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"What kind of TV network cancels a big hit?"
Sam wondering why That's a Drag! got cancelled.

Season 1, Episode 2
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June 15, 2013[1]

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Dan Schneider


Steve Hoefer


2.58 million[2]

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#FavoriteShow[1] is the 2nd episode of Sam & Cat.


The opening scene shows Sam sleeping on the sofa bed. Cat comes in and decides to wake Sam up by jokingly poking Sam's belly and yelling "Hi!" Sam hates this, so she attacks Cat, and tells her not to do that again. 

Cat and Sam in the sofabed watching TV.jpg

Cat and Sam watch the latest episode of their favorite show That's a Drag! before Cat heads off to school. Right before Cat leaves, a man comes to their apartment after seeing their flyer for their babysitting service and asks them to babysit his sons that afternoon. Cat is so excited to have their first real customer, she accidentally reveals that she and Sam are very inexperienced. The man notices Cat's comments, but asks again if she and Sam will babysit. The two quickly agree to help him out.

Cat comes home from school crying because That's a Drag! had been cancelled, while Sam is furious over the show's cancellation because it was a big hit. In the midst of Cat's sobbing and hysterics, the boys they have to babysit, Ethan and Bob, arrive. Their father introduces them before leaving very promptly. Cat tries to ask him if there are any special instructions for taking care of the boys, but the man does not stay long enough to answer her and the girls are left with Bob and Ethan to take care of without any notices. Sam and Cat quickly discover that Ethan has a million questions for them, and Bob is very clingy, immediately attaching himself to Sam's legs. After a few minutes, Sam decides to take everyone to the studio where That's a Drag! is filmed.

Once they reach the studio, a security guard sees them and asks what they are doing there. Sam and Cat attempt to change the subject by learning his name, Cheb. He still does not go along with them and yet again asks what they are doing at the studio. Sam distracts him by saying his car is on fire, and then he runs out of the studio. Sam detaches Bob from herself by telling him that one of the men working on the set loves to cuddle. Bob goes to the man instantly and wraps around his leg instead of Sam's. Ethan says that he needs to go to the bathroom and asks Cat if she will go with him. She gently tells him no and points him in the right direction. Ethan worries what will happen if his zipper gets stuck. Sam bluntly tells him to yank on it if this happens, and Ethan heads off. With the boys distracted, Sam and Cat approach the producer, a man named Jeff Du Shell

Sam, Cat, and Jeff.jpg

Cat stomps on his foot, angry at him for the show's cancellation. Sam tells Cat that the producer is not the person who cancels the show. The producer tells Cat that he's tried everything he could do, but the show will remain cancelled. Cat is still upset and follows the producer to his car as he drives. He does not pay any attention to her pleading, so Cat flings herself onto the hood of Jeff's car as he tries to drive away. Cat wounds up with her face pressed to the windshield while Jeff attempts to dislodge her using his windshield wipers. Cat is not deterred and stays firmly attached.

Drying Tears.jpg

Meanwhile, Sam is still at the studio with both boys. Ethan returns from the bathroom, but Bob has gone missing. Sam asks if anyone has seen him, and one of the set designers points out that Bob has climbed into a nearby stage light. Sam angrily yells at Bob and tells him to come down. Bob just laughs. Sam asks him if he is going to make her come and get him. When Bob does not answer, Sam intervenes. She notices that the stage light is attached to a rope. She grabs what appears to be an ax and severs the rope with it, sending the stage light plummeting from the ceiling. Bob and the light fall to the ground. Sam rips the top off the light and lifts Bob out of it. He amazingly seems just fine, With Bob and Ethan in tow, Sam leaves the studio and heads back to the apartment. Cat appears a short while later. Sam asks Cat where she's been, and Cat tells her that she was on the hood of Jeff Du Shell's car trying to talk to him all the way to Santa Monica, which is about 17 miles from the apartment. She finally fell off when the car hit a speed bump. Saddened, Cat sits down on the couch and turns on That's a Drag! After one of the characters in the show says that at least they will always have a piece of their newly deceased grandfather, Cat says she wishes she could have a piece of the show forever. This gives Sam an idea to help Cat cheer up. She asks Cat if she would mind watching the boys for a little while, and says she has to run an errand. Cat agrees hoping time with the boys will improve her mood. After Sam leaves, Cat decides to take the boys to Elderly Acres so she can visit her Nona.

Once Sam leaves the apartment, she asks Dice to come along to the That's a Drag! studio. She tells Dice she needs his help to take a lamp from set for Cat, so Cat can have a piece of the show to hold onto. Dice calls Sam sweet, which infuriates her, Sam says she will create a distraction while Dice gets the lamp and stuffs it down his pants. Sam instructs Dice to meet her outside in the parking lot afterwards. As a distraction, Sam squirts some ketchup on her arm and breaks some glass to make it look like she cut herself. A security guard catches Dice stealing, despite Sam's efforts to keep the set workers focused on her. She pretends to be the boss' assistant. She tells the men to do what she says and let Dice go outside or she will write their names down to report to her boss. In a sudden burst of inspiration, Sam asks the workers where all the props for the show are going. A worker tells her that they are taking the props to a storage warehouse. Sam tells them no, her boss told her to have everything shipped to an address she writes down. The address is for Cat's apartment. Sam then goes back to the apartment and sets up the whole place like the set of That's a Drag! to surprise Cat.

Cat returns home from Elderly Acres. She is ecstatic to see what Sam has done, but worried that Nona will be angry that all of her furniture is gone. (Sam had arranged to have Nona's furniture shipped to the storage warehouse where the That's a Drag! props were originally supposed to go.) Although Nona comes into the apartment, she does not notice that the furniture had changed. She simply asks if the lamp is new, and the girls deny that it is. Nona says she could swear something is different, but she cannot put her finger on it.


Man at door: Hey. I saw this flyer. Are you two babysitters?
Cat: [excitedly] Yes! [more calmly] I mean, one moment please... [grabs Sam excitedly] You know what this means? Our first real customer! We're professional babysitters! Shh! Just be cool, we don't want him to know that we're new at this.
Sam: He's three feet away. [they turn to the man at the door and he waves at them]

Cat: Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! [to Sam] Shh! Be cool!
Sam: [sarcastically] I'll try to control myself.

Sam: Ah, okay, here we go.
Ethan: Where do we go?
Sam: That's not what I meant.
Ethan: What did you mean?
Sam: I was about to tell Cat that I found some information online.
Ethan: Information about what?
Sam: About how to remove tongues from little boys!
Ethan: [holds his tongue]

Producer: Please get off of my car!!! [turns windshield wipers on]
Cat: You can't just wipe me away!!!

Ethan: Does Batman wear underwear?
Sam: Shaddap.



Ethan: Will someone read me a story?
Cat: No.
Ethan: Is toothpaste a vegetable?
Sam: No.
Ethan: Can I jump off the roof?
Sam & Cat: [simultaneously] Yes!

Sam: 'Cause the show's canceled! I want Cat to have a piece of it, you know, to keep forever.
Dice: Aww, you're sweet.
Sam: [takes hat from Dice and pulls him close to her] NEVER call me sweet.
Dice: No, no, no! I said... smeet!
Sam: [returns hat and let go of Dice]

Ethan: Why are at a home for the elderly?
Cat: Because old people love little kids. Look everyone! Who wants to squeeze some adorable children?

Sam: Cat, why are you freaking out?
Cat: I was reading Red Light Hollywood, and they cancelled-
Sam: They cancelled That's a Drag?!
Cat: [starts to cry]
Sam: Why? That show's a big hit! What kind of TV network cancels a big hit?!
Cat: It's insane! They're not even gonna do a big final episode!
Sam: What?!?!
Cat: [doorbell rings] Ding dong!
Sam: Go away! A quality TV show's been cancelled!

[Sam and Cat are watching the most recent episode of That's a Drag]
Boy: Hey, Mom? Does this skirt make my butt look big? [turns around and shakes his butt]
Mother: No, it makes your butt look just right.
Sam and Cat: [laugh]
Boy: [to his brother] Nyeah! Now give me back my laptop!
Sam: Look! On TV shows, they don't let them use real Pear computers, so they change the Pear to a Banana.
Cat: Oh! That's so clever!
Unnamed character: [he and Dillon enter] Well, I found him.
Mother: Dillon! What happened to you? Your dress is filthy, and your face...
Dillon: I joined the football team.
Mother: What?!
Boy: That is so cool!
Grampers: I say that skirt does make his butt look big.
Boy: [turns around and crosses his arms] Grampers!
Sam and Cat: [laugh] Grampers!

Ethan: Is this a couch or a sofa?
Sam: I don't know.
Ethan: Do monsters get sick?
Sam: I don't care.
Ethan: What are belly buttons for?
Sam: Soup.


  • This episode went through production from January 28 to February 1, 2013. Filming began January 31.[3]
  • Sam and Cat's revamped apartment was first revealed in this episode.[4]
  • This episode is one of Jennette's favorites.[5]
  • Cat's harassment of the producer of her favorite show is an exaggerated attempt to show what Dan Schneider went through when Victorious was canceled.
    • Ironically, Sam & Cat itself got canceled in a similar way later on.
  • After Cat and Dice leave for school, Sam turns the channel to Drake & Josh. Drake & Josh was created by Dan Schneider like Sam & Cat. Also, you can hear Josh speaking. It was the episode, "Theater Thug."
  • Zoey 101, another Schneider show is also shown on the TV guide.
  • On the TV guide it shows two “shows” that appeared in other Nickelodeon shows “Divertisimo” from Victorious and “Taffi & Toasty” from iCarly.
  • Maree tweeted that the boy she carried rode in a harness under her costume, so she does not drop him.[6]
  • It is revealed that Sam gets her education through online schooling, meaning she left Ridgeway High School. However, Dan Schneider tweeted that she does high school online.[7]
  • Sam said that the pear logos on Pear products are replaced with banana logos. This is similar to Dan Schneider replacing all Apple products with Pear products.
  • The episode title is shown in the beginning similar to "iGoodbye."
  • This episode takes place immediately after #Pilot.
  • The sets of Apartment 22 and Elderly Acres are different in this episode, because of the hiatus between the filming of the two episodes.
  • In the UK edit of this episode, the part where Cat jumps on the car (resulting in Cat suddenly appearing on top of it — this part was also left uncensored in the opening titles), the part where the car drives away with Cat on it, and the part where Sam and Cat answer yes to Ethan when he asks if he can jump off the roof are removed.[8]
  • During the end credits, Ethan can be seen asking questions to Cat, while Bob is still hugging Cat's leg, and then Cat takes the two of them outside to go somewhere.
  • In the Dutch version of the show, That's a Drag! is called Soup Dresses.
  • In the French version of the show, That's a Drag! is called Habille-toi comme une fille!, which means Dress Up Like a Girl.
  • Sam says she's not a hugger, but she hugged Cat twice in #Pilot.
  • Cat's fear about Nona finding out for the stuff of the apartment has never been mentioned again.


  • Sam is seen using her PearBook in this episode and the boy in the show That's a Drag! is using a BananaBook, which are both parodies of products made by Apple Inc.
    • The BananaBook could be considered a parody of a parody because it is a parody of the PearBook which is in turn a parody of Apple's products in the real world.
  • Taffi & Toasty is a spoof to Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally.
  • The weapon that Sam uses for beef ribs looks like Michelangelo's nunchucks from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Sam wears a T-shirt with the number "92" on it. This might be a reference to the year 1992, the year that Jennette was born.
  • When the TV guide is shown, it shows three TV shows created by Dan Schneider: Drake & Josh, All That, and Zoey 101. Divertisimo, a fictional show from Victorious can also be seen.
  • That's a Drag! got cancelled without a finale episode just like Victorious. The cancellation is even slyly mentioned with the line, "What kind of network cancels a big hit without a proper finale?"
    • The Dutch version of the show also goes further in criticizing Nickelodeon. While the original line was 'What kind of network cancels a big hit without a proper finale?', they changed it to 'What kind of stupid network cancels a big hit without a proper finale?'.
  • Ethan asks if Nona is on Medicare, a health insurance program.

Character revelations

  • Sam & Cat's favorite show is That's a Drag.


Picture of the apartment showing there is no flat roof.

  • When Ethan asks if he can jump off the roof, the girls say yes, however, if you look at the photo of the apartment building below, there is no flat roof area to climb onto nonetheless jump off of.
  • When Ethan asks "What are belly buttons for?" (a girl's piercing) and Sam answers "soup" incorrectly.
  • When Cat returns from being on the producer's windshield Sam asks where she was but Cat texts Sam on the Nick iOS app that she was on the windshield so Sam should have known where she was.
  • Sam hates being called "sweet", but she does like it in iPilot
  • When Sam acted like she was the assistant to the President of That's a Drag! Studios, the crew should have known she wasn't the assistant to the president since she appeared earlier. She also said, "Now, that's some good babysitting" which gave her away her occupation, so the cast and crew of That's a Drag! should not have been fooled so easily.
  • Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 are shown to be TV shows, but this would be impossible as Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh has appeared in #SuperPsycho and Stacey Dillsen from Zoey 101 appeared in a couple of iCarly episodes and in #MadAboutShoe, as well as Coco Wexler in #FirstClassProblems.
    • However, this kind of goof has often been seen in Dan's shows since iCarly and Victorious, in which Dan's pasts shows like Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 have been referred as shows by some ways, even though some characters from these shows have been in iCarly and Victorious.

Running gags

Series continuity

  • Sam's backpack and her clothes of the iCarly series finale "iGoodbye" is seen at the couch in the beginning.
  • Divertisimo from the Victorious episode "Victori-Yes" is seen on the TV Guide.
  • The Dingo Channel is shown on the TV guide, which was introduced in iCarly.
  • Drake & Josh is also shown on the TV guide. The show was mentioned before in Victorious.
  • Zoey 101 was seen on the TV guide.
  • The rib bone weapon Sam made and how she broke the bottle makes a reference to Sam's Butter Sock and how she used to smash things with the Butter Sock back on iCarly (ex. the head of a doll in "iStill Psycho").
  • The state hats are similar to the Penny Tees from iCarly.
  • The TV guide of this episode is of the same kind than the one seen in Victorious episode "Victori-Yes". It also features the same shows and references (All That, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, Taffy & Toasty, The Schwimmer diaries, Extreme Groin Injuries, and some references to Hungry Girl)
    • A difference is that in Victorious, the cable is named Schneider Cable, while in this episode, it is names SBI Cable, a reference to Schneider's Bakery Industry.

International premieres

  • October 5, 2013 (Germany, Netherlands, Poland)
  • October 14, 2013 (Australia, New Zealand, UK & Ireland)
  • October 26, 2013 (Latin America)
  • November 5, 2013 (Italy, Portugal)
  • November 6, 2013 (France)
  • November 11, 2013 (Spain)
  • February 23, 2014 (Hungary)
  • February 25, 2014 (Greece)