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Eric Lange
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February 19, 1973 (age 46)



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1996 - present

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Erwin Sikowitz

Eric Lange (born February 19, 1973) is an American television and movie actor, best known for his role as Stuart Radzinsky on the ABC television series Lost. He guest starred in the Sam & Cat episode, #MommaGoomer as his former Victorious character, Erwin Sikowitz.[1]


Early life

Lange was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Lange's first film role was in 1996's High School High. He also appeared in the daytime drama, The Bold and The Beautiful. In 2001, he guest starred in the popular series, Angel, and was cast in a one-episode part in Firefly the following year.

Over the next three years, he appeared in minor roles on several television shows, including CSI, The Bernie Mac Show, Without a Trace, The Shield, and The West Wing. Lange also appeared in a 2007 episode of Entourage and appeared briefly on the short-lived NBC show, Journeyman. In 2008, he appeared in an episode of Criminal Minds, as well as in small roles in Bones and My Name is Earl. In 2010, he appeared in 2 episodes of Weeds. Lange portrayed Manager Erik on the television comedy Easy to Assemble. He has also guest starred on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and currently portrays Mr. Sikowitz, an eccentric acting teacher, on Nickelodeon's teen show Victorious. He also portrayed a distraught basketball coach in the ABC television show Modern Family.

In 2006, he guest starred on Cold Case, in which he portrayed Lyle.

In 2010, Lange portrayed John Skrzynsky in the HBO movie You Don't Know Jack, the biography of controversial doctor Jack Kevorkian. He portrayed the role of Andy Beyer in the Disney film Secretariat.

On June 11, 2011, Lange guest starred on iCarly in "iParty with Victorious," the first ever iCarly and Victorious crossover event.

Personal life

His first daughter was born on December 12th, 2014.[2] Her name is Maisie Ruth Lange. [3]

Other credits


Year Title Role Type
1996 High School High Singing Waiter Film
1998 The Bold and the Beautiful Dr. Larson T.V. Series
2001 Angel Sad-eyed Demon T.V. Series
2002 Firefly Fed T.V. Series
2004 The Shield Robert T.V. Series
2005 J.A.G. Brad Weston T.V. Series
2005 The Bernie Mac Show Tony T.V. Series
2006 NCIS William Lafferty T.V. Series
2006 Cold Case Lyle Season 3, episode 18 "Willkommen"
2007 Entourage Director T.V. Series
2007 Journeyman Sheriff T.V. Series
2007 Burn Notice Bill Reese T.V. Series
2008 Twentysixmiles Sean "Murph" Murphy T.V. Series
2008 Boston Legal George Parkes T.V. Series
2008 Criminal Minds Brian Matloff T.V. Series
2008 Bones Steve Jackson T.V. Series
2008 My Name is Earl Mr. Fischer T.V. Series
2008 Law and Order Cab Driver T.V. Series
2008 Numb3rs Skipper T.V. Series
2009 Lost Radzinsky T.V. Series
2009 Monk Alien fanatic T.V. Series
2010 Modern Family Coach Stupak T.V. Series
2010 Law and Order: SVU Bryce Kelton T.V. Series, Season 11, episode 16 "Witness"
2010 Weeds Vaughn Coleman / Ellis Tate T.V. Series
2010–2013 Victorious Erwin Sikowitz 27 episodes
2010 Secretariat Andy Beyer Film
2011 iParty with Victorious Erwin Sikowitz T.V Film
2011 Chuck Colin Davis T.V. Series
2012 Blue Like Jazz The Hobo Film
2012 Figure It Out Himself Game Show, Panelist (episode 8, 34)
2012 Fringe Gael Manfretti T.V. Series
2013 Grimm Dominick Spinner T.V. Series
2013 Touch Dr. Stanley T.V. Series, Season 2, Episode 6, Broken
2013 Castle Simon Warburg T.V. Series, Season 5, Episode 23, The Human Factor
2013 Sam & Cat Erwin Sikowitz T.V. Series
2013 Cult "Steven Rae" T.V. Series
2013 The Bridge Kenneth Hasting T.V. Series
2014 Imagine TBA Filming


  • He loves to draw, sing, and play the piano.[4]
  • He said he'd like to prank Dan Schneider someday, because Dan was always pulling little stunts on the cast.[5]


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