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! This article is about the episode BlueDogSoda. For the beverage with the same name, see Blue Dog Soda.

"Sam: To Blue Dog! "
— Cat: And freedom!

Season 1, Episode 27
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February 15, 2014[1]

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Christopher J. Nowak & Dan Schneider


Adam Weissman


2.497 million[2]

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#BlueDogSoda[3] is the 27th episode of Sam & Cat.


When Sam and Cat enter the Handy Quick to put up a flyer for their babysitting service, Sam then goes to get some Blue Dog Soda, but she isn't allowed when a man says that Blue Dog Soda was banned in California because of how much sugar it had. He says that there's people who drink 10-12 bottles of it per day. Sam complains and says that they just drink 1-2 bottles a week, but he won't take away the ban. After a man falls down while holding a box of Blue Dog, the Blue Dog spills all over the floor and Sam starts shrieking.

Sam and Cat then return to their apartment where Dice gives Sam the last bottle of Blue Dog Soda in existence however Goomer throws the bottle into the street and shatters it because he misheard "check" as "chuck".

Later, Sam starts trying to make some homemade Blue Dog. Cat tries it out, but it tastes nothing like Blue Dog Soda. Cat tries to fix up the homemade Blue Dog, and when Sam, Dice, and Goomer try it, it tastes exactly like Blue Dog Soda. Cat sends Sam, Dice, and Goomer a shopping list for all the stuff they need to start selling Blue Dog. They buy the ingredients and then open up the secret safe in Sam's closet. They start making some Blue Dog in the safe and sell it through Sam's window. But then, the man who banned Blue Dog arrives at Sam and Cat's door.

Sam and Cat believe that he was there to bust them for selling Blue Dog. However, the man was just there so that they could babysit his son, Mitch. Later, Sam makes Cat, Dice, and Goomer make 100 cases of Blue Dog to survive for the rest of their lives. Sam and Mitch are making cheese sculptures. The man then arrives to pick up Mitch. He was about to pay them for their services, however, he hears a Blue Dog operating machine explode because Dice accidentally left something on there. The man runs in the room and finds the Blue Dog cases. Furious, the man starts to bust them, but Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer say that some people do too much of everything and it's unfair to ban something for everyone just because a few people can't control themselves. The man ends up believing them, starts crying and decides to take away the Blue Dog ban, much to Sam, Cat, Goomer and Dice's joy.


Man: Go get all the Blue Dog Soda you got and take it out to the confiscation truck.
Handy Quick Cashier: (leaves)
Sam: Wh-all the Blue Dog? No. Dude. Uh, maybe we wanna buy some Blue Dog, too.
Cat: Yeah, you're not the only one who's thirsty!
Man: What are you two, a couple of dummies?! (Cat gasps) Blue Dog Soda has been banned in California!
Cat: Banned?!
Sam: Whaaaaaat?!
Cat: Why?
Man: Cause there's too much sugar in it! But thanks to me, the State Bureau of Interference has passed a law: It is now illegal to sell or to drink Blue Dog Soda.
Sam: That's insane!
Cat: That's our favorite beverage.
Man: Too bad! Did you know that some people drink 10-12 bottles of this junk per day?
Cat: Well, we don't!
Sam: Yeah, we drink, like, one or two a week!
Man: Well, some people drink too much of it.
Sam: So? Just cause some people drink too much of it, now nobody can have any?
Man: That's right, because the public is too stupid to be trusted with things they enjoy.
Chinese Woman: (says "I don't like the way you talk! It's completely unreasonable!" in Chinese)
Man: Shut up!
Worker Holding Box of Blue Dog: I'll take it myself.
Another Worker: Hey, watch out!
Worker Holding Box of Blue Dog: (falls and spills all the Blue Dog)
Sam: [shrieks]
Sam: [opens the door] It was Cat.
Cat: SAM!!!


  • It is revealed Blue Dog Soda was banned in California because of too much sugar.
  • This episode plot similar to the Zoey 101 episode "Coffee Cart Ban" where a beverage is banned and the main character(s) try to overcome this situation (in Zoey 101, coffee is banned on the campus and the students make their own "business" where they secretly sell coffee).
    • It can also be similar to the iCarly episode iPie, where the group wants to find how to make their favorites pies after their creator died.
    • This episode plot is also similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Banned in Bikini Bottom" where Krabby Patties are banned and Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob sell them illegally.
  • Blue Dog Soda has a dog mascot called Fizzy.
  • This episode was removed from Netflix for unknown reasons, but then got added back again on December 7, 2020.
  • During the illegal manufacturing of Blue Dog sequence, a song plays whose sole lyrics are "Mi perro es azul" which means "My dog is blue" (alluding to the Blue Dog name) in Spanish.
  • It's possible that this episode is poking fun at the soda ban that former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed regarding sugary drinks and could also be poking fun at the War on Drugs regarding with what people do with their bodies.
  • It says 'Blokka' on the block of cheese Cat gives Mitch.
  • The episode might be paying homage to the show "Breaking Bad" where a chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer illegally makes Methamphetamine with a former student of his, especially in the montage scene and the soda being blue like the meth on the show.
  • On Netflix and everywhere else that have this episode, Sam's line "Step away. I'll step on your neck" was cut out as a response to the death of George Floyd.


  • The concept of the episode may be a reference Breaking Bad.
  • When Yokvish steps out from behind the counter, you see some bags with the words, "Bling Pops" which is a parody of Ring Pops.
  • Goomer screaming Jupiter may be a reference to Lump Maroon from All That who always said Jupiter for no reason.

Character revelations

  • Cat and Sam's favorite beverage is Blue Dog Soda.
  • Cat knows the ingredients of Blue Dog Soda.


  • When Sam asks who was at the window, Cat said that she forgot his name, but when Randy comes in with another disguise, she calls him by his name.
  • Cat, Dice, and Goomer were burned in the explosion but there was no signs of a fire i.e. smoke.
  • When the man was at the door, Cat told Sam that it wasn't her idea to make Blue Dog Soda. But the man could've already heard that while he was outside.
  • The flyer that Sam takes down is for a lost kitten, but the cat in the photo is clearly an adult.
  • If Blue Dog Soda was banned in California, then Sam, Cat, Dice and Goomer could have gone to some other state to get the soda instead of making it secretly.

Running gags

  • Randy arriving in disguises, wanting Blue Dog Soda.
  • Goomer saying "Jupiter" after someone says "Juniper."

Series continuity

  • This is the second appearance of Yokvish and the Handy Quick.
  • The secret safe from #SecretSafe is used this episode.
  • Randy appears for the fourth time.
  • Woody from iCarly who guest starred in #MyPoober makes a cameo appearance as one of the customers.

International premieres

  • October 7, 2014 (Quebec)
  • October 10, 2014 (UK & Ireland)