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"Give me back my phone!"
Dice to Sam.

Season 1, Episode 26
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February 8, 2014 [1]

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Dan Frischmann


2.744 million[2]

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#BrainCrush[3] is the 26th episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam, Cat, Dice, and Nona go to a kid named Otis' birthday party at Bots. However, they are the only ones at the party who weren't playing this addicting game called Brain Crush. No one could even look up or hear anything because of how absorbed they were to the game. Not even the birthday cake could help the kids look up. Sam ends up ruining the birthday cake.

The next day, Sam is trying to fix the door after she had kicked it in recently. They plan to have Nona do their laundry for them. They then find out that Dice got addicted to Brain Crush, too. Sam and Cat are angry about this. When Sam goes back to fix the door, Cat sees that Dice's battery is low. On his hurry to get to his phone charger, he accidentally closes the door on Sam's fingers. Cat then puts too much bandages on her hands. When they get to Elderly Acres, everyone is playing Brain Crush. Cat slaps Nona to get her to snap out of it. This doesn't work and everyone continues playing and moaning like zombies. Sam and Cat run for it and tell a cop. However, he was obsessed, too.

Cat was doing a one-woman show called "Baberaham Lincoln," the story of what would happen if Abraham Lincoln was a girl. The night of the show, Dice and Nona are still obsessively playing Brain Crush. Cat steals Dice's phone and Nona's Pear Pad and runs for it. At the show, everyone in the audience is playing Brain Crush. No one listens to her show and someone tells Cat to shut up while they play Brain Crush, so Cat ends up going backstage, crying. Sam is the only one in the audience not obsessively playing Brain Crush, so she goes and comforts Cat. She then gets an idea. She hires the karate team to break everyone's devices and this works. Back at home, Dice and Nona are angry at themselves for getting addicted to Brain Crush, so they turn on Toilet Wars with Sam and Cat.


Tandy: Excuse me! Excuse me!
Sam: Whoa, what?
Cat: Hi.
Tandy: Bots is closed. This is a private party for a little boy's birthday.
Cat: We know.
Sam: We're invited to the party.
Cat: We babysit for little Otis.
Sam: Yeah, you big bucket of nuts.
Tandy: (in Sam's face) I may be a machine, but I will live forever. Unlike you humans who will one day all be dead! (scooting away) Enjoy the party!
Sam: Hey.
Cat: Hey! Why were you in the bathroom for so long?
Sam: 'Cause both my hands are bandaged.
Cat: So?
Sam: So... (makes weird motions)
Cat: There was a monkey in the bathroom?
Sam: (sarcastically) Yes, Cat. I was delayed by a monkey in the bathroom.
Cat: I hate it when that happens.
Sam: Alright kid, ready to go out there and put on your dumb little play?
Cat: Yep! Oh, Sam.
Sam: What?
Cat: Your pants, the zipper.
Sam: How am I gonna work a zipper?
Cat: Ask the bathroom monkey!
Sam: (takes away Dice's phone, who was playing Brain Crush)
Dice: Hey, give it!
Sam: Brain Crush?!
Cat: Oh, my God!
Dice: Give me my phone! I'm almost on level 21!
Sam: When did you start playing this stupid game?
Dice: Last night.
Cat: You look like you haven't slept!
Dice: Why should I sleep if I can play Brain Crush? Give me my phone!
Sam: (hesitantly gives back Dice's phone)
Dice: Yes! (sits on the couch and plays again) Oh yeah! Oh yeah, crush the brains, crush 'em! Ha! I want ten more, give me ten more brains to crush!
Cat: (feels his hair and discovers that it's wet) He's moist!
Sam (feels his hair): Why are you all wet?
Dice: (not looking up) Uh, I think I might've walked through a car wash. This game's really fun. You've got to try it.
Cat: (sits down with Dice) I'll try it!
Sam: No! (brings Cat off the couch) Listen, people get addicted to that game and it could happen to you.
Cat: Then what?
Sam: Then, your grades to school start to go downhill. And then you forget to bathe. And then you lose all your friends. And then you can't even feel anything anymore. See this? (takes a pillow and slams it on Dice's head twice; Dice doesn't notice) See? This game makes you dead in the head.


  • Brain Crush could have been played on the Sam & Cat website, until the game was removed.[4]
  • Cat's black skirt that she wore in Baberaham Lincoln is from American Apparel, but it's sold out. It's the Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat.
  • The same Happy Birthday song is used in the Henry Danger episode The Danger Begins for Jasper's birthday.
  • This is the last episode that used the set of Elderly Acres during production.


  • Brain Crush is a parody of Candy Crush Saga, a popular app on mobile devices.
  • Cat saying to a photo of Abraham Lincoln that theaters were just bad luck for them is a reference to Lincoln getting killed in a theater.
  • Cat mentions the Simpsons in her play.
    • She made a joke that "Baberaham Lincoln" lived in Springfield long before the Simpsons.
  • This episode is similar to the iCarly episode iStage an Intervention where Spencer becomes obsessed with Pak-Rat.

Character revelations

  • Sam can speak Japanese.
  • Cat has an older phone model than Dice.
  • Sam hasn't done laundry since she moved in with Cat.
  • Tandy was fixed with a new remodel.
  • Cat thought a hammer was called a nail-banger.


  • Nona seemed to have just learned phones can take pictures, but in #MotorcycleMystery, a man took a picture of her and Cat with his phone.
  • If Grizzly Glue was permanent, it would have also got Cat's skin when Nona tore the beard off.
  • Sam speaks Japanese in this episode, but in the iCarly movie "iGo to Japan", she couldn't speak the language.
    • However, she probably learned to speak Japanese since then.
  • If Cat's playing a woman, why would she need facial hair?
  • Cat should have known Grizzly Glue is permanent since Trina told her in the Victorious episode Tori the Zombie.
    • However, she could have forgotten.

Running gags

  • Nona being old and out of touch is referenced.

Series continuity

International premieres

  • September 30, 2014 (Quebec)
  • October 3, 2014 (UK & Ireland)