• MiraculousFan2018


    February 3, 2019 by MiraculousFan2018

    #TheEnd is the 60th episode of the sixth season of Sam & Cat, and is also the series finale of the show.

    An old face's return means a life-changing choice for Sam, and heartbreak for Cat. 

    The episode starts off with Sam watching an unnamed episode of Zoey 101 on the television. Cat walks in from school, declaring that it is Friday and that she's got a whole bunch of fun planned for Sam and her. She tells Sam that the plans she has in store are secret and she will have to wait until tonight. Afterwards, a knock is heard on the door, and Sam, annoyed answers it, only to be greeted by Jade West, one of Cat's friends, who has come over for the special night. Sam is happy to see Jade again, and they sit on the couch, talking about things, and Cat…

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  • Joey11824

    I know Sam & Cat has already ended, but I'm making this so you guys can see when they filmed each of the episodes.

    • September 19th through September 22nd, 2012 - Pilot - (101)
    • January 28th through February 1st, 2013; Filmed January 31st, 2013 - FavoriteShow - (102)
    • February 4th through February 8th, 2013 - NewGoat - (103)
    • February 11th through February 15th, 2013 - TheBritBrats - (104)
    • TBA - BabysitterWar - (105)
    • March 11th through March 15th, 2013 - GoomerSitting - (106)
    • TBA - ToddlerClimbing - (107)
    • April 1st, 2013 - TextingCompetition - (108)
    • April 8th through April 12, 2013 - RevengeOfTheBritBrats - (109)
    • Week of April 22nd, 2013 - MotorcycleMystery - (110)
    • April 27th through May 3rd, 2013 - MommaGoomer - (111)
    • May 6th through May 10th, 2013 - Baby…
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  • KimPossibleFan12345


    January 20, 2019 by KimPossibleFan12345
    If there is a funny or interesting quote that was said during the episode, add it to the top of the episode page without quotation marks.

    TITLE is the # episode of Sam & Cat.

    Episode hasn't aired yet.

    Episode hasn't aired yet.

    Episode hasn't aired yet.

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  • KimPossibleFan12345


    November 17, 2018 by KimPossibleFan12345


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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! Wow, it's really been almost 3 years since I last posted a blog on here? It's been a long time. Well, despite the fact that no one really goes on this wikia anymore, I wanted to post another blog here where a lot of users would see it and tell you guys all about what's going on in my life since I posted my last blog on here. 

    • I have quit making episodes since last August with a Andrew & Heidi one and a half crossover special with iCarly and Victorious. It is on the Andrew & Heidi wiki if you want to check it out. 
    • I graduated high school back in late June and I just signed up for classes for college. I am going to be majoring in film.
    • I just got my first job and started early this month. I am a cashier and it has been not so bad…
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  • Bronnieforlife

    1. iReturn             Carly returns from Italy

    2. iHelp Freddie Get Musuclear   After Sam insults Freddie on iCarly of being weak, he insists on Spencer to help him.

                                           Subplot: Carly is addicted to the Dingo Channel

    3. iFind Out                       When Sam finds out that Carly and him kissed before she left for Italy., They both end up competing for his love. In the end Sam and Carly both cry and feel stupid and make up.

    4. iHave a Music Video      Carly, Sam and Freddie, decide to shoot a music video of Shakespere and premiere it live on iCarly.

    5. iGame Show                 Carly and her friends get selected to be on the game show Brain Squeezers 

    6. iDate Again                    When Sam and Freddie s…

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  • Iamaman1977

    Guess That Character

    November 13, 2017 by Iamaman1977

    Hey guys! For this quiz, you guys are going to guess the character from our past and present Nickelodeon live action shows or other live action shows that we know. So this is pretty much guessing on what the character said or what kind of action the character does, so you guys have to guess without looking up any trivia, plots, quotes, etc. Please put your 12 answers in the comment section below. I'll definitely be scoring you guys to see how much you got right.

    Okay! Here we go!!!

    1) This character came up with the name "truther" the opposite of "Liar". Which character came up with that opposite?

    • A) Freddie Benson
    • B) Robbie Shapiro
    • C) Josh Nichols
    • D) Kenan Rockmore

    2) This character left peanut butter all over his underwear, and broke some…

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  • PinkTrinaCat101

    Maya Valentine

    September 16, 2017 by PinkTrinaCat101

     Maya is a character on Sam & Cat.

    Maya is Cats Sister in Fanfictions!

    Kind and sweet never gets mad

    Has a crush on Trina in the crossover #SamCatAndVictorious

    She has red hair like Cat and always wears a purple jacket over her clothes.

    Mentioned at the beginning of #SamCatAndVictorious.

    • She's Cat's Sister
    • She is bisexual 
    • She loves Trina Vega
    • Andre teased Her about her crush on Trina
    • She is mentioned in the Victorious fanfiction CatTorious.
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  • Mollie barnes

    sam is funny and pritty and cat is stupidly funny and also pritty

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  • Empires0456

    sam and cat

    April 19, 2017 by Empires0456

    I love your show and sam i love icarly watching sam and cat and icarly. And Cat I love Victoris watching sam and Cat and Victoris too. 

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  • Emenette

    WHAT'S UP?!?!? Emenette's back!! 

    Im soooo sorry for not writing for the past 3 years. Gosh, so much has happened. Like Sam & Cat!! Omg Im so mad they canceled, like what the chiz. We should start a hashtag called #bringSamandCatback! Maybe Dan would write us back to! If i were in Dan's seet, I'd get everyone back together immediatley fast. Agreed? Agreed. If even one of u guys respond, I'll be happy. I mean u guys must be truuuuuee fans of my work to still be here. So anyways, if u guys want ill post too chapters of this fanfiction in the next week! I really wanna get back on track with type of writing stuff. Just let me know, PEACE OUT!♥♥♥ 

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  • Karlicrawford765


    July 3, 2016 by Karlicrawford765

    people should start recyle because without plastic water boltters we wont have water boltters that we can drink out of

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  • Older Nick Fan

    Hi all. I just found this fan site for one of Dan Schneider's shows and I wanted to know if y'all agree with me that Nick's shows are not as fan to watch as they used to be. I don't find the shows on Nick to be enjoyable anymore. I feel its the same way for Disney too, but idk if you guys know much about that. Does any body here know what happened to all of Nick's amazing shows?

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  • Billieg775


    May 13, 2016 by Billieg775

    so my favorite show is  Sam and Cat

    Cat's a goof ball

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  • ScottStephenJones

    Hello everyone! My name is Scott Stephen Jones & I just joined this Wiki! Sam & Cat was one of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon and I'm still disappointed that no new episodes of the series air. Please check out and follow this blog. Even though I just joined and just started this blog I will not use this blog as much due to me having a different blog so enjoy this blog and my page.

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  • Tunperak1992

    Screenplay - TPB

    February 19, 2016 by Tunperak1992

    Screenplay - TBP: The Princess Blog

    Written by Tunperak1992

    Story by Expertnico06


    This screenplay is dedicated to these following sources of inspiration:


    Expertnico06, Iamaman1997, Quentin Tarantino, Michael D. Pollock, Dan Schneider & Jennette McCurdy


    TBP: The Princess Blog


    A person’s typing out an article on a laptop.


    Insert Title: Want to know what’s the latest episode in my life?


    Will it please you that I almost titled this article “How I lost my cool with my sister?” will it please you that I begrudgingly decided to against it? Anyway, this is how it begins.




    A costumer wraps her lisp ar…

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  • Lottie101

    whats up with that

    February 11, 2016 by Lottie101

    hey so i have a question about bannanas well i have a few

    • why are they yellow
    • why is there name so confusing and long
    • why are they all moshy and gross
    • why do they have a really strong smell 
    • why are they so popular

    so please answer or at least try to answer so i can finally know

    PS: sam and cat RULES!!!!!!!! # awsome :) :):):):):)

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  • Tunperak1992

    Rejected Preview

    February 4, 2016 by Tunperak1992






    The Boy: So, are you going to be coming back to art class?




    The girl: I'll see you tomorrow in school.

    The Boy: Sure, great.

    The girl: Well, bye.

    The Boy: Bye.





    One hour later, we have conversation between the boy and the girl on the phone.


    The Boy: Hi. It's me.

    The girl: I can't get out tonight.

    The Boy: What do you-What do you mean, you can't get out?

    The girl: I have to finish my homework.

    The Boy: Oh, well, this isn't happening. I must be dreaming this.

    The girl: (smiling) Dream of me, huh?

    The Boy: But, tonight-Well, you know what there is tonight.

    The girl: I really am very sorry but I can’t. You understand my situ…

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  • Mperry2023

    sam and cat are awesome

    February 1, 2016 by Mperry2023

    today i was watching sam and cat its so awesome if your some one who is looking at this right now you should try watching the episodes on youtube,netflix or other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: I.C.U

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    We see Charlotte in waiting room, mutters something under her breath.


    CHARLOTTE: I’ve told Henry before that superhero thing is a serious and VERY dangerous business…



    A NURSE rushes into the room. The door opens and we see Henry Hart seemed to have survived a great deal of trouble.



    Who glanced inside the I.C.U room before the door closes.


    CHARLOTTE: …but he just won’t listen. He never does.


    She face-palm, crying.





    As the hours have passed by, Henry’s condition are now stable, he’s convalescence in hospital bed and so does his dead ringer, …

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: The Manchester Weekend

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    Ray Manchester is coaching a boy to do what’s ordinary people consider as feats of BADASSERY.



    Except for his black hair, the boy is a dead ringer for Henry Hart. He even wears Kid Danger costume.



    Kit Manchester, Second Kid Danger, Clone Of Henry Hart, Biological Son of Ray Manchester.

    STATUS: Presumed dead (later in Dead Ringer episode).



    They lie there in the half-light, sweat drenched. Ray turns to Kit, puts a hand on his shoulder, proud.


    RAY: You’re ready, Kit.



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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Of Ghost and Danger

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    Henry was too restless to sleep, so he went out for a walk. Still wearing his pajama, Henry walks down to the hallway.





    It’s about five minutes later, and Henry has stopped walking. He looked extremely frightened, as we see:



    A figure clothed in a black cloak with a hood, carrying a large scythe on the left hand and a little boy on the right hand.



    Still asleep, totally unaware of the skeletal arm that carries him.



    Then we hear; a voice echoing in his head.


    HENRY: (V.O) don’t just stand there… DO SOMETHIN…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Goliath

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    We see the entire cell block has been obliterated.



    A scrawny looking male, an inmate, stands in front of Captain Man, creating a standoff.

    We knew the captain is mocking the inmate based on their facial expression.

    All of a sudden,



    PUNCHS Captain Man, sending him CRASHING backwards into the cell block wall, reducing it into rubble.



    PHILISTINE GOLIATH, age 38. Crime: assault and battery.



    That strike actually hurts him, leaving bruise on his face, much to his surprise.


    Captain Man: I’m hurt! How could…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: The Hunting Party (A.K.A. It’s a COLD Night)

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    It’s a very cold night. Even the lake is frozen, with the breath of Kid Danger and Captain Man creating clouds in the air.

    Both of them are wearing winter version of their superhero costumes, along with them is a pretty woman (30s).





    WOMAN: (nervously) how long do we have to wait for my daughter?


    Captain Man signals her to shut up WHEN… two people appears ahead of them.



    A handsome man (30s) holding a little girl, seven years old. The man is the girl’s father.

    The little girl’s eager to meet her mother.

    But someth…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: The Little Black Box

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    A spooky graveyard and we see tombstones… graves… were shrouded in low hanging fog.

    We see two men digging up a grave with shovels. We also see a little black coffin.



    Both of them now are finished burying a black coffin.



    PITCH BLACK -- The Flashlight Beam turns on. We could see Kid Danger and Captain Man.



    His breathing is normal. We can hear the soft beat of his heart inside the black box. His composure is back.



    He’s already out of cold.



    Our sidekick positions himself under Captain Man torso and pu…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Year of the Dragon

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:



    Someone flying kicks KID DANGER through the plate glass WINDOW, which SHATTERS. Kid Danger hits the ground.

    That someone is a Chinese girl. She runs out from the store. Henry gets on his feet and chases the girl onto the beautiful neon lights street.






    What now we see on the street is THE CHINESE GIRL & KID DANGER in the middle of it, surrounds by over SEVENTY SEVEN members of The Tong (Chinese gangster)



    YANG GUIFEI (thirteen) wears a red Chinese cheongsam, holding two b…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Firebug

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    Henry Hart is with Piper and Charlotte.




    Fans cheer.



    ARIANA: (into microphone) I’ll sing my own rendition of Girl on Fire song by Alicia Keys. It'll be our last song tonight.



    Sound explodes from the stage. Fans cheer.



    Henry freezes, staring at the stage. He knows something went wrong.



    The petite singer dress catches fire from the explosion, and she flip-flops on the stage floor, letting out high-pitched scream.



    A figure, sits on sofa and holding a flickering matchsti…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Dead Ringer

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    There are TWO Kid Danger in the secret headquarter.

    One trapped inside of human sized tank and one stands in front of control panel.

    We’ll refer the trapped one as Kid Danger and the stands one as Henry Danger.



    Kid Danger begs with teary eyes.


    Kid Danger: Henry, please don’t, we’re brother.



    Henry Danger turns toward his BROTHER with blank expression and says;


    Henry Danger: There can only be one Kid Danger.


    He hits the button.



    Kid Danger screams in panic as clouds of fog starts filling the tank.

    Henry Danger just stood there, watchi…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen





    FADE IN:


    A bearded gentleman in white tailored suit (50s), smoking a pipe. The jet breaks cloud, revealing SWELLVILE bathed in beautiful neon lights. He looks out at the city.



    We see Captain Man and Kid Danger, unmasked, bruised, battered, tied and gagged.

    They were guarded by two men in black suit.



    The gentlemen TURNS, smile and look at Kid Danger.



    The door being slides open from the inside. The men in black are holding Kid Danger.



    The gentlemen, stands beside him, smiles and whisper;


    The gentlemen: You always play superhero, don’t yo…

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  • Tunperak1992

    This is unofficial sequel to CRAZY’S PONNIE episode.


    Screenplay – Escape…


    Written by Tunperak1992



    Trina sniffed and blew her nose on tissues.


    Trina: (snort) sorry.

    Tori: (smile) I don’t mind.


    Trina gazed at her little sister in awe.

    Fawn is the driver. Fawn gives the audience an evil smile.




    FADE IN:





    Tori and Trina in the backseat watch in horror, but there’s nothing they could do about it.



    A COP CAR pulls across the alley- Fawn hits the accelerator.

    Fawn SPEEDS towards the cop car-



    The Cops GAWP, BRACING-



    Fawn SMASHES into the cop car, CRUSHING the bonnet in a messy…

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  • N.menzies


    December 19, 2015 by N.menzies

    Questions Who is older? Why are no more seasons coming out? Are Sam and Cat friends in real life? If the money in the pineapple real or not?

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  • Bum bum1104

    I love Sam and cat

    December 1, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    Love this web show

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  • Bum bum1104

    Sam and cat is funny

    November 25, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    Sam and cat you are so funny I love your episodes you put the on Netflix i love Sam and cat.

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  • Bum bum1104

    Sam and cat

    November 17, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    Sam and cat show is amazing so good love it Sam is like a boy cat is a nice girl.

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! It's been a while and I know I promised you guys more game blogs, but I've decided to stop doing them because I'm fresh out of ideas. As you unfortunately read in the title of this blog, I am leaving the wikia.

    But as you also read, I'm not leaving for good. I'm still going to be here once every week on the Open Chat Blog page. The reason I'm leaving is because I've lost interest in this wiki ever since I ended my Sam & Cat episodes and started my game blogs. Also this wiki is very unactive, unfortunately. So bascially, I'm going to be as active here as I was for the last month. 

    Look, I'm so sad that I'm leaving the wiki and I wish I was more interested in the wiki, but with a cancelled show, I have lost interest. I am though …

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've done a blog here, but I wanted to once again ask all of you if you know how to publish stories to Fanfiction. If you own a Mac computer, you know what I'm talking about. Here's a little backstory:

    I wrote my fanfiction in the app on the left side called Pages and I wrote the story and then I saved it to Documents. Then I went to my Fanfiction account and I tried to publish it. I went to Publish and I clicked on Doc Manager and I uploaded the file and I clicked on File Upload and Story and then I hit publish, but it didn't work. It just says "Please select a compatible file from your computer." I don't know what that means. Should I have clicked on DocX? A lot of people have Macs, but did any of you…

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Name my Episode Quiz

    August 18, 2015 by CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! This is similar to my Name the Episode quiz, but this time, you have to name quotes from my episodes. Below are 7 quotes from my episodes and you have to guess which episode they came from

    But first a note:

    • To do this quiz, you would have to have read my episodes from #TheContest to #Andrew&Heidi.

    Okay here's the quiz:

    1. "That's all I needed to hear for the day."

    2. "So she's a better roommate than me."

    3. "Well, I finally went on a date with Emily."

    4. "Because she's my girlfriend."

    5. "Sam, you know what magazines like that do to you. I had to throw out all the picture food magazines because you kept licking them."

    6. "Did you even read the MMA fighting rules."

    7. "My friend Jade once told me if there were two Cats, she would move t…

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! This quiz is similar to the Name the Quote quiz, but this time, instead of naming the characters who said the quotes, you all are going to guess the episode that the quote came from.  So ranging from #Pilot to #GettinWiggy, you all have to guess what episode each quote is from. Okay here's the quiz. Guess in the comments below:

    1. "Eating eggs can give you butt warts."

    2. "Well, I am very smart."

    3. You strike me as pushy."

    4. "Hey Joker, you just missed Batman."

    5. So you're saying the person that's been picking on you is a girl?"

    6. Okay, you are the best roommate ever!"

    7. "Did you find the old man?"

    8. "Well I wouldn't say I had a problem."

    Come back on Tuesday for my next game blog and that's going to be the last game blog for th…

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  • NickelodeonConspiracies

    Sorry it's been a while, Minecraft destroyed my momentum.  Here's the newest post! Sam's ruff and gruff, always eating meat, often has to pee, but she has a big secret.  Why is her age such an issue in Sam & Cat (16) when compared to iCarly.  The timeline seemingly doesn't match, but if you do line up iCarly/VicTORious/Sam & Cat into one timeline, Sam has a dark secret.  Who knew that a minor character like T-Bo is the key to everything.

    I present, What Happened To Sam Puckett?

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! This is a sequel to my first test your Sam & Cat knowledge test. I will ask 10 questions about anything in Sam & Cat episodes and you leave a comment, answering the questions to the best of your knowledge. Some rules first:

    • I will reply to your answers, typing a fraction to how many you got right out of 10. 
    • You must NOT look up the answers on the wikia, remember to the best of your knowledge.

    Okay, here are the questions:

    1. What was the name of the character Scott Baio played in #MagicATM?

    2. What were the names of the three kids Sam & Cat babysitted first in #Pilot?

    3. What was the name of the bingo game Sam did in Elderly Acres for her online school assignment in #TheBritBrats?

    4. What was the name of the show that was cancelled…

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! I am going to be starting my game blogs today with a personality test. Below are 7 multiple choice questions that Sam, Cat, and Dice could of answered and you pick the one that relates to you and the most letters you picked, say you mostly picked A's for answers, that's the character who you are most like. Okay, here are the questions: In the comments below, share your answers and the character who you are most like:

    1. What is your favorite color?

    A. Pink, it's so pretty!

    B. Blue

    C. I don't care. 

    2. What is your favorite subject in school?

    A. Acting 

    B. Science

    C. Lunch

    3. What is your choice of clothing?

    A. A pink dress 

    B. Jeans and a T-shirt

    C. Anything

    4. What do you do on a typical Saturday?

    A. I watch TV and babysit kids.

    B. I hang …

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! As some of you know, I have finished writing all my Sam & Cat episodes yesterday. I ended with a crossover special with Andrew & Heidi, a show my best friend Iamaman1977 created. I want to share with all of you my feelings while I was writing all these episodes:

    From #Robbie'sBack to #Andrew&Heidi, I can't believe how many episodes I created. I can't believe I've been writing episodes for two years. It seems so long ago. I enjoyed writing all these stories. Sam & Cat was a great show and it was great thinking of new ideas for episodes I can write about Sam & Cat. I did very little of the time have some difficulties coming up with new ideas in an episode, most infamously #Dice'sFirstDate, where I spend like a half hour trying t…

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! This is my final episode and special of Sam & Cat. It is a crossover special with Andrew & Heidi, a show that my best friend Iamaman1977 created. It's about a couple, Andrew who's smart, but kind of arrogant, and Heidi, a sweet, girly-girl who's dimwitted. Okay, here's the plot of the special:

    Heidi wants her and Andrew to fly to LA so she can meet Cat again. Meanwhile, the real plot is while the two gangs meet each other, a junior from Andrew & Heidi's high school, Ithaca High School, likes Heidi and follows them to LA and kidnaps her and Andrew. It's up to Sam, Cat, Dice, and Robbie to save them. 

    Okay, here it is:

    (Sign shows #Andrew&Heidi)

    Sam is on the couch watching TV while Cat is in the kitchen baking pizza for a boy they…

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  • PlanetNickNL

    If Sam & Cat was renewed for a second season, these were my episode ideas

    1. #RexSitting

    Sam and Cat have to babysit Rex, when Robbie is going to a concert. But Sam gets annoyed and dumps him. When Sam and Cat come back because Robbie is coming back, Rex isn't there. They have to find Rex before Robbie comes back.

    1. #DangerSitters

    A Henry Danger and Sam & Cat crossover special. The Toddler returns and Captain Man and Kid Danger have to catch him. Sam and Cat are babysitting in Smellview. But the baby does dangerous things, and with trying to save the baby, Sam and Cat break the rules. Captain Man and Kid Danger threatens to call the police, but to make things good, they have to babysit/wake over The Toddler.

    1. #ValentinesDay

    For Valentines Day, Sam goe…

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! I am going to start my last regular episode of Sam & Cat. Next week, I am going to write my one hour crossover special, #Andrew&Heidi. Anyway, here's the plot:

    Sam and Nona have been spending more time together after #GettinWiggy and Cat is jealous because Sam spends less time with her. Meanwhile, Daryl Thomas, from the Andrew and Heidi episode Andrew's Big Fight, enters the world of MMA fighting and challenges Goomer to a fight, but Dice points out the age difference between them.

    Okay, here's the episode:

    (Sign shows #TheFriendshipJealousy)

    Cat is sitting on the couch watching TV and she has Mr. Purples with her.

    "Look Mr. Purples, it's the Animal Network with giraffes." Cat says.

    Sam comes in. Cat ignores her.

    "Hey, Cat." Sam say…

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  • JCama 2

    if Sam & Cat was renewed for a second season,these are my episode ideas. If you have any episodes to suggest, let me know on my Message Wall.

    Season 2 


    Sam and Cat get an offer of babysitting some kids for $60,000 but end up thinking they only have to babysit 1 or 2 but,comes to an answer that they have to babysit 5 kids, but they agree to do it for all the huge amount of money.


    Sam and Cat are offered a deal to take 3 kids to Inside Out Burger for $500,000,and when they take the kids they find out the kids never had fun like that ever.


    Everyone gets tired of playing Brain Crush so,they stop playing it so they can watch Cat's One woman show as Abraham Lincoln.but they claim it's their firs…

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hi everyone! I wanted to make a blog just to make a list of all my past Sam & Cat episodes and also add the plot of each episode. This will be like an episode guide. Okay, here is my episode guide:

    1. #Robbie'sBack 

    Robbie comes to visit Cat and when Cat starts telling stories about Robbie, Sam and Dice tell her that Robbie likes her, but Cat denies it. When Robbie comes over, he tries to tell Cat he has a crush on her, but she mistakes for wanting to be detectives. Robbie says he's coming back tomorrow. Sam and Dice still argue with Cat that Robbie loves her. When he comes back the next day with Rex, Sam launches Rex out of a turkey cannon. Robbie calls Cat to come into her and Sam's bedroom. Robbie just flat out tells her that he loves her…

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  • FindingMyself15

    I created a blog on Tumblr where you can post what you think of anything related to the show like the actors, the characters, the pairings, the episodes, anything. If you do have an account on there, you can send your confessions via fanmail until I figure it all out, but if you don't, you can just leave your confession in the comments below and I'll let you know when it's up! A link is down below. Also, it's TeenWolfandVictoriousFan here. I forgot the password to my other account, so I created a new one. [1]

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  • CabbieFreak84

    Hey everyone! Here it is at last, my iCarly Reunion Finale. Here's the plot:

    Freddie calls Sam and tells her that Carly is coming back from Italy. Sam says goodbye to Cat, Dice, Nona, Goomer, and Robbie. Then, Carly comes back and her, Sam, and Freddie do an iCarly reunion webcast. Then, secrets spill. 

    What else happens? You have to read to find out. Alright, here is the finale:

    (The episode starts out by zooming in on Sam & Cat's apartment building).

    Cat comes in with Nona. Sam is on the couch watching TV and eating a fat cake.

    "Sam!" Cat shouts.

    "What, Cat?" Sam asks and stands up.

    "How come you didn't tell Nona that I was in jail?" Cat asks.

    "You were in jail?" Sam says and takes a bite of her fat cake.

    "Yes! Dice told me he told you. Wait I'm …

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  • Iamaman1977

    Hello everyone! For this blog, I will be asking for some ideas on what kind of parts that I should be able to put in my screenplays whenever I need help. In the past, I have been asking for ideas on the Open Chat Blog. Apparently I didn't want to take up touch space on the open chat blog so I have decided to create this blog. So with that being said, I will be asking for ideas at any time when I need help so what ever idea I'll be needing, I am going to ask for ideas in the comment section and you guys can send me ideas on the comment section below. However, the episodes of Andrew & Heidi and plots on the A&H wikia are already planned and officially finalized. This blog is basically for funny parts, how the characters do this or that…

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