"You put my Nona in a home for elderlies?"
Cat Valentine to Sam Puckett regarding Nona living in Elderly Acres.

Elderly Acres
Elderly Acres
General information
Type Elderly home
City Venice, Los Angeles, California
People Nona (tenant)
Hank (tenant)
Carl (tenant)
Stank Maxwell(tenant)
Other tenants

Elderly Acres is a retirement home in which Nona resides.


In #Pilot, Nona moves into Elderly Acres and Sam and Cat come to visit her. Cat interrupts a Twister game with Nona and the other seniors and Nona reassures Cat that she likes being at the retirement home. Meanwhile, Sam offers to give an elderly man a tattoo, but accidentally gives him a tattoo of a chicken leg instead of one of Abraham Lincoln.



  • The original name for the retirement home was "Shady Acres" but Dan Schneider changed it to "Elderly Acres" because he felt the former "wasn't very funny or interesting."[1]
  • As seen in #Pilot, some residents get tattoos from Sam.
  • The set for "Troubled Waters Mental Institution" appears to have been recycled for this set.
  • According to Dan Schneider, he would love to retire at Elderly Acres since you could play Twister and watch movies in pools.
  • Dan Schneider played a resident there.
  • The residents there love children as shown in #FavoriteShow.
  • Jennette McCurdy's real-life grandparents guest starred in #TheBritBrats, they portrayed residents.
Jennette with her grandparents on the set of Sam & Cat

Jennette with her grandparents.

  • Twice a year, a service called Everybody Dyes is hired to give the elderly residents colorful hair.
  • One of the elderly residents can drive a motorcycle.
  • Elderlies are allowed to get tattoos there.
  • There is an elderly Hall Of Fame Award.
  • In #NewGoat, Mr. Oldman, a returning character from The Amanda Show, appears pictured as the Elderly of the month.


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