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Bibble is a fictional British snack in Sam & Cat that Cat is obsessed with and has been for over a year.[1]



Cat got addicted to it in the Victorious episode "Tori Goes Platinum" after tasting it for the first time in Mason Thornesmith's office. After a while, Cat pawned Nona's jewelry to buy more and got banned from the store.


Cat saw Ruby eating bibble and bought some from her and Gwen, but it turned out to be cotton swabs.


Gwen and Ruby gave Cat bibble as an apology for conning her and Dice, but it was part of a plan for revenge. They snuck into Apartment 22 and stole the bibble back and sprinkled some on Sam's bed so Cat would think that Sam stole it and get mad.



  • Bibble was first introduced in the Victorious episode "Tori Goes Platinum," in which it is shown to be addictive.
  • It was also seen in the Victorious episode "Robbie Sells Rex," when Cat is still addicted to bibble and she lies about her name to try to get bibble.
  • Gwen and Ruby also like bibble.
  • Ariana said "It tastes like caramel popcorn with chocolate and sprinkles and vanilla and pink stuff on it! I don't know what the pink stuff is, but it's truly delicious. I couldn't stop eating it while we were filming, I had a real life bibble addiction as well as a fake one!"
  • In #TheBritBrats, Gwen and Ruby trick Cat into taking a can of bibble that was really filled with cotton swabs.
  • Cat pawned Nona's jewelry when she ran out of money to buy more Bibble.
  • Bibble is a popcorn-like snack and is possibly a parody of Butterkist popcorn.
  • You can now buy bibble online, in many different colours and flavours.


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