"What's up, Valentine?"
Dice greeting Cat.

Cat and Dice
Cat and Dice
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Cat Valentine


Dat, Cice, Valeone, Corlentine


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Cat Valentine and Dice Corleone are main characters of Sam & Cat, and they are friends and neighbors. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Dat (D/ice and C/at) or Cice (C/at and D/ice).

See Ariana and Cameron for the real-life pairing of Ariana Grande and Cameron Ocasio, the actress and actor who portray Cat and Dice, respectively.



  • Cat lets Dice come inside her apartment.
  • Cat gets really excited about what Dice got.
  • Cat buys a bag of Justin Bieber's hair from Dice.


  • As asked by Sam, Dice attempts to steal a zebra-printed lamp from the That's a Drag! set for Cat.
  • Dice makes cat sounds to alert Sam that Cat's coming.


  • Cat buys the spife that Dice shown her.
  • Cat watches Dice open his box of PearPhone 6's from Gwen and Ruby. True to her ditzy nature, she remarks, when Dice figures out that he has been conned, that the designers of the PearPhone 6 have really changed the design.
  • Cat and Dice both glare at Sam in a confused way after Sam says that her cousin has hair everywhere.
  • Dice brings Cat her bike into Elderly Acres.
  • Both Cat and Dice were conned by Gwen and Ruby. 


  • Dice helps Cat come up with something cooler for the kids so they could like her best.
  • Dice tells Cat about the restaurant, Bots.


  • Cat, along with Sam, agrees to babysit Goomer for Dice.
  • Dice trusts Cat (and Sam) enough to babysit Goomer for him.
  • Both Sam and Cat, laugh when Dice says that he's a hair model.



  • Cat (and Sam) help Dice try to pretend Goomer is a teacher so his mother will approve of him.
  • Cat dresses Dice up as a male high school student.
  • Cat and Dice stand next to eachother for a long time while Goomer is fighting the burgluars


  • Dice's dog stars in Sam and Cat's babysitting commercial.
  • Cat (and Sam) search several pet shops to find a dog that looks exactly like Opee for Dice.
  • Cat is very concerned the family might take Opee away.



  • Dice gets Cat some Pon-Thwang to help her study.


  • Dice lies to Cat (and Sam) and tells them he's going to a poker game because he doesn't want them to make fun of him for dancing at little girl parties.
  • Dice made sure that Cat (and Sam) would be able to eat and drink before to lock her, making sure that she wouldn't be starving.
  • Sam and Cat, furious at Dice, find Dice dancing at a little girl's birthday party instead of playing poker. *Dice explains that he was there because his Aunt Fergene, dropped Dice's mom's computer in the toilet. Since Dice's mom's birthday is coming up, Dice wants to give her another computer but since he doesn't have enough money, he earns money by dancing at children's parties.
  • He said that he lied that he was playing poker because dancing at girl parties is embarrassing.
  • In revenge, Sam and Cat lock him in the room instead.


  • Cat (and Sam) take Oscar to Punchy's where Dice trains Goomer.
  • Dice goes along with Cat (and Sam) to bring Oscar to a golf club called "Drive Me Crazy".


  • Dice gives Cat a genie lamp and a book of spells for her genie costume.
  • Dice calls Cat a pretty genie.
  • Cat tries to cast a spell on Dice to turn him into a beast.
  • When a monkey appears at the door with Sam's candy, Cat freaks out believing she'd turned Dice into a monkey.
  • Cat proceeds to chase around the monkey (believing it's Dice) to turn him back human.


  • Cat is shown to really enjoy watching Dice do magic.
  • Dice and Cat (and Goomer) go to Bots.


  • Dice helps Cat (and Sam) get rid of Poober by having Goomer using his rocket to blast off Poober, but the plan failed.


  • Dice helps Cat find the other shoe.
  • Dice keeps listening to Cat even though he doesn't want to.
  • Cat goes to Dice for his skills after frantically searching everywhere for the matching shoe.
  • After heavy searching, Dice finds the shoe for Cat, which she was elated for.
  • Cat was annoyed by Dice's question.


  • Cat tell Dice why she doesn't want Sam and Jade to meet.
  • Cat (along with Sam and Jade) go to check out Dice's fish.


  • Cat and Dice (along with Nona, Goomer, and Sam) celebrate Yay Day.


  • Cat and Dice (along with Sam and Goomer) make illegal Blue Dog Soda.
  • They state about America when arguing with Mitch's father.


  • Cat agrees to go into Dice's box for his magic trick.
  • Dice (along with Goomer and Sam) try to get Cat out.
  • Cat tells Dice (and Goomer) about going to Mystic Mountain.


  • Cat (and Sam) are desperate to find Dice.
  • Cat finds Dice.
  • Cat and Dice both get trapped by Nora.


  • Cat took Dice to Arizona for his hair modelling gig.
  • Cat wanted Dice to be on the cover.
  • Cat was angry that Jett seemed to be using a wig to beat Dice and confronted him when she found out he would be on the cover.

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Cat: Wait. Dice is our friend and he needs help. What do you need?

Dice: What's up, Valentine?

Cat: I want five yo-yos.
Dice: You can have one yo-yo.
Cat: Five!
Dice: Four!
Cat: Three!
Dice: Two!
Cat: One!
Dice: Okay, one yo-yo.
Cat: Haha, sucker!


  • Cat is shown to be very excited whenever Dice asks her to buy something from him and almost always does.
  • In the theme song, a picture is shown with Cat putting her arm around Dice, which Sam points to.
  • Dice seems to use Cat's naiveness to sell his items.
  • Cat comfortably lets Dice walk into her apartment.
  • Cat and Dice both watched iCarly.
  • Dice sometimes calls Cat by her last name, Valentine.
  • Both have a weird family member than they sometimes mention: Cat's brother and Dice's Aunt Fergene.
  • Both have got an injury at the nose once: Cat did in #SecretSafe and Dice did in #Lumpatious.
  • Both have a nickname: Cat for Catarina and Dice for Diceneo.
  • Both have a bike.


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