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Season 1, Episode 32
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April 12, 2014

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Russ Reinsel


2.19 million[1]

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#DroneBabyDrone is the 32nd episode of Sam & Cat.


Cat calls Nona and asks if she can do her homework because it involved watching a news story and writing a five hundred word essay on the topic you're most interested in. Nona refuses, so Cat has to watch the news on her own. Cat can't stand it. Then, Dice comes in and tells Cat that they were walking down the street and a guy honked his car horn at them. Then, Sam comes home with the guy's steering wheel and his shirt. Cat tries to trick them into doing her homework, but they already know what she's trying to do. They suggest going to because they give 30 news stories in six minutes. Cat says that if she hears anything about gluten, climate change, or healthcare, she'll punch Dice in the face. Right when Dice goes to the website, a news story plays about how gluten may be affecting climate change, which will impact healthcare costs. Dice quickly clicks on another story and it was about how has been speeding up their deliveries by having drones deliver packages. Sam and Cat decide to order a bunch of stuff they don't need from Zapathon.

That night, they order meat sticks, deodorant, extra-rough toilet paper, a badminton racquet, a shuttlecock, and a pair of size 62 men's underwear. Sam looks out the front door, Cat looks out the sliding glass door, and Dice looks out the bedroom window. They can't find the drone. Then, Nona runs in and asks where the fire is. Cat had sent Nona a text saying that the apartment was on fire so that she could come quicker. Later, the drone arrives, but it crashes through the kitchen window.

The next day, Sam and Cat argue with the building manager over who was going to pay for the damage. Then, a guy named Sherman arrives. Sherman worked at Zapathon. He says to Sam, Cat, and the building manager that he'll pay for the damage and to show how sorry they were, he gave Sam, Cat, and the building manager half price off everything for a month along with free shipping. Sam and Cat start buying even more ridiculous stuff like a hula hoop, dirt from Tennessee, Team USA mittens, and a UFO detector. Nona is babysitting a baby named Tim Festerly. A drone arrives and Nona is so scared she falls to the ground. Tim laughs. The drone was there because Sam wanted to return her giant elephant toothbrush. She puts the toothbrush in a box and has Cat set the box outside. Nona puts the stroller next to the package and goes to get the baby powder. Cat goes to the bathroom, but while they're gone, the drone arrives. Instead of picking up the package, it picks up Tim. The drone flies back to Zapathon, just as Nona sees it.

Cat starts making calls to Zapathon representatives, Nona starts trying to make a call to the police, and Sam makes a call to a fried chicken place. They're all getting frustrated because the representatives kept telling Cat to tell someone else, the person Nona was talking to thought she was drunk, and Sam kept trying to tell the fried chicken worker to get her two tubs of fried chicken, one spicy, and one extra spicy, along with three chili biscuits. Mrs. Festerly kept calling, so Cat suggests that she makes baby sounds so that the mother can think everything was going alright. Cat suggested this because it worked in Drake & Josh episode, "Two Idiots and a Baby." This works. Sam, Cat, and Nona end up having to go to Zapathon where they see Sherman. It turns out that the same thing was happening with other babies, pets, snakes, mailboxes, and ladies' wigs. Cat and Nona grab their hair nervously. Frank takes them to Room 222, where all the things that had been picked up by mistake were. They see the babies, but they all look identical. Nona remembers that since Tim laughed when she fell, she just needed to fall and whoever laughed was Tim. Sam shoves Nona to the ground and a baby laughs. The baby was Tim. Sam and Cat quickly leave so that they can eat their fried chicken and chili biscuits, but then, a drone arrives and picks up Nona's hair (which turned out to be a wig).


Cat: Wait, I see a drone!
Sam: Really?!
Cat: Right there! [points to the moon]
Sam: That's the moon!
Cat: Yeah, it's probably just the moon.
Dice: You guys see a drone yet?
Sam: Nerp.
Cat: But we're pretty sure we saw the moon.
Sam: [takes the hose Nona has] Hey, uh, let me check this thing out here. Yep. [sprays Dice with it] It works.
Dice: What did I do? When did our friendship take this weird turn?
Nona: Will you please tell me why I was summoned her 22 minutes after midnight?
Cat: To see the drones!
Dice: Yeah.
Nona: Drones?
Sam: Yeah, Zapathon started using drones to deliver stuff.
Nona: Flying robits?
Sam: Robits?
Cat: That's what she calls robots.
Sam: Why would she call robots robits?
Dice: 'Cause she's old.
Nona: [sprays him with the hose] I may be old, but who's wet? Yep, you.
Cat: [about the drone] Oh I see it!
Sam: Moon.
Cat: Dang it!
Cat: [on the phone] Ugh! No, I've already spoken to three Zapathon representatives. I told you! We had a problem returning a package. One of your drones picked up a baby. [person asks something] A baby person! [they ask something else] What? No, I do not want to take a survey at the end of this call!
Nona: [on the phone] No! I need to talk to a police officer! [person asks something] Because, some flying whoozy-whatzit just swooped down by the front door, grabbed a baby, and skedaddled with it! [they ask something else] What? No, I have not been drinking!
[phone rings]
Cat: [screams]
Nona: Oh!
Sam: What?
Nona: What is it?
Cat: The baby's mother! [huffs and tosses the phone to Sam] Answer it!
Sam: What? What? No, wait! She's gonna ask about her baby! [tosses it to Nona] Duh, you talk to her!
Nona: I ain't talking to that woman!
Cat: Nona! You're the adult!
Nona: I am not the person that sent that baby up, up, and away in the USB Flapperdoodle!
Sam: Jeez, Nona, that's not how real people talk!
Cat: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I know what to do!
Nona: What?
Cat: Okay, you answer and talk to Mrs. Festerly, and I'll make baby noises in the background.
Sam: Cat.
Nona: That's not going to work.
Cat: It worked on Drake and Josh.


  • The building manager makes his first appearance in this episode.
  • Cat grabbing her hair when the worker mentions the drones taking lady's wigs may be a reference to how Ariana starting wearing a wig in #MagicATM.
  • Zapathon Drones might be a reference to the upcoming Amazon Air drones.
  • Cat making the baby sounds might be a reference to how Ariana Grande can do a very believable baby impression.
  • The websites and redirects to, just like all the other websites in the show.
  • This is the seventh episode that features a shortened opening. The first six were #GoomerSitting, #MommaGoomer, #RevengeOfTheBritBrats, #Twinfection, #BlooperEpisode and #SuperPsycho.
  • The ending credits features a Cat and Dice scene from #TheKillerTunaJump, with a bit of deleted stuff.
  • This is the last time Dice and Nona interact.
  • In the Latin American version of the show, when seeing Frank from Zapathon, Sam asks "Did the drones send this?" instead of saying that kids wouldn't get the reference.
  • Zapathon, was the company Sam and Cat ordered. It would be seen again in the Henry Danger episode I Know Your Secret.


  • Zapathon is a parody of Amazon.
  • The title is a reference to the The Tramps song, Disco Inferno, as one of the lyrics of the song is Burn, Baby, Burn.
  • Cat hates watching the news, like in iCarly, Carly doesn't watch the news.
  • Cat mentions Drake & Josh and references the episode "Two Idiots and a Baby".
  • The character named Frank who works at Zapathon is a reference to the famous musician/guitarist, Frank Zappa. Sam comments on the reference: "Kids are not going to get this."
    • The voice of the drones resembles Zappa's speaking voice.
  • The line, "I don't need any characters around to give the place atmosphere! Or do I have to slip you my left for a convincer?!", is a reference to a line from It's a Wonderful Life.

Character revelations

  • Cat hates watching the news.
  • Nona wears a wig.
  • Cat calls football "Helmet Ball'".
  • Nona calls robots "robits".


  • Cat mentions Drake & Josh as a show, while Crazy Steve from that show has been in #SuperPyscho, and the show can be seen in the TV program in #FavoriteShow.
    • However, this kind of goof has often been seen in Dan's shows since iCarly and Victorious, in which Dan's pasts shows like Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 have been referred as shows by some ways, even though some characters from these shows have been in iCarly and Victorious.
  • When Cat and Sam are babysitting the baby boy, he was wearing orange. When they lost him, they could've identified him by this.
    • However, they might have forgotten.
  • When Sam returns an item to Zapathon she should have gotten a refund on her item.
  • There is no way Sam could have torn a steering wheel out of someone's car.

Running gags

  • People threatening to punch Dice in the face for stuff that wasn't his fault.
  • People spraying Dice with a hose.

Series continuity

  • Hollywood Arts is mentioned and its website was shown.
  • Bang balls from "Brain Squeezers" returns, Cat knows about them, but not Sam, probably a reference to the events of this episode.
  • Dice is wearing a penny-tee that says "Remember These?" which refers to the frequent use of them in iCarly.
  • At Zapathon, there are boxes of fat cakes from the iCarly episode "iToe Fat Cakes" and boxes of Grizzly Glue and Raisin Bran from Victorious.
  • Sam and Cat are buying useless strange things (e.g dirt from Tennessee) like Cat did on Victorious' episodes "Robarazzi" and "Driving Tori Crazy".

International premieres

  • October 24, 2014 (UK & Ireland)