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"He's great. He's big, strong, and he's crazy fast."
Dice describing Goomer.

Goomer wearing boxing gloves.jpg
Biographical information
Full name

Gieux Merr
Goût Merr (French)
Goo Merr (Italian)


Uncle Fudge
Gooms (by Dice)
A giant dude (by Sam)




c. 1986 (age 27)

Resides in

Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California
Louisiana (formerly)


MMA Fighter



Physical description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

French Father
(possibly adoptive)
Mrs. Merr
(adoptive mother)


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine
Rita Rooney
Del DeVille (former)


John Zakappa
Del DeVille (currently)

Production information
First appearance


Last appearance


Portrayed by

Zoran Korach
Joel Kramer (stunt double in #WeStealARockStar)

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Gieux Merr, better known as "Goomer", is a recurring character in Sam & Cat.

He is portrayed by Zoran Korach.



Goomer is a bit of a strange character. Although his ID reads that he is 27 years old from Louisiana, he acts like someone much younger. He has a job as an MMA fighter, and despite his childish nature, he is fairly good at it. He beat the undefeated champion, John Zakappa when he insulted Dice's hair in #GoomerSitting. He seems to have trouble keeping management, as he allowed Dice to be his manager. When he was a child he auditioned for a musical about cats and won the audition.


He is very dim-witted, even more so than Cat, forgetful and easily confused. Despite that, he is extremely nice and protective of the people he loves, such as his mother and Dice.



(Unknown - present: Best Friend)

Main article: Dice and Goomer

Goomer is good friends with Dice, who is also his fighting manager. In #MommaGoomer it is implied Goomer is Dice's best friend. Dice starts managing Goomer in #NewGoat. In #OscarTheOuch, Goomer gets mad at Dice for "cheating" on him by thinking that Dice was training another fighter but forgives him when Dice gives him a $9 watch.


(2013 - present: Good Friend)

Main article: Goomer and Sam

Goomer is good friends with Sam.


(2013 - present: Good Friend)

Main article: Cat and Goomer

Goomer is good friends with Cat and they both share the same catchphrase, "Kay Kay".

Mrs. Merr

(Unknown - present: Adoptive Mother)

Mrs. Merr is Goomer's adoptive mother. It is shown in #MommaGoomer that she has not always thought much of him and his potential.


Dice: He's great. He's big, he's strong, and he's crazy fast.
Goomer: Yeah. Try and slap me, right across the face. Go ahead, see if you can—
Sam: [slaps Goomer]
Dice: Goomer!
Goomer: I wasn't ready! Try again, try and slap me right across the—
Sam: [slaps Goomer]
Goomer: All right, all right, wait, wait. Lemme count to three. 1—
Sam: [slaps Goomer]
Sam: [puts both hands on Dice's shoulders] Yeah, you're gonna make a lot of money off this guy.



  • His nickname is a simplification of his real name, Gieux Merr.
  • Goomer says his last manager quit because the manager told him he was too stupid to be managed.
  • He may have a fondness for fudge, as he wanted to be called Uncle Fudge when he pretended to be Sam and Cat's uncle.
  • He thinks that Murf the goat is a dog. Coincidentally, Dice also owns a dog.
  • He thinks that when he enters and leaves, he says, "Come in."
  • It has been shown in an exclusive look of #GoomerSitting that Goomer takes various medications and Cat distributes them to him.
  • It's possible his dim-witted nature is the result of an injury while in a fight.
  • He's only allowed to eat healthy food before a fight.
  • Goomer takes medicine that is supposed to go on his tongue but was mistakenly put in his eyes by Cat in #GoomerSitting.
  • In #GoomerSitting Goomer is afraid of the robots at Bots. He's no longer afraid of them for unknown reasons so it could be assumed that he got over his fear.
  • It is shown that Goomer is very close to Dice.
  • He says "kay kay" like Cat used to.
  • In #MommaGoomer, he takes the guise of a high school history teacher as he doesn't want his mother to find out that he is an MMA fighter.
  • He may be lactose intolerant, because Dice said "He's not supposed to drink milk!" in #GoomerSitting. It was confirmed that he's not as Dice fed Goomer a small grilled cheese sandwich.
    • It is possible that Dice is only giving him a vegetarian diet before the fight.
  • Before #NewGoat aired, a lot of fans thought Goomer would be Cat's brother who she often mentioned on Victorious.
  • It is revealed in #MommaGoomer that he was adopted after his mom's dog ran away.
  • His father is French so he was named Gieux despite the fact Gieux isn't a French or real name at all.
    • In French dub he is named "Goût" (French for "taste") because his father is a cook.
    • In Italian dub he is named "Goo" because is father is a lover of owls and he names them Goo Goo ("Gufi" is Italian for "Owls" and it pronounces "Goofi").
  • He thinks Sam's last name is "Pickle".
  • His last name sounds like Murf, who was introduced in the same episode.
  • His mother appears in #MommaGoomer.
  • It is revealed in #MommaGoomer that when something bad is going to happen that worries Goomer, it affects his fighting and he can't fight as well as he usually does.
  • Goomer may be good with animals as he caught a bird with his bare hands (which is very hard to do) in #GoomerSitting.
  • Goomer is the only adult that Sam and Cat have babysat.
  • In #RevengeOfTheBritBrats, Goomer says something smart; he suggests that maybe it was Gwen and Ruby who made them enemies by tricking them. Strangely enough, he never met them before. In fact, he wasn't involved in #TheBritBrats, yet he displayed knowledge of the events from their first appearance. Meaning Sam, Cat and Dice must have told him.
  • In #BlooperEpisode, Zoran is credited as Goomer even though he actually played himself.
  • He watches the duck channel
  • He's ticklish.
  • Goomer appears again in Henry Danger, The Adventures of Kid Danger and Danger Force as the same character.
    • This makes him the first and only Sam & Cat character to appear in 4 different shows.
    • In Henry Danger, he works for Frankini. He said that he used to hang out with Frankini's sister, which is a possible allusion to him being Cat's brother.
  • He is the only protagonist that never appeared in a special.
    • He is also, with Darby, Chloe, and Max, the only recurring character to have done at least three appearances overall, to have not appeared in a special.
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