! This article is about the beverage Blue Dog Soda. For the episode with the same name, see BlueDogSoda.
Blue Dog Soda
Dice eating lunch with a Blue Dog Soda
General information
Shaped like

A bottled soft drink




Handy Quick

Blue Dog Soda is a fictional popular sugary beverage shown in #BlueDogSoda.


Blue Dog Soda


Sam is shown to use some to wash her mouth.


It was seen in the background at the Handy Quick store.


Sam drinks some when Robbie Shapiro is shown at the apartment.


Sam drinks some on the street.


Sam goes to get some Blue Dog Soda, but she isn't allowed. A man explains that Blue Dog Soda was banned in California because of how much sugar it had. He says that there are people who drink 10-12 bottles of it a day. Sam and Cat complain that they just drink 1-2 bottles a week, but the man won't remove the Blue Dog ban.

Sam, Cat, Goomer, and Dice try to make bootleg Blue Dog Soda after Cat figures out the recipe, and they begin illegally selling the beverage undercover. The man who placed the ban then finds out and says that they're in lots of trouble, but they eventually convince him to lift the ban for Blue Dog Soda.



  • It is a very popular drink.
  • It could possibly be a parody of Surge Energy Drinks as they were discontinued but are now back in stock.
  • Some people drink 10-12 bottles of it per day.
  • It was being banned due to the high amount of sugar in it.
  • Cat knows the formula to make it.
  • Sam attempted to remake it but failed.
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