"Kay kay!"
Cat and Goomer's mutual catchphrase.

Cat and Goomer
Goomer and Cat holding presents with Sam next to them
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Cat Valentine


Coomer, Gat



Cat Valentine and Goomer are the two silliest and the ignorant characters of Sam & Cat, and they are good friends. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Coomer (C/at and G/oomer) or Gat (G/oomer and C/at).



  • Cat goes to the gym with Sam to watch Goomer fight.
  • Cat tries to get Goomer to stop fighting.


  • Cat distributes Goomer's medicine to him.
  • Goomer and Cat sit next to each other at Bots.
  • Goomer pushes Cat head under the table to protect her from the robots.


  • Cat (and Sam) help Goomer trick his mom.
  • Cat convinces her teacher to use his classroom.
  • Both mispronounce Sam's last name (Cat using Puckell and Goomer using Pickle).


  • Goomer stops Cat from fighting with Sam by suggesting what could've (and did) happen with the bibble and motorcycle.


  • Goomer tells Hector not to use bad language in front of Cat.


  • He got Cat (and Sam) out of the safe.
  • He accidentally hit Cat with a chicken puck when he threw it to Sam.
  • Cat never blamed Goomer for that because she knows it was an accident.
  • He drove the girls to the party that Dice was at.


  • Goomer (and Dice) go with Cat (and Sam) to Drive Me Crazy to help protect Oscar from getting hurt.


  • Goomer (and Dice) originally came to help Cat babysit.


  • He drove Cat (along with Sam, Dice, and Ellie).
  • Cat was closest to Goomer in the car than anyone else.


  • Cat told Goomer his holidays ideas are stupid but told it nicely.
  • Cat takes a present Goomer was holding.
  • Goomer tells Cat to put the present down as she was unwrapping the present, and Cat listens.


  • Cat was showing Goomer how to use a hula hoop.
  • Both thought Dice said "Chuck it out" instead of "Check it out".


  • Goomer was trying to find his "Timmy Tee" t-shirt he picks up Cat and starts yelling at her
  • Cat didn't seem mad when Goomer yelled at her she just giggles and wraps her arms and legs around him.
  • Cat (and Sam) made a deal with Randy to get Goomer back.


  • Both wanted to be part of Dice's magic trick.
  • Goomer did a drawing of Cat.


  • Goomer (and Dice) got the timers for Cat (and Sam).


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Cat: You still can't see anything?
Goomer: Not really.

Cat: Goomer, it's me, Cat.
Goomer: Oh my god! Cat killed Sam! I always thought it'd be the other way around!


  • They seem to like each other and get along rather well, despite their strikingly different interests.
  • They both aren't very bright.
  • They share the same catchphrase.
  • Goomer was confused to be Cat's brother by fans before his first appearance in the show.


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