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Nona being terrified after receiving a text from Cat Valentine.

Cat and Nona
Cat and Nona
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Cat Valentine and Nona is a character pairing on Sam & Cat. Cat is Nona's granddaughter and Nona is Cat's grandmother. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Cona (C/at and N/ona) or Nat (N/ona and C/at).

See Ariana and Maree for the real-life pairing of Ariana Grande and Maree Cheatham, the actresses who portray Cat and Nona, respectively.



  • Cat is extremely worried and very upset when Nona decided to move to Elderly Acres.
  • Cat begs Nona to stay with her in the apartment.
  • Nona, while sleepwalking, closed Cat (and Sam) in the sofa-bed.
  • Nona promises that she will visit Cat as much as she can.


  • Cat is worried about what Nona would say when the latter finds out that she and Sam swapped the furniture, keeping the That's a Drag! stuff and sending the original stuff to a storage warehouse.
  • Cat visits Nona at Elderly Acres after being tired of babysitting the kids.
  • Cat hugs Nona.
  • Nona asked Cat if she heard That's a Drag! got cancelled, knowing that Cat really liked the show.
  • Cat moans sadly and hugs Nona again.


  • Cat visits Nona at Elderly Acres.
  • Nona was part of Sam and Cat's plan to fool Gwen and Ruby into thinking that they won a flat-screen TV.


  • Nona helps Cat find more information about the George, Grant, and Richard by pretending to be Dice's grandmother who drops him off.
  • Nona loved Cat's version of Dice as a toddler.


  • Nona rushes over to the apartment in the middle of the night, because she thought something bad had happened to Cat.


  • Nona eats at Bots with Cat and Cat tells her of the problems between she and Sam while she listens politely and gives advice.
  • Nona reveals Cat pawned off her jewelry to buy bibble and they went to therapy and she forgave Cat.
  • Nona stops Cat from being mad at Sam by suggesting what Gwen and Ruby did.


  • Cat visits Nona twice in this episode.
  • Cat and Nona both get their hair dyed blue and pose.
  • Cat wanted Nona to take her to the fight.


  • Nona taught Cat how to cook meatballs.
  • In this episode there is a greater likeness between Cat and Nona shown, they both tend ramble on happily about off-topic subjects.


  • Cat goes to Bots with Nona (and Dice) since Sam was busy hanging out with Jade.


  • Cat and Nona (along with Dice, Goomer, and Sam) celebrate Yay Day.


  • Cat summons Nona over to check out the drones delivering the orders.

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Cat: But I can't live here alone! What if I fall in the toilet and get stuck again?
Nona: I'll just be five blocks away!
Cat: Five blocks?! Nona that's too— [starts arguing with Nona]

Nona: What in the world is the matter with you?

Cat: When my Nona comes home and shows me how to start the dryer.


  • In Victorious, Cat believed that Nona lived in Venice, Italy until Jade found out she lived in Venice, California.
  • They seem to be very close and are related.
  • They both have red hair, but Nona's hair is a wig.
  • Cat lived with Nona in Apartment 22 until she moved to Elderly Acres.
  • Both have been hosed by Bungle.
  • Cat mentioned Nona in Victorious and seemed happy about living with her.
  • Cat is very upset when she hears her Nona moved to Elderly Acres.