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Goomer and Sam Puckett are the two strongest characters of Sam & Cat, and they are good friends. The pairing of the characters is often referred to as Gam (G/oomer and S/am) or Soomer (S/am and G/oomer).



  • Sam (and Cat) attempt to have Goomer pretend to be their uncle living in their apartment because Nona sprained her ankle.
  • Sam slaps Goomer to see if he's really strong, which fails.



  • Sam (along with Cat and Dice) pretend to be Goomer's history students so his mother doesn't find out he's a fighter.
  • Goomer misspells Sam's last name.


  • Goomer is the reason why Sam no longer is mad at Cat.


  • Sam (and Dice) went with Goomer to watch him fight.
  • Goomer helps Sam get her motorcycle back from John Zakappa.


  • Goomer gets Sam (and Cat) out of the safe.
  • Goomer takes Sam (and Cat) with him to pick up Dice.


  • Sam (and Cat) take Oscar to watch Goomer practice.
  • Goomer (and Dice) help Sam (and Cat) protect Oscar, even though they fail.


  • Goomer (and Dice) come to the apartment to help Sam babysit since Cat wasn't available.


  • Goomer comes by to see Sam before going to Dice's.


  • Goomer lets Sam (and Cat) use his rocket to blast away Poober.
  • Sam (along with Cat and Dice) go to get Goomer's rocket and the money.
  • Goomer and Sam (along with Cat and Dice) ditch Ellie in the cemetery shop.


  • Goomer calls Sam for an unknown reason.
  • Sam, busy about the idea of getting meatballs, didn't want to talk with him.


  • Sam and Goomer celebrate Yay Day with everyone else.


  • Sam and Goomer (along with Cat and Dice) make illegal Blue Dog Soda.


  • Goomer and Sam (along with Dice) try to get Cat out of the box.


  • Sam was outraged that a bully was picking on Goomer.
  • When Dice laughed at Goomer for being picked on by a girl, Sam shoves him in the head.
  • Goomer wasn't upset that Sam was going to fight Rita.

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Sam: He should be scared. Zakappa's undefeated.

Goomer [looks at cards] There...there's nothing...they're all blank!
Sam: [coughs] Turn 'em over!
Goomer: What?

Goomer: I thought it was Pickle.
Sam: Who would name me Sam Pickle?


  • They seem to like each other and get along rather well, despite their strikingly different personalities.
  • Sam and Goomer's friendship in Sam & Cat is similar to the relationship of Sam and Cat as Sam is still sassy and abrasive and Goomer is bubbly and eccentric like Cat.
  • They both like fighting.
  • They are the only known people in the world to have defeated John Zakappa.


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