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"My life's goin' great!"
— Herb's catchphrase.

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Los Angeles, California

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Quentin and Romy

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Ronnie Clark

Herb is a recurring character on Sam & Cat. He is portrayed by Ronnie Clark.

He looks like a homeless man who lives in poor conditions, but he apparently has a lot of money and property, despite his tendency to take things that are abandoned.



He comes to the window of Sam and Cat's bedroom to ask them what meat the taco Sam threw out had. Sam didn't want to talk to him, so she closed the window.


He appears on the street and announced that he was thinking about buying a new home theater system. Noticing the shoe that Cat threw away after she found the pink shoe, he asks Cat if he could take that. Before he leaves, he says that the shoe is nice.


He appears on the street and talks to the two kids Sam and Cat are babysitting, and tells them he joined the very expensive gym of Beverly Hills and says he makes time for spare-time activities. He returns at the end of the episode to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with the wrong lyrics.


He comes to ask if he could park his new boat in their garage. Cat sees that he has a crusty old pillow and offers him a jacket in exchange for that so she could give it to Sam. He is hesitant about this since he has a lot of expensive jackets but takes it.


He finds the kayak Nora used to trick Dice so she could kidnap him and says that it could be useful to have at his beach house.


He appears at Bots eating the spaghetti that Goomer left behind. He returns at the end of the episode watching a movie with all the other characters.


He appears to be a nice guy. He often talk about things of his life that no one really cares about. Even if he looks homeless, he is a normal man and it seems that good things always happen to him, and he often states that he has a good life.



When Sam interacts with him, she apparently doesn't care much about him. Also, she might think he's weird, like when he asked with which rotten meat the old taco was.


Cat seems to like him more than Sam does. She appears to care about Herb, like it is shown in #YayDay, where she gets a conversation with him without being rude like Sam would've been.


Herb: My life's going great.

Herb: I have a lot of expensive jackets.



  • He has his own condo and beach house.
  • He seems to be well known, since Quentin and Romy know him.
  • He returned in the Henry Danger episode, Secret Beef, trying to buy another condo in Swellview, along with Goomer, who returns in a later episode, and Bubs Dixon who returns in another episode of Henry Danger.
    • These appearances make him, Goomer, and Bubs Dixon the only characters from Sam & Cat to appear in another Schneider show (excluding Sam and Cat, who are originally from iCarly (Sam), and Victorious (Cat).
  • He's apparently very lucky.
  • The only time he didn't say his catchphrase was his first appearance.


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