"We drove an elderly scooter, on the street! And [Sam and Cat] saved a sweaty guy from dying!"
— Chloe and Max to their mom

Chloe and Max
Max and Chloe outside Nona's apartment
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Chloe and Max


Chloe: Female
Max: Male

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Melinda (mother)
Darby (brother)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine

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Griffin Kane and Emily Skinner[1]

Chloe and Max are kids that Sam and Cat babysat for Melinda.



Sam and Cat babysit the kids after Nona, who was originally supposed to take care of them but decides to move to Elderly Acres. When Sam and Cat go visit Nona at the retirement home, the two kids find a scooter and go to Inside Out Burger, where they order food but ride away when they don't have any money to pay for it. Nevertheless, the situation is resolved once Sam and Cat arrive and save the fast food restaurant's manager by performing CPR on him. Afterwards, the kids play video games in Apartment 22 and tell their mother Melinda about having the best time ever being babysat by the two girls.
Melinda, Chloe, Max and Darby


Sam and Cat are babysitting them in the beginning of the episode. While Sam is in the bathroom, Max and Chloe make prank phone calls, but they are caught by Sam who instead of disciplining them, decides to help them make a better prank phone call. Max excitedly says to Chloe: "We could learn so much from her!" (referring to Sam).


Cat has to singlehandedly babysit them. They are fighting with lemons despite Cat telling them not to. Sam comes in catching one of their lemons and makes them go into her and Cat's room with Darby.


Both are mischievous and love being naughty as shown as they have lemon wars and attempt to steal food from restaurants.



Darby is their baby brother. They like taking him along wherever they go.

Sam and Cat

They love being babysat by Sam and Cat as it is fun.



Sam: Go tell your mom to find another babysitter!
Max: Our mom left for work.
Chloe: She dances near the airport.

Chloe: Can you take Darby? He's heavy.

Inside Out Burger Announcer: Welcome to Inside Out Burger, what do you want today?
Max: We want two double, double mega meals, and, [looks at Darby], got any baby food?
Announcer: No.
Chloe: Well then, what do we get Darby?
Max: He can suck on the fries.
Cashier: That'll be $6.50.
Max: Oh, we don't have any money.
Cashier: What?!
Chloe: Go!
Max: Hold on!

Melinda: Did you guys have a fun day with Nona?
Max: Nope.
Chloe: Sam and Cat took care of us!
Max: They're the best babysitters ever!
Chloe: We drove an elderly scooter, on the street!
Max: And they [Sam and Cat] saved a sweaty guy from dying!
Cat: It's a... new video game.
Sam: Called... «Rescue the Chubby».
Cat: Which is a nice word for fat.

Melinda: You guys wanna babysit for them again sometime?
Chloe: Would ya?!
Max: Yeah!


  • They are the first kids Sam and Cat babysat.
  • They are also the first kids Sam and Cat have babysat more than once.
  • Nona used to babysit them before moving to Elderly Acres.
  • They like Inside Out Burger.
  • They are, with their brother Darby and Goomer, the only recurring characters to have done at least three appearances who didn't appear in a special.
  • They are the same characters as in The Thundermans.


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