"More important than teaching young people backwards acting?"
— Erwin Sikowitz to Sam.

Erwin Sikowitz
Erwin Sikowitz-Sam & Cat
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Erwin Sikowitz






Acting teacher

Physical description
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Bald with Brown/Gray side hair

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Coconut milk, acting, teaching, Bunny (his ex-girlfriend's pet cat), his students



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Portrayed by

Eric Lange

Erwin Sikowitz is a guest character on Sam & Cat. He was also a recurring character on Victorious.

He is portrayed by Eric Lange.


Sam, Cat, and Sikowitz promo pic

Sikowitz is an acting and improvisation teacher at Hollywood Arts High School.


Sikowitz is considered an odd man since he has minor quirks. He enjoys drinking milk directly from coconuts, and he does various strange things to help teach his students acting concepts, but he is generally considered likable among the students.


Cat Valentine

(Unknown (Possibly 2008)-Present: Student; Friend)

Cat has been in Sikowitz's class for an unknown period of time. When Tori joined the school, it is shown Cat can get on Sikowitz's nerves at times, but Cat and Sikowitz remain friends. In #MommaGoomer, Sikowitz allows Cat to use his classroom so that Goomer can fool his mother into believing he's a high school teacher.

Sam Puckett

(2013–Present: Acquaintance)  

Sikowitz first met Sam in #MommaGoomer when she and Cat had to use his classroom. When they first met, Sam asks why Sikowitz is dressed like a clown and Sikowitz finds Sam pushy, but he still allows her to use his classroom.                                                                                     



Cat: Sikowitz!
Sikowitz: Cat, you're very late, class is almost over.
Sam: This is more important than class.
Sikowitz: More important than teaching young people how to act?

Sikowitz: What does this charity do?
Sam: It helps teachers grow hair.
Sikowitz: My classroom is yours.

Sam: We need to use this classroom.
Sikowitz: You strike me as pushy.
Cat: She can be pushy.
Sam: I can also be punchy and kicky.


  • He first appeared in the Victorious episode Pilot and became a recurring character since then.
  • His presence in the show was hinted by an interview of Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande.[1]
  • He appears in a photo in Sam & Cat's apartment bedroom.
  • He apparently doesn't watch iCarly because he didn't recognize Sam.
  • Erwin Sikowitz is the first character from another Schneider show - excluding the two title characters - to appear on Sam & Cat.
  • He is mentioned in the special episode #TheKillerTunaJump when Jade and Cat are talking about having to do an assignment for him.