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"Can I just go get my burrito?"
— Del to Sam

Del DeVille
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Del DeVille






Del DeVille (band)

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Dark brown

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Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine (formerly)
Dice Corleone




Being kidnapped
Being knocked out
Having to pay fines
Clarice Drange

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Myko Olivier
Matthew Deadrick (stunt double)

Del DeVille is a recurring character on Sam & Cat. He is the singer of Sam and Cat's favorite band of the same name.



He had been seeing Clarice Drange in her doll form at every one of his concerts.


He and his band had a concert in Los Angeles on Halloween night. While performing their newest single, Del freaked out when he saw Cat dangling Clarice by her arms. Scared, he ordered the guards to kick out Sam and Cat.


He hired Goomer to be his bodyguard. They went to the food truck to buy burritos for lunch. Del realized he forgot his sunglasses and sent Goomer to get them from his car. Sam, Cat, and Dice who were waiting for him run to him and asked to take a group selfie with him. He agreed, then Cat tied her balloon to a little girl's tricycle. They were about to take their picture when the trike started floating up due to the balloon. Sam borrowed Brody's spear gun and shot the balloon, causing the trike to fall on Del's head and knocking him out.

Del woke up at Apartment 22 in a wheelbarrow. Sam, Cat, and Dice tried to lie about what happened, but Del remembered what happened. He got up and went to call the cops, but Sam attacked him and knocked him out again. He later woke up on Sam's bed in the bedroom handcuffed.


He is friendly with fans; he talked to Sam, Cat, and Dice. He is possibly forgiving as he was friendly with Sam and Cat, even though they brought Clarice to one of his concerts.


Clarice Drange

Clarice likes going to Del's concerts. Since she was a doll, Del was creeped out by seeing her at all of his concerts.



Dice: Uh, hey Mr. DeVille.
Del DeVille: Hey, how are you guys doing?
Sam: Great!
Dice: Awesome!
Cat: I'm a girl!
Del DeVille: [taken back] Nice.
Sam: So, uh, would it be cool if we got a pic with you?
Del DeVille: Yeah! Sure thing!


  • Sam, Cat, Dice, and Clarice are big fans of him.
  • Clarice creeps him out.
  • The mask Cat made him wear was previously shown when Crazy Steve wore it in #SuperPsycho.
  • His last name could've possibly been inspired by one of Disney's famous villains, Cruella De Vil.


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