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"I've always wanted to fly first class ever since I was a little girl!"
Cat about the offer of the trip.

Season 1, Episode 33
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April 26, 2014 [1]

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Dan Schneider & Christopher J. Nowak


Steve Hoefer


2.52 million[2]

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#FirstClassProblems is the 33rd episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam is watching a movie with two kids she and Cat are babysitting named Phillip and Kelly Baum. However, they don't enjoy the movie because they think the screen is too small, even though it's a 50-inch screen, because they have seen one like that at their maid's house. Then, their timers go off, meaning that it's time to give Phillip and Kelly their protein pills and nutritional yeast. However, Cat gives them sink water. Phillip and Kelly want bottled water, but they don't have any. Sam angrily goes to get the "special water" they keep in the bathroom. Dice and Goomer come in bringing dinner for the kids, as they had given Dice and Goomer twenty dollars each to get them dinner even though Cat had already made them "chicken tots and tater balls." Dice got the kids steaks and Goomer got them lobsters and butter spray. However, Goomer brought live lobsters, thinking that they wanted to keep the lobsters as pets. To keep the lobsters from dying, he sprays them with butter spray and runs away. Cat tells Dice to go after Goomer. Then, Sam arrives and gives Phillip and Kelly toilet water.

While Phillip and Kelly are eating their overcooked steaks, as they had turned down the dinner Cat made for them, Cromsby, a man who works with the Baum family, arrives and he tells Phillip and Kelly to wait in the car for five minutes, but has to pay each of them $100. He tells Sam and Cat that Phillip and Kelly's parents wanted him give Sam and Cat first class tickets to the Bahamas, and escort their children there so they don't have to. Sam doesn't want to do it, but Cat does and she tells Sam about how great first class is, so they agree. Then, a rock hits the man at the back of his head saying, "It's been five minutes." When they get to the airport, they're required to take the laptops out of their bags, empty their pockets and take off their shoes. Sam does this, but Cat doesn't want to because she's not wearing socks and the floor is sticky. Sam ends up lifting Cat up and forcibly taking her shoes off. Cat had been so excited about flying first class that she had been talking endlessly about it (much to Phillip and Kelly's dismay) that she had forgotten to bring Phillip and Kelly's timers, so Dice and Goomer arrive at the airport with the timers. However, Goomer yells out, "We got the timers for the Baums!" Everyone thinks that Goomer means real bombs and Dice and Goomer end up getting taken away by security guards. Sam, Cat, Phillip, and Kelly run for it.

When they sit down, a woman named Coco Wexler (from Zoey 101) sits down with them. Sam is the closest to Coco, so she switches places with Cat so that Cat could be next to her. Coco is furious because her ex-husband, Carl, is going to marry her mother and she had to go to the Bahamas to attend his wedding. Coco also explains that she was a dorm advisor at a boarding school called Pacific Coast Academy. She then starts eating canned ravioli, something she loves. Meanwhile, Dice and Goomer are getting interrogated by security guards. Goomer is crying because they wouldn't give him any chocolate milk. He also tried to explain what happened, but the way he explains it makes things a lot worse. When it's time to board the plane, Sam and Cat are expecting to be given the privilege of boarding the plane first, but a bunch of people get to go before them. Meanwhile, Dice is trying to explain to the cops what happened but Goomer won't stop mocking him. Eventually, Dice starts mocking Goomer and they start yelling gibberish at each other. When the security guards finally give him chocolate milk, Goomer says he wants two glasses. Then, when they give them to him, Goomer throws the chocolate milk in their faces, picks up Dice, and runs for it. The airport has to be locked down and they lock it down right when it's time for first class passengers to board so only the people who already boarded the plane get to go to the Bahamas.


Flight attendant: Flight 1549 to the Bahamas will begin pre-boarding now.
Cat: Yeah! All right!
Sam: Yeah, baby! See you later, Ravioli Lady!
Coco: [waves]
Sam: Oh, and by the way, you'll find another man.
Coco: [smiles]
Sam: [to Cat] She won't.
Sam: Oh, look at all the people. I don't like people.
Cromsby "[to Sam]" Hello, I'm Cromsby.
Sam "[to Cromsby]" That's not a real name.
Cromsby "[to Sam]" But it is.
Flight attendant: At this time, we'd like to board all passengers who need assistance.
Cat: Yay! Wait, what?
Passenger: Thank you.
Cat: I thought first class passengers get to board the plane first.
Sam: Don't worry about it. We're next.
Cat: Kay kay. [old man with walker slowly passes them] Hurry up, please.
Flight attendant: Boarding next: families with small children.
Cat: What the-? [points to the kids] Well, they're small children.
Flight attendant: Not small enough.
Cromsby: [reaches into his pocket]
Cat: Oh my god Sam, he's got a gun!
Cromsby: I don't have a gun...
Cat: I'm assuming we first class travelers don't have to remove our shoes?
Security lady: Yes, you do.
Cat: But, I'm not wearing socks and the floor seems sticky.
Security lady: Look, I don't care...
Sam: Hey, hey, I got this.
Cat: Got what?
Sam: [sits Cat on the conveyor belt and pulls off her shoes, then makes Cat stand in bare feet]
Cat: Ugh!
Female Security guard: (to Goomer) Okay, chocolate milk. Talk.
Goomer: Sure. See, our friends called us about two hours ago and said they are taking the Baums to the airport and putting them on the plane.
Dice: DUDE!
Male security guard: (sticks out finger to Dice) You, be quiet!
Goomer: Thank you. (touches guard's finger) But the problem was, they forgot the timers for the Baums!
Dice: (slaps forehead)
Goomer: So we got the timers and we brought them to the airport for the Baums.
Dice: Can I get a lawyer?
Goomer: And a pony?


  • There are two returning characters in the episode: Coco Wexler and Carl from Zoey 101.
  • Coco Wexler, Carl and Stacy Dilsen are the three Zoey 101 characters to appear on the show.
  • Coco's mother makes an appearance for the first time.
  • When Sam and Cat are at airport security a man goes through the metal detector and sets it off which implies that he might be a terrorist.
  • The actor Josh Server (from All That) guest stars as Agent Partridge.
  • The plane in the background is a Boeing 767.
  • In the Zoey 101 episode Hot Dean, Coco mentions that Carl once said that Coco's mother is crazy. Despite this, the two get engaged.
  • The babysitting rules are:
    • Rule 1: "Any animal a child finds may not come home with them."
    • Rule 2: "Mud is not an acceptable afternoon snack."
    • Rule 3: "No child should operate heavy machinery."
    • Rule 4: "All children must leave with the same number of body parts they showed up with." (This one was the one that was mentioned.)
    • Rule 5: "You should not freeze-frame on this. Click 'Play' and continue watching the show." (This rule breaks the fourth wall)
  • The security color chart of the airport features:
    • Blue - Imminent Danger
    • Tangerine - Safety Check
    • Brown - Protein Spill
    • Cotton Candy - Sticky Surface
    • Cyan - Wheelchair Needed
    • Orange - Refresh Crew
    • Green - Unidentified Plant Life
    • Butterscotch - Did Not Empty Pockets
    • Eggplant - Protection Needed
    • Chartreuse - Safety goggles needed
    • Pink - Heavily Scented
    • Baby Blue - Parent with Young Children
    • Paprika - Seasoned Traveler
    • Yellow - Caution
    • Sky Blue - Flight Risk
    • Light Purple - Visually Impaired Patrons
    • Black - Emergency Generator In Use
    • Butter - Slippery Surface
    • Hot Pink - Good Looking Passenger
    • Gray - Senior Citizen requires assistance
    • Grape - Oversized Passenger
    • Red - Danger
    • Teal - Cute Disturbance


  • Pacific Coast Academy from Zoey 101 is referenced.
  • The kid's timers look like the alarm necklace Cat bought from SkyStore in the Victorious episode "Robarazzi".

Character revelations

  • Coco and Carl got married and divorced.
  • Cat has always wanted to fly first class.


  • Sam says the toilet water is French, but instead of eau (French for water) she says agua (Spanish for water).
  • Coco's presence in this episode contradicts the fact Zoey 101 was shown on the TV guide in #FavoriteShow.
    • This kind of goof has often been seen in Dan's shows since iCarly and Victorious, in which Dan's pasts shows like Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 have been referred as shows by some ways, even though some characters from these shows have been in iCarly and Victorious.
  • When Coco yells before boarding the plane, she refers to Carl as her husband instead of her ex-husband.
  • Phillip and Kelly should have told the personnel of the airport that they saw a strange man coming in, because this man could be a danger for a lot of people safety, including their own.
  • When Dice and Goomer come in and say “We got the timers for the Baums” the kids could've told one of the security officers that was their last name so the officer could have cleared the misunderstanding up for everyone.
    • It could be possible that he was too in shock.
    • Goomer could've come in and say "We got the timers for Philip and Kelly".
  • Phillip and Kelly threw a rock at Cromsby after five minutes elapsed. It was actually only a minute and a half that passed by.
  • If it is able to board on the plane by having a pet without having it in the airport, a lot of people could pretend to board, as a proof that having a pet isn't shown to be asked.
    • Also, Sam and Cat have a pet named Murf, so they should have boarded.
  • It's unknown if Sam and Cat ever actually boarded.

Running gags

  • Cat mentioning hot rags.
  • Goomer throwing liquids at people's faces and running.

Series continuity

  • Coco Wexler and Carl from Zoey 101 return in this episode.
  • Pacific Coast Academy is also mentioned and Coco was seen wearing a PCA hoodie.
  • Aloft Airlines has been featured in the Victorious episode "Wi-Fi in the Sky", where Tori and Trina are coming back to Los Angeles, and in the iCarly episode, "iGoodbye", when Carly is moving to Italy.
  • Coco still loves canned ravioli.
  • Despite Carl's mute and minor role, this is the first regular episode to feature more than one returning character besides Sam and Cat. The others episodes that did so were specials.

International premieres

  • May 24, 2014 (Australia)
  • October 24, 2014 (UK & Ireland)