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"I wanna know how that doll got to that counter to this couch and turned on the TV! And made microwave popcorn!"
Sam after finding the doll in the couch.

Season 1, Episode 15
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October 19, 2013

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Dan Schneider & Christopher J. Nowak


Steve Hoefer


2.633 million[1]

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  #DollSitting is the 15th episode of Sam & Cat.


The episode begins with Sam and Cat at Bots. At Bots, Sam and Tandy argue about the Bots dessert that Sam just ate. Cat comes in wearing her Halloween costume and announces that she and Sam are babysitting a kid today at 1:30. Sam complains that she doesn't want to work on "Satur-ween", which is Halloween on a Saturday. Cat mentions to Sam that the parents of the kid they will babysit will pay them double the payment for babysitting. Because of the offer, Sam suddenly takes an interest in babysitting the kid.

At home, Sam begins wearing her Halloween costume, which is of Cat. The father of the kid they were supposed to babysit, Mr. Drange, enters the apartment with his "daughter", a doll named Clarice, He acts possibly insane, as he treats the doll like a real daughter, then leaves after seeing that his pocket watch is dying. True to her ditzy nature, Cat tries to teach Clarice how to carve a pumpkin. Dice then comes inside the apartment and gives Cat a genie lamp and a book of spells for her genie costume. After Dice gives Cat her present, Sam reminds Dice to bring her sour candies to give out to kids. It is revealed by Cat and Dice that the candies are illegal, however, Dice knows a guy who sells them. Cat attempts to cast a spell on Dice (which will supposedly turn him into a beast) but fails. When Dice leaves to get the candy, strange things start to occur. First, someone knocks at the door and Sam tells the person to come in, thinking it is Dice. The "person" does not come in, so Cat has to open the door for him. At the door is a monkey with Sam's candy, which Cat thinks is Dice because of the spell she attempted on him. Then, even weirder, the pumpkin Cat wanted the doll to cut is carved halfway with the doll with a carving knife in its hand, greatly freaking out Sam and Cat with the sudden events. Cat believes it's magic, and Sam disagrees but takes the knife from the doll, "just in case".

Cat then tries to change Dice back to a person three times but fails. Sam tries to convince Cat that the monkey is not Dice by calling him on his cell phone. They hear the phone ring from their bedroom so Cat goes to check it out and comes back, telling Sam that the monkey did some "monkey business" (presumably a euphemism for going to the bathroom) on her bed. They go to their bedroom, where they find the monkey with Dice's cell phone. The monkey quickly leaves and Sam checks her bed and yells for the monkey to clean up his mess. Then, Cat and Sam hear a scream coming from the living room and rush there, where they see Clarice on the couch "watching" a black-and-white horror film.

Afterwards, Mr. Drange shows up. He is about to pay Cat and Sam for their babysitting services but then offers them three concert tickets to a band (called "Del DeVille"), but only if they take Clarice with them and take a photo of her enjoying herself. After a few private discussions, Sam and Cat agree to take Clarice to the concert with them.

At the concert, when the band starts to play another song, the lead musician sees the doll and freaks out, saying the doll has been to every concert of theirs. The musician orders security to kick Sam and Cat out of the concert.

Sam and Cat enter their apartment and then see Dice. Cat is relieved to see that Dice isn't a monkey anymore, to which Dice explains that he wasn't turned into a monkey; the monkey was his aunt's. After Cat tells Dice the monkey has his phone, Dice discovers the monkey deleted all his contacts and he leaves, demanding his aunt's monkey to add them back, before leaving furiously. Mr. Drange then returns to Sam and Cat and acts like Clarice is a human, once again. Strange for her bubbly manner, Cat snaps and orders him to stop acting like the doll is real. He is somewhat offended and quickly tells Clarice to come to him. Suddenly, the doll comes to life and turns into a little girl, who runs over to her father and they leave. Sam and Cat are more freaked than ever, but Sam changes the topic and asks who uses pocket watches nowadays. The episode then ends.[2]


Sam: And when people ask me, "Who are you dressed up as?", what am I supposed to say?
Cat: You say, "Hiiii! I'm Cat Valentine." Try it.
Sam: [dully] Hi. I'm Cat Valentine. Try it.
Cat: No, you're supposed to say it like me.
Sam: Okay, uh... [using Cat's voice] Hiiiiiii. I'm Cat Valentine. Simple things confuse me. [the doorbell rings]
Sam: [using Cat's voice] Ding dong.
Cat: Ha! You did my doorbell thing.
Sam: [still using Cat's voice] What doorbell thing?
Cat: Ahahahahaha! This is weird.

Sam: I wanna know how that doll got to that counter to this couch and turned on the TV... and made microwave popcorn!
Cat: Even I don't know how to make microwave popcorn.
Sam: I know!

Sam: I don't want to babysit.
Cat: We're getting paid double.
Sam: I like this plan.

Cat: Hiiiiiii.
Sam: [using Cat's voice] Hiii — [in her own voice] I can't do it. 'Sup?

Sam: [to the doll] Who carved that pumpkin? Tell me? [walks away] Arggh!! I'm talking to a doll. I look like Cat and now I'm acting like a dingbat. I guess that makes sense.

Sam: It's a doll. It's not real, see. [grabs the doll and starts to slap it] It can't feel pain. [opens arms and put the doll's head in her underarm] It can't sniff.

Mr. Drange: Clarice... Daddy loves you. [leaves]
Cat: That man is so freaky!
Sam: [using Mr. Drange's voice] Daddy loves you.
Cat: Dooon't! [runs away]
Sam: [chasing Cat around] [using Mr. Drange's voice] Daddy loves you.
Cat: Sam! Don't!
Sam: Come to Daddy.
Cat: I don't wanna!

Sam: Is there a spell in there that can turn my mom into a woman with a job?

Cat: He's back there sitting on your bed
Sam: That monkey isn't Dice. How many times do I have to ... Hm he's on my bed?
Cat: Yeah and he might have done something bad on it.
Sam: That monkey pooped in my bed!
Cat: Let's just call it "monkey business".

Sam: I didn't like my dessert.
Tandy: Oh no! Was it bad?
Sam: Painfully bad! So take it off my bill, would ya? [enjoying the dessert] Mmmmm!
Tandy: But you ate all of it... [Sam starts licking the plate] and you're licking the plate...
Sam: I'm licking the pain away!
Tandy: I don't understand pain.
Sam: [starts turning Tandy's fingers]
Tandy: Ow! Ow! Ow! Now I understand.


  • This episode was in production from May 27 to May 31, 2013.
  • This is one of Ariana's favorite episodes to date.[3]
  • Ariana skipped rehearsal on May 28 for her appearance on The Ellen Show, and Dre Swain filled in for her.[4][5][6]
  • This is a Halloween special.[7]
  • Del DeVille is in the episode #WeStealARockStar
  • In the years 2009, 2015, and 2020, Halloween fell on a Saturday.
  • The creepy doll (Clarice) is actually an American Girl doll, a Lanie doll to be exact.
  • In the UK the episodes #TheBritBrats and #NewGoat were advertised to air together but instead, #TheBritBrats and #DollSitting were shown as it was Halloween that week.
  • This episode had a special Halloween theme opening sequence.
  • The scary film that Clarice was watching is similar to the one Jade played on the big screen in Victorious episode "Prom Wrecker".
  • This episode is usually shown on TV in late October because it is a Halloween episode.
    • However, this episode was aired on Saturday April 18th, 2020 on TeenNick.
  • Cat's spell book was called Spells Potions & Lotions.
  • In most of the episode, Clarice(in doll form)'s emotion kept changing, for example when Sam and Cat just found out that Clarice may have turned on the TV, she had a normal emotion, yet when Sam says "and turned on the TV", she had a big smile on her face.
  • The scene where Cat snaps at Mr. Drange, telling him to stop acting like the doll is real has become very popular on the social media app TikTok.
  • This episode premiered almost exactly a year before the Henry Danger Halloween episode Jasper Danger. The two episodes have some similarities:
    • Both episodes have their own openings, crediting the main cast with clips of the episode.
    • Both episodes show the living locations of the characters being decorated for Halloween.
    • Both episodes show the main characters in costumes for almost the whole episode.
    • Both episodes feature a few supernatural things.


  • The Super Puckers might be an allusion of the Super Power Mega Sours that Drake once ate in Drake & Josh episode "Helen's Surgery".

Character revelations

  • It is revealed that Cat can't microwave popcorn and believes in magic.
  • Dice's Aunt Fergene has a helper monkey called Futz.


  • Sam mentions that since she was five years old, every Halloween she fills a big pumpkin with chili, eats the chili, unbuttons her pants and watches TV. However, in the iCarly episode, iScream on Halloween, she did nothing like that, but it's possible she did it after the web show.
  • Dice's monkey climbs out the window, but later when Sam and Cat arrive back home, there are cobwebs covering the window.
  • Despite being promised to get paid a lot several times, Sam and Cat are never seen getting paid.
    • However, since they never were able to take a picture of the doll at the concert it makes sense that they were never paid, at least for taking her to the concert although Mr. Drange never asked for the photo.
  • In #TheBritBrats, Dice said he doesn't like doing anything illegal, but he had no problem with getting Sam outlawed candy.
  • When Cat says that "Saturween" happen every 7 years, it's not totally true. Because of the leap years, it's a bit more hazardous than that. Funnily enough, 7 years after the episode aired, Halloween was scheduled to happen on a Saturday

Running gags

  • Sam imitating the voices of people (Cat and Mr. Drange).

Series continuity

  • Sam talks about her mom from iCarly, who doesn't have a job.
  • Sam not wanting to come out after looking girly is a nod to iMake Sam Girlier, where she did not like looking girly. This is also the second time someone makes Sam look girlier.
  • Dice mentions his Aunt Fergene, who was seen at the end of #MommaGoomer and mentioned in #SecretSafe.
  • Sam is attracted by money.

International premieres

  • October 26, 2013 (UK & Ireland)
  • October 31, 2013 (Australia & New Zealand)
  • February 3, 2014 (Portugal)
  • February 22, 2014 (Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Latin America, Brazil)
  • September 8, 2014 (Greece)