Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service is not licensed. Sam and Cat are not legal adults. The young children who appeared in this commercial were paid and told what to say. Sam and Cat claim no legal responsibility for the safety of your children. Sam has a criminal record."
— The commercial.

Season 1, Episode 10
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September 14, 2013[1]

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Dan Schneider & Warren Bell


Steve Hoefer


2.331 million[2]

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#BabysittingCommercial[3] is the 10th episode of Sam & Cat.


Cat tells Sam to put some potato chips out for their guests, so Sam just dumps them on the table. Dice runs in with his dog, Opee. Dice then asks Cat what she's making. Cat is mixing water and mustard to make lemonade. Nona runs in. She says that Cat just texted her: "Come over right now! I'M DYING!" Cat says that she was dying with anticipation, not really dying. Sam says that their babysitting commercial is about to air during Toilet Wars. Nona and Cat sit down and watch. Cat offers Nona some of her "mustard-ade," but when Nona drinks it, she gags, asking if it came out of a horse. Toilet Wars goes to commercial and their commercial airs.

The next day, they babysit Mr. Nowak's plant. Cat says that it's Sam's turn to water it but all Sam does is pour her soda all over the plant. Cat says that she can't give a plant soda because the plant might have "dia-booties." Sam says that it's pronounced diabetes, but Cat says that she thought it was a butt disease. Sam begins to correct Cat, but then sarcastically agrees with her. Dice comes in with Opee and asks if the commercial worked, to which the girls say it didn't. Then, a rich family arrives, claiming that Opee, Dice's dog, belongs to them and that his name was Cornelius. The family ask them to hand the dog over, but Sam, Cat and Dice refuse. The family says that they lost Cornelius six months ago and Dice got Opee six months ago. The family's daughter, Alexa Biggly, is part of the Winchester Dog Dancing Contest and they always win the competition, using Cornelius. They then put Cornelius/Opee in the middle of the room and the six goes on two sides of the room. Opee runs toward Sam, Cat, and Dice instead of the spoiled family, much to their joy and family's dismay. As family gets upset, the father says that they'll return in one day with a court order and a policeman. They leave. Cat says that at least the family saw their commercial.

Sam, Cat, and Dice go to Bots. Dice brings Opee but it is not allowed. Tandy comes and confronts them but Sam, Cat, and Dice say that Opee's their French cousin with a sickness called "Furbalitis." Believe it or not, Tandy buys this. Cat spots an elderly woman who just fell down and can't get up. They then order their food. Sam and Cat start looking for a dog that looks exactly like Opee. They find one at the Burbank Animal Center, but they have "to talk to a sweaty topless man to get him." The topless man says that the dog is dangerous if he's picked up. The next day, Dice feeds Opee some lasagna. Dice gets Opee and puts him in the bedroom. The family returns the next day. Sam and Cat give them the clone and they think that is Opee. They reveal that the dog dancing competition is that night and they tell them that they can watch it on TV. Cat and Dice go get Opee so that he can finish his lasagna but Sam quickly scarfs down the lasagna before they get back. Sam, Cat, and Dice watch the competition and sure enough, the dog doesn't participate. When Alexa is supposed to lift up the dog in the dance, the dog starts attacking her. Sam turns it to Toilet Wars.


Cat: His name is Dang-er. Hi little Dang-er.
Sam: Danger!
Cat: Where?
Sam: Hey Joker, you just missed Batman.
Nona: [panting] What happened?
Dice: Humma?
Nona: Cat texted me: Come over right now! I'm dying!
Cat: Of excitement.
Cat: We change them!
Sam: I don't do that. [hands Cat the diaper]
Cat: I change them!
Disclaimer: Sam and Cat's Super Rockin' Fun Time Babysitting Service is not licensed. Sam and Cat are not legal adults. The young children who appeared in this commercial were paid and told what to say. Sam and Cat claim no legal responsibility for the safety of your children. Sam has a criminal record.
Cat: Wait! I remember something I learned in Sunday school.
Sam: Ugh!
Cat: There were these two ladies, and they both wanted the same baby, so King Solomon said, "We shall cut this baby in half."
Sam: We're not cutting the dog in half.
Dice: That's an awful idea.
Cat: Yeah, I guess nobody wants the butt half of a dog.
Sam: Especially if he's got dia-booties.
Cat: Well hey! At least they saw our commercial.
Cat: You can't pour sugary soda in the plant! What if it's got dia-booties?
Sam: Betes.
Cat: I thought it was a disease that affected your butt.
Sam: [sarcastically] Yes, it's the disease of the butt.
Cat: See? He likes Dice!
Mrs. Biggly: Licking means nothing!
Tandy: [scans Opee]
Sam: Yeah?
Tandy: No animals are allowed in this restaurant!
Sam: Animal?!
Cat: How dare you!
Tandy: [nervously] I... I..
Sam: This happens to be our cousin, Opee.
Dice: He's foreign.
Tandy: But he is small, and covered with fur!
Sam: That's because he happens to have a disease called... furball-itis.
Tandy: Oh, no!
Cat: We brought him to America for treatment.
Tandy: I am so sorry! Welcome to our land! I will now wave, and scoot away. [waves and scoots away]
Sam: Umm... How would you to see me do a really neat magic trick with this bottle?
Mr. Biggly: Are you threatening my wife!?
Sam: Oh no, I'm threatening all three of you!


  • This episode was in production from May 6 to May 10, 2013.[4]
  • Dan Schneider read a part at the table read for the episode.[5]
  • Lane Napper was on set during production of this episode.[6]
  • This episode title is so far tied for the second longest title with #RevengeOfTheBritBrats; both have 21 letters.
  • Now, the URL shown in the commercial will redirect you to It was a site set up by a fan which is no longer in use. The website has been changed to a coming soon page for several years now. You can go to the site here
    • Even though the URL takes you to this website, the site's domain was .net, not .com. Cat also claims that .com was taken. And on iCarly during a live web-show, Sam said that ".net's for losers."
  • This is the first episode to air after a five-week long hiatus.
  • Mrs. Biggly's jacket is the same one worn by Ms. Ackerman in the iCarly episode "iHave a Lovesick Teacher".
  • If you pay attention closely, in the intro the in the Sam & Cat logo there are usually lines coming out of the & symbol but for this episode's intro, the lines are absent.


  • Toilet Wars might be a reference to Junkyard Wars.
  • Cat made a reference of King Solomon about cutting the baby in half. This is the second religious/biblical reference Cat makes.

Character revelations

  • Dice owns a dog named Opee.
  • Sam doesn't change babies diapers.


  • The decoy dog was supposed to get violent when picked up, but when Alexa Biggly picked him up in the cage it didn't.
    • However, it may be when he gets picked up by hand and holding him is why he gets violent.
  • Cat said the word "booty" but in Victorious episode "Tori the Zombie", she refused to say it.

Running gags

  • Cat keeps mispronouncing words.
  • Cat making weird things, like pouring mustard in water to make lemonade when they are out of lemons and her putting honey on popcorn when they are out of butter and all the popcorn stick together.

Series continuity

  • Sam still likes meat as shown by her wanting meat juice.
  • In Bots, Sam says that she was stuck in an elevator with Gibby once and after about 45 minutes, he was starting to look pretty tasty. Gibby is a character on iCarly. As of this episode, all of Sam's original friends save Spencer have been mentioned.
    • Gibby's middle name is Cornelius, like Opee's former name.
  • Sam's hate of the domain name ".net" was first revealed on iCarly.
  • Cat repeating sounds.
  • Cat and lemonade, in this episode she was confused about how you make it and in Victorious she was confused about whether you give first-aid or lemonade.
  • Sam's criminal record from iCarly is mentioned.
  • Sam and Cat went to Burbank Animal Place which is mentioned or seen in both iCarly and Victorious.

International premieres

  • November 16, 2013 (Italy)
  • November 21, 2013 (Portugal)
  • December 11, 2013 (Australia & New Zealand)
  • January 6, 2014 (Spain)
  • January 18, 2014 (Netherlands)
  • February 1, 2014 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • February 8, 2014 (Germany, Poland)
  • February 26, 2014 (France)
  • March 5, 2014 (Greece)
  • May 4, 2014 (Hungary)