"You're awesome!"
Dice to Sam after recognizing her as a web star.

Dice and Sam
Dice and Sam
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Dice Corleone and Sam Puckett are both main characters of Sam & Cat, and they are friends and neighbors. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Sice (S/am and D/ice), Diam (Di/ce and S/am).

See Cameron and Jennette for the real-life pairing of Cameron Ocasio and Jennette McCurdy, the actor and actress who portray Dice and Sam, respectively.



  • After Dice goes inside Cat and Sam's apartment, Dice notices Sam for the first time, recognizing her from iCarly.
  • Dice tells Sam she's awesome.
  • Dice asks Sam if he can buy some of Sam's hair and Sam accepts.


  • Sam buys a "Montuna" hat from Dice.
  • Sam asks Dice to come over with her to the That's a Drag! studio and he agrees.
  • When Sam asks Dice to come with her to the studio, she grabs his arm and pulls him out the door.
  • Sam then asks Dice to grab a zebra-printed lamp from the studio set so Cat can have a piece of the show to hold on to. Dice reluctantly agrees and grabs the lamp while Sam tries to distract the workers.
  • A security guard catches Dice stealing something from the set. Sam prevents Dice from getting into trouble by pretending to be the assistant to the president of the studio.
  • Dice calls Sam sweet, although Sam didn't like it.
  • When Dice calls Sam sweet, she takes his hat and gets in his face about it.
  • Dice was Sam's lookout to tell her when Cat was coming.


  • Sam goat-sits Murf for Dice (even though she doesn't want to).
  • Dice tries to sell Murf to Sam (and Cat).
  • Dice tells Sam (and Cat) how he bought Murf.


  • Dice gives Sam Yerbanian Hot Sauce.
  • Sam (along with Cat) made fun of Dice's hair modelling career.
  • Sam (and Cat) agree to babysit Goomer for Dice, while he's out of town.
  • When Sam attacked Zakappa at the end, Dice tried to get her off of him.



  • Sam helps Dice with fooling Goomer's mother into believing Goomer is a teacher.


  • Dice's dog stars in Sam and Cat's babysitting commercial.
  • Sam and Cat search several pet shops to find a dog that looks exactly like Opee for Dice.
  • Sam is very concerned the family might take Opee away.



  • Dice and Sam go to watch Goomer fight.


  • Dice lies to Sam (and Cat) and tells them he's going to a poker game.
  • Dice locks Sam (and Cat) in the safe.
  • Dice made sure that Sam (and Cat) would have a way to eat and drink before to lock them, so she wouldn't be starving.
  • Sam (and Cat), furious at Dice, find him dancing at a little girl's birthday party instead of playing poker. Dice explains that he was there because his Aunt Fergene dropped his mom's computer in the toilet. Since Dice's mom's birthday is coming up, Dice wants to give her another computer but since he doesn't have enough money, he earns money by dancing at children's parties.
  • He said that he lied that he was playing poker because dancing at girl parties is embarrassing.
  • In revenge, Sam (and Cat) lock him in the room instead.


  • Sam and Cat take Oscar to Punchy's where Dice trains Goomer .
  • Dice goes along with Sam (and Cat) to bring Oscar to a golf club called "Drive Me Crazy".


  • Dice gets Sam some special candy.
  • Sam doesn't believe Cat turned Dice into but gets upset when the monkey leaves some "monkey business" in her bed.


  • Dice and Sam (along with Cat and Goomer) go to Bots.


  • Dice lets Sam (and Cat) use Goomer's rocket.
  • Dice informs Sam that the rocket doesn't actually go to the moon, only 1,000 feet.


  • Sam hugs Dice.
  • Sam isn't interested in Dice finding the shoe for Cat until Cat tells her that once she gets the shoe she'll make the meatballs.


  • Sam wants to jump the tuna so Dice can earn money.


  • Sam hits Dice multiple times to show that the game Brain Crush makes people forget what's around them.
  • Dice gives a big injury to Sam's finger without noticing it.


  • Sam asks Dice to find her a Spanish licence. Dice does it later.
  • Sam states how much she likes him.
  • Sam says "I don't know what I would do without this little hairpuff mopface." (meaning Dice).
  • When Sam finds out that Nora has Dice on the phone, she yells "Give me back my Dice!"



  • Dice said Sam was his favorite fighter.


  • Dice and Sam both watch Slightly Less Gorgeous at the start of the episode.
    Sam and Dice beside each other

    Sam and Dice meeting Del Deville !

  • Both stand beside each other when taking a picture with Del Deville.
  • Dice and Sam (with Cat) wheel barrel Del DeVille away so they don't get caught.

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Dice: [comes back in] All right, I'm back. Please help me.
Sam: Aww, come here you little weiner bun.

Sam: Hey, Dice. I think I might know how you can make some money off these tuna fish.

Dice: You're awesome!


  • They seem to like each other.
  • Dice knew who Sam was before they met — he had seen the iCarly webshow.
  • Sam seems to make fun of Dice similar to how she did with her ex, Freddie.
  • Sam sometimes doesn't care about Dice's problems, as shown in #MommaGoomer, but sometimes does, as to suggesting to jumping the tuna in #TheKillerTunaJump, even though Cat stops her.
  • Both have a weird family member than they sometimes mentions: Sam's mom Pam and Dice's Aunt Fergene.
  • Both have a nickname: Sam for Samantha and Dice for Diceneo.
  • Both were shown with a Penny-tee, in #DroneBabyDrone and #SuperPsycho.
  • Both have a two wheels vehicle: Sam has a motorcycle and Dice a bike.