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"Oh, no!"
— Bungle’s catchphrase.

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Waitress at Bots

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Yellow (Plastic)

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Tandy (ex-boyfriend)

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Lisa Lillien (voice)

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Bungle is a blue robot that works at Bots. Despite being a robot, she is referred as female.



She used to date Tandy.

Sam & Cat

Every time Sam and Cat go to Bots, she is there. She apparently isn't really over Tandy dumping her but still considers him as a friend.


As a robot, she doesn't really have a personality, but she is programmed to be polite even though she can be rude sometimes. Also, she is overly vigilant in case an accident happens, often causing even more trouble instead.



Tandy and Bungle used to date but are currently friends. Bungle is still not over the fact that he dumped her, but she gets along with him just the same.



Bungle: Oh, he forgot your fries like the time he forgot my birthday?
Bungle: Thank you for killing my friend.
Bungle: Fire! Fire! Fire!


  • She seems to just supervise at Bots because in #BabysitterWar and #MommaGoomer, it just went over to Sam and Cat's table, asked how their food was, and extinguished Cat when she said Sam was joking, but misheard it as "choking".
  • Bungle seems to be the fire extinguisher of Bots, as she hosed Cat when Sam said joking which Bungle mistook for choking in #MommaGoomer Nona when she said her mouth was on fire in #RevengeOfTheBritBrats.
  • Bungle can take away trash from tables with a curly knife.
  • It seems the first time two of the robots interacted with each other was #OscarTheOuch when Bungle told Tandy to put hot cheese on Sam, Cat, and Oscar's nachos.
  • Bungle thinks the plural of food is foods.


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