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"I wanna know how that doll got to that counter to this couch and turned on the TV! And made microwave popcorn!"
Sam talking about Clarice.

Clarice Drange
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Clarice Drange



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Mr. Drange (father)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine
Del DeVille

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American Girl Doll (as a doll)
Sibyl Gregory[1] (as a human)

Clarice Drange is a character on Sam & Cat. She appears to be a doll that is alive.


She first appeared as a doll being carried by her father, Mr. Drange. He gave her to Cat to hold her, then he left. After he left, Cat tried to teach her to carve a pumpkin, which Sam dismissed because she was a doll and slapped her on the face to prove it. After Cat discovered that she supposedly turned Dice into a monkey, Sam noticed that Clarice had carved the little pumpkin and was halfway done with the bigger one. Freaked out, Sam took the knife from her. After Sam and Cat went to their bedroom because the monkey was on Sam's bed and went to the bathroom on it, Clarice apparently made microwaved popcorn, went to the couch, and turned on the TV to a horror movie, which brought Sam and Cat back to the living room and scared them. Later, her father came and was about to pay Sam and Cat when he offered to pay them more money by taking the concert tickets he had and take Clarice to the concert with them and requested to get a picture of Clarice enjoying herself there. Sam and Cat agreed and went to the concert with Clarice. There, they were about to enjoy a new song when the lead musician noticed Clarice and complained how she was freaking him out by showing up to every one of his concerts. Then, he had the security guards kick them out. Back at the apartment, Sam was complaining how bad the night was when Mr. Drange came back. Cat finally confronted him about Clarice being a doll after he asked her a question. He seemed offended and told Clarice to come home with him, then she turned into a living girl. She ran up to her father and told Sam and Cat what a great time she had and left with her father.


Because she had been a doll most of the time, she didn't have a personality until she turned into a girl. After she turned into a girl, she seemed very kind and thankful and cheerful since she happily told Sam and Cat what a great time she had. Mr. Drange says she's shy. She might like morbid stuff given her pumpkin carving.


Mr. Drange

She seems to have a close father-daughter relationship with her father. He seems to care about her very much.

Sam Puckett

She seems to like Sam as she joyfully told her and Cat that she had fun and didn't seem to mind the fact that Sam had slapped her on the face and had her sniff her armpits.

Cat Valentine

She seems to like Cat as she joyfully told her and Sam that she had fun and didn't seem to mind that Cat called her a doll.


Mr. Drange: Well, according to my pocket watch, it is past our bedtime. Come along, Clarice.
Clarice: [turns into a living girl and sits up] Yes, Daddy! [runs up to him and gets picked up] Thanks! I had fun!
Mr. Drange: Happy Halloween. [leaves with Clarice]



  • She is the first kid to be an alive doll.
  • She's the first and only kid Sam and Cat have taken to a concert.


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