! The following page contains mature content. If you are uncomfortable or offended by such material, please do not read further.

Despite airing on Nickelodeon, whose target demographic is mainly children, tweens and teens, Sam & Cat has more mature humor which may allude to or be misinterpreted as outright sexual or violent innuendo (as do other Dan Schneider series, including both its predecessors). There is at least one innuendo in every episode, with the exception of #YayDay.

This is a complete list of adult humor and innuendo on the show.



  • Sam saved Cat from the garbage truck. Cat repaid her with "the gift of bathing."
  • Dice dealing bags of celebrity hair, Cat constantly sniffing the bag of Justin Bieber hair, and Sam suggesting that her sniffing of the bag is affecting her behavior alludes to drugs.
  • Cat washes Sam's clothes, but doesn't dry them. She leaves Sam to walk around naked in a bathrobe.
  • On their first night together, Cat joins Sam in bed, to make sure that she isn't scared.
  • Chloe and Max: "Our mom already left for work. She dances near the airport!" (The line is from a sneak peek, which was eventually cut out form the actual episode.) This alludes to her being a stripper or prostitute.
  • Cat and Sam try to save the exhausted manager of Inside Out Burger by bouncing on his chest and pulling on his legs. This could be seen as sexual.
  • When Sam tells Cat she'll go wherever her motorcycle takes her and Cat says "I thought you control your motorcycle?" Sam says, "Man, how many Biebs did you sniff?!", referring to sniffing drugs.
  • When Cat accidentally slaps Sam's chest, Sam is not amused.


  • After Sam gets scared from Cat waking her up, they are both in a questionable position.
  • When they both find out that they like That's a Drag, Sam asks Cat if she likes the show. Cat says: "OHHHH!" Then Sam says: "OHHH!" Then they both realized at the same time that they might be batting for the same team.
  • In the beginning where Sam and Cat watch the most recent episode of That's A Drag, a boy asks his mother if the skirt he's wearing makes his buttocks look big. She answers that the skirt makes his buttocks look just "right". Later in the episode, the grandfather, also wearing a skirt, says the boy's skirt does make his buttocks look big.
    • Actually, the whole show That's a Drag! might count as an innuendo, especially the title. As it is a show with cross-dressing characters.
  • One of the shows on the TV Guide is "Extreme Groin Injuries".
  • When Dice calls Sam sweet, she gets annoyed and threatens him, causing him to change his word to smeat, a word used to describe a small male sex organ.
  • Cat wants to "touch rings" with Sam. When Sam refuses, Cat wants to "bump butts."
  • When Dice gets caught putting a lamp down his pants, he says "I had an itch and I had to scratch it!"
  • Cat saying "Shut the fridge" could be a play on a certain swear word. Like, "shut the f**k up."
  • Ethan, who asks tons of random questions asks Cat if she has any "diseases". This could imply STDs.
  • Ethan's question "What if my zipper gets stuck?," may be implying that the zipper might get stuck to his crotch.
  • Sam eventually gives in and "bumps butts" with Cat.


  • Sam says that she has a cousin who has hair "everywhere". Dice and Cat glare at Sam in a confused way.
  • Like on Victorious, Cat's bibble addiction is very similar to a drug addiction.
  • Cat says, "I fell off my bike, but I don't think I broke any of my parts."
  • Gwen sprays Cat with a hose, which is a common metaphor for calming a horny teenager down.
  • At the bingo game, one of the seniors comments "so many inches."


  • The children ask how big the employee's "buns" are. ("Firm? Squishy? Soft?") Buns could refer to someone's bottom.
  • Sam was prank calling a lady and she asked her if she would like to buy inflatable underwear called "poof panties". Cat later picks up the phone and asks if anyone's heard of poof panties. Sam, Chloe, Darby, and Max shrug while trying not to laugh.
  • Sam tells the person on the phone that she has a 'problem with her shrubbery'. "Shrubbery" is also a slang name for pubic hair. 
  • Cat tells Sam about a dream she had about being on a boat while wearing poof panties which inflated that Sam didn't want to hear about.
  • Sam tells Dilben to "suck a truck" when she kicks him out. "Truck" may be a code word for something else.
  • Cat thought that NFL was actually another word which sounds a lot like a certain part. Goomer also laughs at the sound of this.
  • Sam kicks Dilben out by switching his clothes, which was not seen on screen but Dilben getting kicked out with switched clothes was seen.


  • Butler asks how Sam figured out to text the word "waz" by rolling her thumb from the "W" to the "A" to the "Z", and Sam responds with: "I've got a lot of free time."
  • Sam sends a lot of texts to Cat about "wazzing". Butler looks at Sam in a disgusted way.
  • BJ's name could be mistaken for something dirty.
  • When Sam sees BJ eating an egg, she says "He's really sucking down that egg," which could also mean something dirty.
  • It looks like Mrs. Torso is twerking during her victory dance.
  • A Zoolander reference when Sam and Cat win the RC boat.
  • In the end credits, Sam wears a ring, as she "bumps butts" with Cat on a regular basis now.


  • A dog enters their apartment, and jumps on the couch where Sam is sleeping. Sam, half asleep, says that Cat needs a bath. Sam is used to Cat joining her in bed, either consciously or subconsciously.
  • Cat distracts Sam by telling her that there's a naked robot.
  • At one point Sam bring the helmets to chest level and says "Didn't expect these babies, did you?"
  • Sam and Cat were in a questionable position when they were fighting over the PearPad.
  • Sam asks Cat: "Do you want to share the big bedroom?" If there was a smaller one, why didn't Sam ask for that one? She wanted to stay in the same room as Cat.


  • Cat says her brother puts hot sauce on everything but never on his food.
  • When Goomer was scared at night, he climbed into Cat's bed, and she was in it.
  • In the final round, Cat says something that sounds akin to "jack off".
  • When Cat asked Sam what happened to Goomer after he got kicked in the groin, Sam replies he got hit in the low blow. Cat was confused, so Sam said "He got hit in the Goomers."
  • Like how Cat used to keep candy in her bra in VicTORious, she keeps money in it now.


  • When Dice asks what if he had to take a wazz, Sam says they could hear and see it.
  • Cat looks out for Sam's girly figure by telling her not to eat too much fried chicken.
  • Sam and Cat were in a compromising position when they were watching the video of the other babysitters from Dice's secret camera.
  • Sam said that Cat bumped her butt when she was trying to pick the lock.
  • When Sam picks one of the rival babysitter's noses, he says "Get it out of there. It's in there so deep!"
  • In a portion of the preview for next week's episode, Sam and Cat were cuddling with each other on a swing. Sam was sitting on top of Cat.


  • Cat said that she knew that Louise pooped in the lake, meaning she may have seen her.
  • Upon learning Dice is 12 and he has a problem, Sam starts talking to him about puberty and Cat abruptly stops her.
  • Sam made a new type of snack, peanut butter on a hotdog. She called it "Pee-Bee-and-Ween", but said it tasted like butt. She basically said that wieners tasted like butt, she preferred a different type of genitalia... something of a girl.
  • During the end credits, Dice's aunt says she needs to pee and Dice refuses to help.
  • Sam is surprised when she sees that Goomer's mom is African American and says, "That is not how I pictured her." Cat, often the comic relief, plays it off (unintentionally) by saying, "Yeah, I thought she'd be taller."
  • Sam asks Goomer if he met "this pretty lady" (his mother) on Goomer responds by saying "That's just sick."
  • Sam tells Dice about puberty by saying "At this age, it's normal to see new and wonderful changes to your armpits."
  • Sikowitz shaves Dice's arm pit hair without his permission, saying: "Ummm, if I may... Too much too soon..."


  • Cat's whistle when the guy running the dog shelter tried to hug her was a lot like a rape whistle.
  • Sam says "I ate so much wad".
  • Nona asks if Cat's yellow beverage (mustard and water) came out of a horse, implying urine.
  • When Alexa's mom says licking doesn't mean anything, her dad has a weird impression in his face.
  • The dog seller says "Holy shmackers!" which is an obvious cover for "Holy s***."
  • The show presenters discuss a dog being neutered.
  • It is implied that the family abuses and neglects the dog.
  • When Tandy leaves after meeting Opee, he says he will now wave and scoot away.


  • Cat's Bibble addiction starts to look a lot like a drug addict in this episode, where she goes as far as pawning Nona's jewelry to buy Bibble after she runs out of money.
  • Gwen screams, "Holy Schnikey!", possibly a play on a swear word.
  • Ruby revealed that Gwen's plans have resulted in someone dying before.
  • When Gwen and Ruby are fighting, they are in a questionable position.


  • Cat screams "Where's the nipple?!"
  • One of the side effects of drinking the whole bottle of Pon-Thwang is "loose stools."
  • Pon-Thwang has similar effects to drugs.
  • When Sam tries to wake up Cat, she is in a suggestive position.
  • When Nona hears Cat was handcuffed to Hector, she said it "sounded like fun."
  • The day at Elderly Acres where you can get your hair dyed is called Everybody Dyes.
  • Sam made Cat read the sign Everybody Dyes and said that will happen if she doesn't find her motorcycle, Cat responds by giggling and then by saying "Ohhh..." when she realizes what Sam was talking about.
  • Sam tells Cat, "If we don't get my motorcycle back, you won't feel anything".


  • Sam teasingly says Dice is "excited" when his hair stands up. This could refer to arousal.
  • Dice's dance performance at the girl's birthday party was similar to a stripper's. The connotations surrounding it also implied this. He says sometimes he "dances for money wearing red tights" which is similar to stripping.
  • Goomer stated he always thought Sam would murder Cat.
  • The episode had far more puberty references than any previous episode.


  • Sam and Cat called their cushions "stool softeners".
  • Oscar said he choked on a meatball, his friend Felix had to squeeze it out of him, and wouldn't say where it comes out.
  • Dice's fight with Goomer seems like romantic relationship issues (like they are a gay couple) and in an illegal relationship (due to Dice's age).
  • Goomer mentioned that the squirrel arms and legs on the watch moved to showed the time, and he was looking to see if it was male or female.
  • When Cat and Sam entered Elderly Acres to tell Nona that they are giving her stool softeners, Cat pushed out her bottom suggestively.
  • Oscar said his pants were pinching him and moved his lower body in a suggestive way.


  • Cat, to Sam: "Well, I have to get you *into* your Halloween costume!" Cat dressed Sam in her costume, and did her makeup.
  • Dice says "Happy Halloween witches" but it sounds like a curse word that rhymes with witches.
  • There is continuous use of the word "ween" or "weiner."
  • Sam says that she's going to unbutton her pants as she watches TV.
  • After Dice says a helper monkey helps wash his Aunt Fergene, Sam tells him she's heard enough.
  • Sam & Cat refer to the monkey defecating on the bed as monkey business.


  • Cat told Sam to stop leaving "little hairs" on the soap.
  • Sam acts like Cat is cheating on her with Mindy.
  • When Sam says "I come home to find you here with another girl", Cat in defense says, "What do you expect, you work all the time and I have needs!" This could be a reference to her organisms.
  • Cat says, "And then you just waltz in here as your please, with your breath smelling of Janjer Ale {Ginger Ale}!" This could be alluding to someone coming home drunk.


  • Sam's mom once went to church naked.
  • It is alluded to that the robots had sex at a party.
  • Sam finds a pair of underwear in the bushes, Cat asks if they are for boys or girls. Sam says boys, and Cat finds it gross.
  • When Tandy says, about Bungle, "She's not my type," he looks at where her chest would be.
  • Cat calls Janice's partner a Bichon which is an obvious substitute for b****.
  • The producers of the show wanted to stick certain items in strange places. It's clear that it refers to sticking it up the butt.
  • In one part of the fight, Sylvia and Janice were in a questionable position.
  • Sylvia shouts at her neighbors "If you don't shut that barking dog up, I'll rip your face off!", but in the show it sounds similar to the F word.


  • Sam and Cat had a huge discussion about licking chicken.
  • Sam constantly eating the chicken and Cat saying that it can do things to her mind is alluding to drugs.
  • Sam told Cat that she would stop making fun of her A size bra.
  • Sam took Randy to a Rated R movie.
  • Goomer said he went up to his roommate and "slapped him".


  • Sam drinking the root beer because of Cat implies a reference to alcoholism.
  • Cat says she thinks "lots of things" are pineapples.
  • Sam says, "Why does she have to be such a..." then Cat cuts her off, implying that Sam was going to call Ellie a curse word.
  • Goomer says he needs to buy new swimming trunks. This might mean his old trunks might have dissolved in the water when he was at the pool one day.


  • Sam told Goomer that she was "putting her meat out".
  • Sam told Stacey she was going to check "her stuff".


  • Cat sings "take me down to the basement."
  • Sam poured ice down the officer's pants, causing him to walk funnily due to... You know...
  • Officer Kelvin suggested the three of them go to the mall to find boys.
  • Sam sits on Officer Kelvin's lap and more specifically on his... thing.
  • When Sam tells Cat to get he keys from Officer Kelvin, Cat asks "Which one?" and Sam says "The cop I'm sitting on!"
  • When Sam was chasing after the criminal, it sounded like Cat said "now she's banging him".
  • It was implied Sam spanked the suspect.
  • At the Handy Quick, the cashier kept on saying "hey girls" to Sam and Cat, and they were slowly backing away from him.
  • It looks like Officer Kelvin touches Cat's butt when slapping his handcuffs over her.


  • When Sam goes in the governor's car and passes above him, she says she didn't want to step on "that".
  • When Cat was trying to jump through the body guards you could see a little up of Cat's dress.
  • At Bots, Sam said "I'd like to break a lot more, starting with his..." and then got interrupted by Cat. Sam was about to say a curse word.
  • When Sam guesses what boy sweat tastes like she responds with "I don't know probably (car horn)" implying swearing.
  • When Nona questions Sam what does SMS stand for Sam says to her "suck my sandwich"


  • Jade lightly spanks Sam.
  • It is likely a production error, but in the scene where Jade and Sam meet and are playing video games, Cat has an undershirt in the beginning. Then in the middle portion of that scene she doesn't, and at the end of the scene she has it on again. Jade and Sam's outfits stay the same. At face value, Cat took off her shirt.
  • Cat says she thought Sam and Jade would murder each other:
    • Jade: I don't know, do you want to murder me?
    • Sam: Um... Nah, I'm good.
  • At the restaurant, Cat and Freddie hint they might have had or will have sex.
  • The word "fadoodle" sounds like a sexual term based on the way the characters use it.
    • Robbie: You've been going around Los Angeles fadoodling with Cat!
    • Freddie: I did not 'fadoodle' with Cat!
    • Cat: (holding her arms out wide) You could've if you wanted to!
  • Sam only showers on the first of the month.
  • Sam says that she and Cat don't have the same "body," referring to their chest size. Cat then stuffs fruit in her bra.
  • Freddie doesn't like how he keeps saying "buttocks" to girls.
  • Freddie said that Sam was touching his buttocks.
  • The way Cat is seducing Freddie while being on the house appears as if she's telling him that she wants to have sex with him.
  • After being hit by the spear BJ Malloy yelled;
    • Owww, my eggs!!!


  • When Cat asks why it took Sam so long to use the bathroom, she started making movements with her bandaged hands showing that she might have had trouble with her pants.
  • Sam reluctantly agrees to go to Cat's play, because Cat will "pop that thing on her back."
  • Sam's description of the effects of Brain Crush and how it effected everyone was similar to a drug addiction.
  • Sam grabs a hold of Cat's bra and told her that she won't need much soap cleaning this, implying Cat's A size bra.


  • Goomer uses Sam's butt scratcher to scratch more than just his butt.
  • The way Blue Dog Soda is treated is similar to alcohol.
  • It's implied that Goomer may have killed someone by hugging them too hard.


  • People continiously say "shoot" when they mess up, but the way they say it sounds like a curse word.
  • During a blooper, Ariana said to Jennette with a laugh, "You just sat on my--"
  • Sam licks Cat's mouth at one point.
  • Jennette grinds against Ariana during the Dance Party Ending.
  • Merf starts trying to shove his face up Cat's skirt.
  • Sinjin from Victorious kisses both Cat and Zoran on the forehead. Their faces after this are priceless.


  • Sam enters the room and tells Cat: "Honey! I'm home!" It is like they are husband and wife.
  • When Cat bends over to get her fudge piles out of the oven and shakes her butt, Sam looks at her butt and goes "ooh".
  • Goomer looks through Sam & Cat's clothing.
  • When Goomer tries to pull the fork out of Dice's mouth, it sounds like they are making sex noises.
  • Cat's Fudge piles look like turds. Even Kim says it.
  • The employee salesman is possibly made to look like a gay stereotype.
  • The Dweebilos kidnap Goomer and hold him for ransom.
  • Sam bought a "wiener flinger."
  • Cat:...when you're mad, you shouldn't handle wieners!
  • Sam: Squirrels love wieners!
  • Cat: "I would appreciate it if you didn't use that thing to pelt wieners at my face!"
  • Cat looked inside the bag and went, "Where's her clothes?!"
  • Sam said that her mom's had butt-surgery that's cost less than the Fresno Girl Doll.


  • Cat said she had an itch and she didn't want to say where.
  • Even though Sam only knocked over a can of red paint, it was made to look like Sam killed Vance.
  • Cat: Did someone blow in my hose?
  • Vance: So, you just spray this ink on their shirt and five minutes later, it magically disappears!
  • Girl: Their shirt?!
  • Sam: You know what I want to do to you?!
  • When Vance tells Sam that he wants to kiss her, she says, "Let's go over there, where no one can see." Vance, in response, says, "Me likey!" and seems very eager to kiss her where the two of them can be alone. This could be seen as sexual advancement.


  • "Crapple" is clearly a combination of "apple", and "crap."
  • The word on Sam's Penny Tee when obsured by her hair, almost looks like the 'b' (as in female dog) word.
  • Dice said that Goomer went to the bathroom in somewhere that wasn't a bathroom.
  • Sam said she was touching Maurice "everywhere."
  • Sam said she would "chew, swallow, digest, and poop out" Maurice.


  • A man honks at Sam and Cat asks "What did she do this time," suggesting Sam has done things before.
  • After Sam rips out the steering wheel, she also rips off the man's shirt.
  • Cat asks a question about someone dropping their pants and sticking their (most likely naked) butt in the freezer.
  • When Sherman asks if there was any damage, Cat says, "Yeah, damage!" This is an obvious play on a swear word.
  • When Nona was calling the police, an officer asked her if she was drinking.
  • When Tim's mom asked about the baby, Sam said that they were putting him in the bathtub and that he "was underwater now." She was implying to his mom that they were trying to drown him.


  • Sam says to Phillip that if he continued to behave like this he would lose a big toe or "worse".
  • Carl was marrying his ex-mother in law.
  • Sam fed the kids toilet water.
  • A shady looking man in a hoodie runs through the metal detector, and it goes off. This man is obviously portrayed as a terrorist.
  • Cat thinks the guy has a gun.
  • The Baums' last name might be a play-on-words of bomb.
  • Cat asks CoCo if her husband is getting married to a woman. She could have been asking if he was gay.
  • When the airport security guard is checking the codes, there's one that says "Code Eggplant = Use Protection." An eggplant is a popular symbolism for a penis.


  • Goomer talks about how a boy duck likes a girl duck.
  • Cat says that there's a lot of things on the duck channel that she doesn't understand, implying sexual acts.
  • It is unknown what Rita's text to Goomer said, but Sam, Cat, and Dice's comments and reactions after seeing it imply that it contains foul language.


  • Sam handcuffs Del DeVille to her bed as if they had sex.


  • As soon as Nona heard that she would be Sam's room mate for the weekend, she wanted to "bump butts" with her. Cat used bumping butts as a flirtation device in Victorious Season 1 Episode 8 Survival of the Hottest.
  • Sam said that her mom used to get funk mites in between her toes, and "elsewhere."
  • Dice (After the photographer announces the changes and gasps): "What the f--? My agent told me I had the cover!"