"And Dice, here's your $500."
Nona to Dice

Dice and Nona
Dice and Nona at Bots
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Dice Corleone and Nona are both characters of Sam & Cat, and they are friends. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Dona (D/ice and N/ona) or Nice (N/ona and D/ice). Because their large age gap, this pairing is for friendship speculation only.

See Cameron and Maree for the real-life pairing of Cameron Ocasio and Maree Cheatham, the actor and actress who portray Dice and Nona, respectively.



  • Dice was inside Elderly Acres with Nona.
  • Nona helped Dice (along with Sam and Cat) get back at Gwen and Ruby.
  • Nona gave Dice his $500 back.


  • Nona agrees to pretend to be Dice's grandmother.
  • Nona goes to Bots with Dice (and Cat).
  • She annoys him with the story and song about the time she saw the world's biggest thermometer.


  • Nona watches the commercial with Dice (along with Sam and Cat).
  • They learn about Sam's criminal record in this episode.


  • Dice (along with Sam, Cat, and Goomer) go to Elderly Acres to get answers about what happened that day from Nona.
  • Dice and Nona (and Goomer) get their hair dyed.


  • They go to Bots together with Cat.
  • Nona comes to Dice's spectacle.


  • They celebrate Yay Day together (along with Sam, Cat, and Goomer).
  • They (and Goomer) sleep in the same room.
  • They (and Goomer) stay behind while Sam and Cat leave.


  • Both got addicted with the game Brain Crush.
  • Both had their phones broken by the karate team


  • Dice says Nona is old and she sprays him with water.
  • Nona stated angrily that she would hit Dice in the face if she still hears about drones.

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Dice: 'Cause she's old.
Nona: [sprays Dice with the hose] I may be old, but who's wet? Yep, you.


  • They seem to get along well.
  • They used to be neighbors.
  • Dice and Nona don't share a lot of screen time.
  • Dice is good friends with Nona's granddaughter, Cat Valentine.