"He's great. He's big, strong, and he's crazy fast."
Dice describing Goomer.

Dice and Goomer
Dice and Goomer in MommaGoomer
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Dice Corleone and Goomer are both characters of Sam & Cat, and they are friends. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Doomer (D/ice and G/oomer) or Gice (G/oomer and D/ice). Because of an age gap of 15 years (Dice is 12 years old and Goomer 27 years old), this article is only for friendship speculation.



  • Dice introduces Goomer to Sam and Cat.
  • Murf sneezed on both of them.


  • Dice brought Goomer to Apartment 22, so Sam and Cat could babysit him.
  • Goomer said he was proud of Dice's hair modelling career.
  • Goomer stood up for Dice's hair when insulted by John Zakappa.
  • Goomer called Dice's hair 'beautiful'.
  • Dice, Sam, and Cat help Goomer beat John Zakappa.


  • Dice asked Sam and Cat to help fool Goomer's mother into thinking Goomer was a high school teacher so he wouldn't have to move back home.
  • Dice didn't want Goomer to move back home because he would lose Goomer, who's his best friend (Though he also said he'd lose money).


  • Dice is pleased when Goomer finally says something smart.
  • Dice (and Sam) are disappointed when Goomer goes back to his normal self.


  • Dice (and Sam) go to watch Goomer fight.
  • They both get their hair dyed.
  • Dice and Goomer take Sam's motorcycle back to the apartment together.


  • Goomer was going to pick up Dice.
  • Goomer knew where Dice was.


  • Goomer is upset when Dice is helping another fighter.
  • Dice offers to Goomer a watch as an excuse gift.


  • They both came over to help Cat babysit.


  • Dice helps Goomer find his lucky shirt.
  • Goomer helps Dice get the fudge out.


  • Goomer calls Dice to help because he thought he was in his bathroom while he didn't.
  • Dice says to Nora that he has to help Goomer.


  • They come to the airport together to bring the timers for Phillip and Kelly Baum.
  • Goomer puts himself and Dice in a bad situation.
  • Dice is annoyed by Goomer making the personel of the airport believe that he wanted to put a bomb in the plane.
  • Goomer is angry that Dice wants to tell his version of the story.
  • Goomer takes Dice with him while escaping to make sure he won't be captured.


  • Dice is mad that a fighter was bullying Goomer.
  • Dice (along with Sam and Cat) go to Punchy's to confront Goomer's bully.
  • Goomer thought that he was Dice's favorite fighter until Dice stated that it was Sam.

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Dice: He's great. He's big, strong, and he's crazy fast.

Cat: Maybe you're scared of Goomer moving away because he's your best friend?


  • Dice is Goomer's manager and his best friend.
  • In #NewGoat, it is stated that Goomer is too stupid to be managed, however Dice still manages him.


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