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"I'm so glad we're friends."
— Cat to Sam in #YayDay.

Cat and Sam
Sam and Cat's promotional picture for GoomerSitting
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Cat Valentine
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Sat, Puckentine, Valenett


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Cat Valentine and Sam Puckett are the two title characters of Sam & Cat, and they are best friends and roommates. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Sat (S/am and C/at) or Puckentine (Puck/ett and Val/entine). The pairing of the characters is never referred to as Cam (C/at and S/am), because that refers to an iCarly pairing.

See Ariana and Jennette for the real-life pairing of Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy, the actresses who portray Cat and Sam, respectively.



Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine hugging

Becoming roommates!

  • While eating a burrito she purchased from a food truck, Sam watches Cat save a cat from a trash can and then (standing in the trash can) be lifted into a garbage truck.
  • Sam sacrifices her burrito to save Cat.
  • Sam jumps into the garbage truck and saves Cat, and she repays her by letting Sam shower at her Nona's apartment.
  • Cat offers to sleep next to Sam, so she won't get scared.
  • Nona moves to Elderly Acres, leaving Sam and Cat to babysit three children. Sam and Cat realize that they've had a fun time together and have potential for more adventures, so they decide to become roommates.


Sam and Cat sitting on the couch

Sam and Cat in the episode favorite show

  • In #FavoriteShow, Cat is upset when they cancel her favorite show That's a Drag!, so Sam goes with her to the set of the show to try and stop them from canceling it.
  • Sam dries Cat's tears and makes her laugh.
  • Sam risks getting in huge trouble by stealing the set of That's a Drag! for Cat.
  • Sam feels sympathy for Cat after watching an episode of That's a Drag! where Cat says she wishes she always had a piece of the show. Sam goes with Dice to take some items off of the set but ends up changing the delivery and getting the whole set in Nona's apartment.


  • Sam and Cat work together on tricking Gwen and Ruby into winning a $3,000 television in a bingo game at Elderly Acres.
  • When Sam and Cat succeed in tricking Gwen and Ruby, they high-five each other.


  • Cat hugs Sam because she's scared they are going to get kicked out of the building.
  • Sam and Cat work together to come up with plans to trick Dilben, which include getting Nona to pretend she's moving back in. When that proves impossible due to her sprained ankle they get Goomer to do it.
  • They come up with a huge plan just so that they wouldn't have to stop being roommates.
  • They risk being in huge trouble to stay together.


  • Cat manages to convince Sam to enter the texting competition when Butler, a kid they were babysitting, enters the competition.
  • Cat supports Sam at the competition.
  • Sam takes Cat's defense when Sharon Torso calls Cat dumb.
  • It is revealed that Cat has always believed that Sam's last name is "Puckell" instead of "Puckett".
  • The episode ends with Sam and Cat wearing captain hats and sailing their tiny boat in a kiddie pool.


  • Sam and Cat compete to see who is the better babysitter when one of the kids they were babysitting says that one of them is the best babysitter ever.
  • Sam and Cat made a bet that the best babysitter got the big bed.
  • After trying to convince the kids that they're the best babysitter they make the three kids they are babysitting choose which one of them is the best. The youngest kid, who never talked until then, asked Sam and Cat why it matters who the better babysitter is and told them that they are both great babysitters.
  • Sam and Cat split the bedroom.


  • Both Sam and Cat helped Goomer win the fight by telling him when to punch, duck and run away. 
  • When Cat and Sam lost control of the five kids they took care of, Cat ran into her bedroom and Sam comforted her. 
  • Sam calls out "Marco" to find Cat, knowing she could find Cat that way.
    • She knew that Cat would reply with "Polo."


  • They were both wondering who was sabotaging their babysitting business.
  • Cat was on top of Sam at one point. Usually Sam would do something mean but instead she just informed Cat that she was on top of her.
    • Cat also breathed on Sam's neck, and bumped into her butt.
  • Sam doesn't criticize the name of their babysitting business. This was probably to avoid hurting Cat's feelings. All she said to Cat was that it was too long.
  • Sam forced everyone in the room to listen to Cat's poem.


  • Sam and Cat help Dice to make Goomer's mom not find out that he's a Mixed Martial Arts fighter and not a high school teacher, like his mom thinks he is.
  • Sam and Cat pretend to be Goomer's students when Goomer and his mom are at Bots.
  • Sam and Cat convince Sikowitz to use his classroom for Goomer.
  • They briefly hold hands.
  • When Goomer finds out he can stay after beating up thugs and hugs Dice, Cat hugs Sam, but Sam reminds her that she's not a hugger.


  • Sam and Cat starred in a commercial together.
  • They both seem to be fond of Opee.
  • They both help Dice keep Opee, and went together to find a replacement dog.


  • Before Gwen and Ruby came in, Sam and Cat were bumping butts. 
  • When they were watching "Get Outta the Pool" (with Dice and Goomer), Sam and Cat were sitting close to each other. At one point, Sam jumps even closer to Cat.
  • When they finally realized that Gwen and Ruby were behind everything they both ran home to apologize to each other. 
  • They worked together to trick Gwen and Ruby.
  • In the end they are seen together smiling, laughing, and jokingly walking in slow motion. 
  • Sam allowed Cat to hug her.
  • Even though Sam was really mad at Cat, she never actually hurt her, and instead took her anger out on a parking meter, pulling it out of the ground.


  • Sam was on top of Cat when she found out that her motorcycle was missing.
  • Sam looked worried when she got back to the apartment to find Cat asleep, handcuffed to Hector.
  • Sam seemed impressed when Cat tackled John Zakappa.
    • Sam also looked impressed when Cat screamed "shut up!" at Hector.
  • Cat held on to Sam's arm when they were watching the security camera feed at Bots.
  • They worked together to find Sam's motorcycle.


  • Cat goes through Sam's closet and when Sam finds out what Cat is doing in there, she doesn't mind.
  • Cat puts her arm around Sam when they find the secret room.
  • They spend a lot of time together in the secret room, with just the two of them.
    • Sam doesn't get annoyed at Cat even though they were locked in a room together for a while.
  • Sam seems pleased with Cat when she tells her about Sloppy Waffles.
  • Cat shouts 'shut up!' at Dice which could be a sign that she is picking up a few traits from Sam.
  • Sam lies to Cat about her nose, possibly so Cat doesn't get worried.
  • They eat Sloppy Waffles together at the end of the episode.
  • Cat got excited when Sam liked her idea.
  • Sam teases Cat with the rotting taco.
  • They both jumped rope and ate Fruit Cocktail.
  • They both used the pee can.


  • Cat hit Sam's stomach in a friendly way when they were laughing.
  • Cat stood up to Sam by refusing to do what she wanted and Sam didn't get mad at her, she just brushed it off.


  • Sam gives in to Cat about dressing up like her.
  • Sam grabs Cat's arm when she sees Clarice.
  • They grab onto each other's arms multiple times in the episode.
  • Sam looks surprised when Cat shouts at Mr. Drange.
  • Cat and Sam both went to a concert together. 
  • At the concert when the two boys made fun of Cat, Sam hit them with a weiner. 
  • Cat says "hallowiener" which made Sam laugh.


  • Sam is upset when Cat leaves for her audition.
  • When Sam finds out that Peezy was mean to Cat, she went to confront him about it.
  • Sam was mad at Peezy for laughing at Cat.
  • Sam wasn't too bothered about her ping pong ball being squashed compared to how upset she was about Peezy being mean to Cat.
  • Sam says that Cat is her friend.
  • Cat is upset that Sam left her to be Peezy's assistant.
  • Cat is close to having a breakdown because she can't babysit without Sam.
  • This episode shows how much a team Sam and Cat are.
  • Sam seems very jealous to find that Cat got Mindy to help her babysit.
  • She also seems annoyed at Mindy and makes her go unconscious.
  • Sam and Cat's fight sounds a little like a married couple would fight.
  • Sam quits her job as Peezy B's assistant for Cat.


  • When Sam says "are you two dating?", it looks a bit like Sam and Cat are holding hands.
  • They lean against each other and laugh at the cop.
  • They work together very well thought the episode.
  • Cat links arms with Sam.
  • They hold each other's arms.


  • Cat was initially worried when Sam told her that she was sick.
  • They trick each other.
  • Sam puts her hand on Cat's thigh.
  • Sam picks up Cat and carries her.
  • Cat does what Sam tells her to - e.g. drinking the sock water.
  • Sam knows that Cat has an A size bra
  • They dance together at the end of the episode.


  • When Sam came back, Cat said "Yay! I love when you're back."
  • Cat knew exactly how to calm Sam.
  • Cat restrains Sam several times throughout the episode.
  • Sam tells Cat "You really get me." when Cat gives her a bat to release her anger. This shows Cat knows her well.
  • Cat gets worried about Sam drinking so much root beer, remarking "You've already had two this morning!"
  • Sam trusts Cat enough to show her the pineapple piggy bank.


  • Cat promised to make Sam a million meatballs if she helped find the other pink shoe.
  • Sam loves the meatballs Cat made.


  • Sam gave up her freedom to go to juvie with Cat, because she knew Cat wasn't tough enough to handle it by herself.
  • Sam knows that Cat does not have a bank account.
  • Sam is surprised that Cat got all of the money from the ATM
  • Sam and Cat raced each other.


  • Cat and Sam both thought lumpatious was a real word and made a bet that it was.
  • Both of them hate Lucas's brother, Jepsen.
  • Both of them groaned when they know Jepsen is coming to pick his brother up.
  • Cat offered that they should get a house in Oxnard, Sam didn't turn down the idea of them moving in together again.
  • At Inside-Out Burger, Sam and Cat run up to Chris Cristie and make him say "lumpatious."
  • Both of them go back to Oxnard and show the video to the Word Keepers.


  • Cat was wondering what Sam was doing with the sauces.
  • Cat agreed to try Sam's new sauce even though she was busy doing homework and didn't want to at first.
  • Cat put some of Sam's sauce on her new shirt so she doesn't meet her best friend Jade.
  • Cat was worried that Sam and Jade would fight each other.
  • Cat was jealous of Sam hanging out with Jade.
  • Cat tried risking her own safety for Sam.
  • Cat didn't want Sam to get hurt while jumping the tuna.
  • Cat pushed Sam in a closet and locked her in the closet so she couldn't escape.
  • Sam didn't want Cat to jump the tuna.
  • When Cat fell off the motorcycle, Sam went over to help her up.
  • Sam kissed Robbie and it made Cat upset, possibly because she was jealous of Robbie.
  • Sam and Cat forgave each other at the end.
  • They both talk about Robbie and Freddie at the hospital, where Freddie and Robbie end up at after the tuna attack.
  • Sam tells Cat that they don't have the same bodies.
  • Cat slides the pizza under the closets door so Sam could eat something.
  • Cat wanted to jump the tuna instead to protect Sam.
  • This episode shows that although Sam and Cat can be very jealous of each other, they are always able to forgive each other in the end.


  • Sam knew Cat would snoop her present if she gave her one.
  • Sam immediately agreed to buy Cat a present after she swore not to snoop.
  • Sam calls Cat a dirty snooper, though, Cat agrees with her.
  • The both of them sit on the couch together and Cat asks Sam why won't they create a holiday just about presents.
  • Cat names the holiday Yay Day.
  • Cat asks what do people say when they get presents, with Sam replying by saying, "Yippie."
  • Cat asks Sam over and over again what's the present Sam got her and for some hints.
  • Cat hands Sam a big present.
  • Sam wrote Cat a note saying that even though she doesn't like most people she likes Cat, and she's glad they're friends.
  • They both gave present that to each other that know they would like Cat gave Sam a Jacket, Sam gave Cat a jump rope.
  • Sam told Cat about her past with the shovel she got from her mom.
  • Sam cried on Cat shoulder.
  • Sam forgave Cat for snooping.
  • It is possible that Cat gave Sam her jacket back.


  • Sam pretended to laugh during Cat's show to make Cat feel better because everyone else was playing Brain Crush.
  • Sam encouraged Cat to finish her show.
  • Sam felt bad for Cat, showing she cares for her
  • Sam made the audience pay attention to her by getting some kids from a Karate Class to break all their PearPhones and PearPads.
  • Cat cried on Sam's shoulder.


  • Sam and Cat have a favorite drink, Blue Dog Soda in common.
  • They (along with Dice and Goomer) make illegal Blue Dog Soda for people.


  • They both try to help Kim prepare for her math test.
  • They both agree to buy Kim a Fresno Girl Doll if she gets a B+ or higher on her math test.
  • They acted lot like a married couple while taking care of Kim (like they were her child).


  • Sam gets Cat tickets to Mystic Mountain.
  • Sam gives Cat juice.
  • Sam (along with Dice and Goomer) try to get Cat out of the box.


  • Both girls went to find Dice.
  • Sam had to save Cat (and Dice) from Nora.


  • Sam and Cat start ordering a lot of unnecessary thing from Zapathon.
  • Both girls wanted to hit Dice when mad.


  • Sam reluctantly accepts going with Phillip and Kelly Baum on a first-class flight to the Bahamas so Cat can live her dream.
  • Both girls are annoyed by Phillip and Kelly.


  • Sam proves to Cat that the latter can't go "BOOM!" on Goomer's bully so Cat won't get beat up.


  • Sam and Cat (along with Dice) kidnap Del DeVille so they won't get in trouble.


  • It is revealed that Cat wrote a song to help Sam remember which states she has arrest warrants in.

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Cat: Oh, please! You saved me from being squished in garbage! Let me repay you with the gift of bathing.

Sam: 'Cause the show's canceled! I want Cat to have a piece of it, you know, to keep forever.

Cat: It's a machine!
Sam: Please don't show me what it does.
Cat: Watch what it does! [flips switch] See? I flipped the switch, and then the machine flipped it back to its original position.
Sam: Please don't show me again.
Cat: Watch again!


  • They are total opposites as Sam is a tomboy and Cat is girly.
  • They seem to like each other and get along rather well, despite their strikingly different personalities.
  • Sam and Cat's friendship in Sam & Cat is similar to the relationship of Cat and Jade on Victorious, as Sam is sassy and abrasive like Jade and Cat is bubbly and eccentric. However, Sam's bad girl personality is less palpable than Jade's.
  • In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jennette McCurdy says "The relationship between Sam and Cat is very 'odd couple', and it proves that opposites attract. Cat's infectious behavior rubs off onto Sam, and they both end up getting along better than you think."[1]
  • Sam and Cat live together in Nona's/their apartment.[2]
  • As a piece of their favorite show, That's a Drag! Sam gets all the furniture from the show moved into their apartment for Cat because Cat was upset.
  • They sleep in the same bedroom but on different beds and different sides of the room.
  • Technically, Sam and Cat already met each other in the iCarly episode "iParty with Victorious". However, Dan said they never really interacted in his fun facts.[3] However, Cat is aware of Sam's reputation from iCarly, which was pointed out in the pilot episode after Sam saved her from the garbage truck.
  • Sam and Cat hug in many episodes.
  • Although Sam was known to hate hugging in iCarly, she hugs Cat quite a lot.
  • Sam doesn't hurt or yell at Cat when Cat hugs her even though Sam doesn't like hugging.
  • They have both been to prison.
  • Cat often says Sam Puckell, or other wrong names instead of Sam Puckett.
  • In #DollSitting, Sam dresses up like Cat for Halloween.[4]
  • Both have had an episode revolving around them doing something illegal in their original show (Cat was in "The Great Ping Pong Scam" and Sam had several including "iWon't Cancel the Show" and "iOwe You")
  • Both have a favorite food they absolutely love. Sam loves Fat Cakes to the point of obsession and Cat loves Bibble to the point of an addiction.
  • Both Sam and Cat have been on top of the other at one point.
  • The term "Puckentine" was made up by the user DemonDreaming.
  • Both girls have kissed Robbie Shapiro.
  • They have cried on each others' shoulders.
  • Their favorite beverage is Blue Dog Soda.
  • Both have a weird family member than they sometimes mention: Sam's mom Pam and Cat's brother.
  • Both have a nickname: Sam for Samantha and Cat for Caterina.
  • Sometimes, the dialogue make them act like a couple as a joke, like in #PeezyB, where Cat blames Sam to work way too often and letting her taking care of the kids alone (in that case, babysat kids, like if they were talking about kids of a family), or in #FresnoGirl, where Sam says "Honey, I'm home!".
  • Sam and Cat think that their relationship may end up like Janice and Sylvia.
  • Neither Sam nor Cat pursue a relationship with any boy throughout the entirety of this show.