Darby with Max and Chloe
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Melinda (mother)
Chloe and Max (siblings)

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Aiden and Brody [1]

Darby is a recurring baby on Sam & Cat.


He's the younger brother of Chloe and Max and the son of Melinda.


Sam and Cat have to babysit Darby and his siblings Chloe and Max after Nona, who was originally supposed to take care of them, decides to move to Elderly Acres. When Sam and Cat go visit Nona at the retirement home, Sam finds a scooter to give his siblings and brings him with them. They drive on the street to Inside Out Burger, where they order food but don't have any money to pay for it. Nevertheless, the situation is resolved once Sam and Cat arrive and save the fast food restaurant's manager by performing CPR on him.


He and his siblings were being babysat in the beginning of the episode.


After Sam finally came back, she sent Darby, Chloe, and Max into the bedroom.


Chloe and Max

Chloe and Max are Darby's older siblings. They often take him along on their mischievous adventures.



  • Darby's portrayer is a twin because "if one of them gets fussy, you just switch 'em out!"[2]
  • Sometimes they use a baby doll instead of a real one (Such as the scenes where the kids are driving the wheelchair), so the actor doesn't get hurt.
  • He, with his siblings and Goomer, are the only recurring characters to have done at least three appearances who didn't appear in a special.


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