"Is it wrong to hate a child?"
— Cromsby asking Sam and Cat

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Venice, Los Angeles, California




The Baum family

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Phillip and Kelly Baum

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Matthew Patrick Davis

Cromsby is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He works for the Baum kids and their family.


He arrived at Apartment 22 to pick up Phillip and Kelly Baum, the kids of the parents he worked for. He told them to wait in the car, but they refused until he paid them $100. They told him he had five minutes. He then asked Sam and Cat whether it was wrong to hate a child. He reaches into his pocket, which makes Cat think he has a gun. He doesn't; he pulls out two tickets to the Bahamas. Sam and Cat are to escort Phillip and Kelly on a flight to the Bahamas so their parents won't have to. They immediately say no until he says it's first class, much to Cat's delight. Cat describes everything in first class to Sam, the food part finally convincing her. Then, the kids throw a rock into the apartment that says "It's been five... minutes."


He is very formal and has a British accent. He hates Phillip and Kelly.


Phillip and Kelly Baum

He hates Phillip and Kelly because they are obnoxious and rude. The kids love bossing Cromsby around.



Cromsby: Hello, I'm Cromsby.
Sam: That's not a real name.
Cromsby: But it is. I work for the Baums. I'm here to pick up their children.
Cat: Yay! Well, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound rude or anything, it's just that you guys are really annoying.
Cromsby: Phillip! Kelly! The car is out front. Please go wait in it.
Phillip: We don't want to wait in the car!
Kelly: I'm not waiting in the stupid car!
Cromsby: [reaches into his pocket] Here's $100 each. [gives it to them]
Phillip: You have five minutes.
Kelly: Five.


  • He has a British accent.


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