"Ah, Petrosini."
— Hector at the end of the episode

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Small angry foreign man (by Sam and Dice)



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Venice, Los Angeles, California

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John Zakappa



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Hector is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He is a friend of John Zakappa.


He appeared in #MotorcycleMystery. As shown in Tandy's security camera footage, he and John Zakappa went to Bots and met up with Cat and an elderly man with green hair. John recognized Cat and remembered Sam. Angry at Sam, he snatched the motorcycle keys Cat held up and ran with Hector to the parking lot to steal the motorcycle. They donned the helmets, but Cat tackled Hector and took a cop's handcuffs and handcuffed him to herself. While that happened, John drove away on the motorcycle. Cat then dragged Hector away to her apartment.

After Sam, Dice, and Goomer came back from the fight, they found Hector handcuffed to a sleeping Cat and Sam's motorcycle missing. Hector starts yelling in a foreign language, then Sam wakes Cat up. Cat tells everyone that she drank the whole Pon-Thwang bottle that Dice gave her. Hector yells at her then Goomer scolds him for saying rude things. Everyone leaves to find out what happened to Sam's motorcycle, but Sam comes back to free Cat from Hector and handcuffs him to the doorway. Hector is then given a bucket to pee in and some food to eat.

They later came back and tied him up as a hostage to give to John Zakappa in exchange for Sam's motorcycle. At the alley at 11:00 PM, they meet up with John and exchange the motorcycle and Hector. John is then double-crossed as Sam pins him down and Hector is taken away by Dice and Goomer. Later, Sam and Cat are shown to keep Hector at their apartment. Hector reads them a bedtime story called "The Pudgy Monkey", then the girls fall asleep.


Hector appears to have a temper as he was yelling most of the time.


John Zakappa

Hector and John are good friends. John cared about Hector enough to give up Sam's motorcycle.



Hector: Ah, Petrosini.


  • He is foreign and doesn't know English.
  • He is friends with John Zakappa.
  • He was apparently released sometime before #SecretSafe (#MommaGoomer actually because it was the next episode in production) because he was no longer seen at Apartment 22.
  • He wears glasses when he reads.


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