Animal Monkey
Color Brown and blonde
Eater Herbivore
Owner(s) Aunt Fergene
First appearance #DollSitting

Futz is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He is Aunt Fergene's helper monkey.



Dice sends Futz to give Sam her sour candies. Sam answers the door, thinking it is Dice, but it turns out to be Futz. Cat is the under the impression that she turned Dice into a monkey because she casted a spell on him earlier. Then Sam and Cat see that Clarice, the doll/girl they are babysitting carved the pumpkins by herself! Futz then scampers into Sam and Cat's bedroom. Cat tries turning "Dice" back into a human three times but fails. Sam tries to prove that Futz isn't Dice by calling him. Unfortunately, Futz had stolen Dice's phone earlier so it looks more like Futz is Dice. Cat goes to the bedroom check it out and goes back to the kitchen to tell Sam that Futz did some "monkey business" on her bed, meaning that Futz went to the bathroom on it. Sam and Cat go into the bedroom and see Futz with Dice's phone. Futz runs out of the room, then Sam checks her bedroom and yells for Futz to clean up his mess.

After Sam and Cat were kicked out of the Del DeVille concert, they came back to Apartment 22 to see Dice. Futz then comes out from the bedroom, leaving Sam and Cat confused. Dice tells them that he wasn't turned into a monkey; the monkey was his aunt Fergene's helper monkey Futz. Cat tells him that Futz has his phone and Dice grabs it back. He was then annoyed to find out that the monkey deleted all of his contacts. He sent Futz outside to re-put every one of his contacts.


Futz was mentioned when Dice asked Sam and Cat to pick up his monkey pills.


Futz is apparently smart as he helps Aunt Fergene to do things and he managed to steal Dice's phone and delete all the contacts.


Aunt Fergene

Aunt Fergene is Futz's owner. She relies on him to help her do things like go to the bathroom.

Dice Corleone

Dice sometimes uses Futz as well. In #DollSitting, he had Futz deliver Sam's sour candies for him. He possibly doesn't like Dice since he stole his phone and deleted all his contacts.



This character does not have any quotes due to being an animal, therefore, unable to speak.


  • He is a helper monkey.
  • He stole Dice's phone then deleted all of the contacts.
  • Cat believed he was Dice after she casted a "spell" on him.
  • He went to the bathroom on Sam's bed.


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