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Drive Me Crazy
Drive Me Crazy
General information
Type Golf club
City Venice, Los Angeles, CA
People Cat Valentine
Sam Puckett
Dice Corleone
Oscar Lurkin

Drive Me Crazy is a golf course that appeared in the Sam & Cat episode #OscarTheOuch.


Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer took Oscar here when Oscar tells Cat that he watches golf on TV. The five went there and were cautious to keep Oscar from being hurt, but when Oscar goes to get water in his cup, he gets whacked three times with golf clubs. It is unknown if this place will appear again.


  • This place's name, "Drive Me Crazy" is a reference that a drive is a kind of golf club.
  • Oscar won't seem to come back here again since he got hit with golf clubs three times.
  • They might not be a very good business because Oscar was able to get hit 3 times while there and they gave him a golf club so he wouldn't sue.
  • Elizabeth Gillies visited the set of this place during the production of the episode.