"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't."
— Butler to his mom regarding his loss in the competition.

Butler Torso
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Butler Amadeus Torso




c. 2003 (as he states he's almost 10)

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Sharon Torso (mother)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine


Sharon Torso


Cat's toy


Sharon Torso

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Jake Brennan

Butler Amadeus Torso is a character on Sam & Cat. Sam and Cat babysit him in #TextingCompetition. He has a controlling mom and is an insanely fast texter. For the past 3 years, he has been the champion of the annual Texting Competition.


He was being babysat by Sam and Cat. He was watching Cat play with her purple toy when they were reminded to do Butler's homework, which turned out to be texting practice for the Texting Competition. He later practiced with Sam while Cat spoke. His mom came to pick him up where she told Sam not to enter the competition. That Saturday, he was with his mom where they met up with Sam, Cat, and Dice (much to Mrs. Torso's dismay).


Butler is a nice and friendly child. He desires freedom and is very annoyed with his mother.


Sam Puckett

Unlike most people, Sam is nice to Butler. She helped him with his texting practice while babysitting. Also at the competition, she didn't get overly competitive with him like she often does.

Cat Valentine

Cat and Butler had less interaction than Sam and Butler did, but Butler was interested in Cat's toy. And Cat was amazed at how fast he texted. Cat was disgusted at how his mom treated him.

Sharon Torso

Butler doesn't seem to be on good terms with his mom. She is very demanding towards him and often treats him as more of a tool than a son. She is very controlling of his life. His mom is only interested in him winning for her own personal gain. After seeing his mom cheat to have Butler win, Butler decides to retaliate and throws the competition. Butler is rewarded for standing up for himself by winning the 2nd place prize, a new bike (which he was really elated about). He rode away to enjoy his freedom with his mother chasing him telling him to stop enjoying his childhood.



  • He hates his mother.
  • Butler has won the speed texting competition in the last three years.
  • He rode in the booster seat on his mother's bike until he got his own for winning second place in the texting competition.
  • He is a lot like Dustin Brooks from Zoey 101 (another one of Dan Schneider's shows), as both are really good at something (Butler at texting, and Dustin in academics), and have family members that make a big fuss about them.
  • His middle name, Amadeus, is also the middle name of Nevel Papperman.


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