"I'm a spear fisherman."
— Brody in #TheKillerTunaJump

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Los Angeles


Spear fisherman

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Unnamed boy


Spear fishing

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Steve Lewis

Brody is a recurring character on Sam & Cat. He is a spear fisherman, as he frequently mentions.



He comes to Bots with his friends, and Tandy let him coming, despite he has a broken loaded spear gun. He has to change it because it sometimes shots while he doesn't want it. It was suspected to shoot and hurt Oscar Lurkin, who is sitting at the next table, but it finally didn't.


In Dice's flashback, he is playing poker with Dice, BJ Malloy, Tandy, Randy and another boy. He bets a lot of Kansas Razorback Tuna against Dice and lost it. His spear gun shots and almost hurts BJ, who was left to get more eggs. Dice later finds out that he was talking about actuals fishes instead of money. He later comes to Sam's stunt. He was hoping he could get a discount for spear fisherman, but there isn't any. Later again, after Freddie Benson and Robbie Shapiro got hurt by the tunas, he talks a moment with Jade, agreeing with her that seeing people being hurt kind of offers a spectacle. Then, he leaves the wharf after Jade did.


Sam Puckett asks him to use his spear gun to get Tammy's little bike back after Cat Valentine attached her big balloon to it. He takes it back after the bike knocks out Del DeVille.


Brody appears to be nice, for example when he allows Sam to use his spear gun in #WeStealARockStar. He also possibly does not seem to care much about other people's safety as he brought his broken loaded spear gun into a restaurant in #OscarTheOuch, letting Robbie being attacked by tuna, and did not react to Del DeVille getting knocked out.


Dice Corleone

In #TheKillerTunaJump, he is playing poker with him and he lost a lot of tuna against him. He later comes to Dice's spectacle.

Jade West

Brody and Jade shared a moment in #TheKillerTunaJump. Jade was uninterested by him.



Brody: Enjoy my spear gun

Brody: I spearfish, using this here spear gun.


  • His name wasn't said in any episode in which he appears.
  • He's always carrying a loaded spear gun with him.


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