"Do you know I collect sports balls ?"
— Janice to Cat

Janice Dobbins
Janice Dobbins-Sam & Cat
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Janice Dobbins




Past creator of Salmon Cat


Salmon Cat

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Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine


Sylvia Burke


Sports balls



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Cindy Williams

Janice Dobbins is a character on Sam & Cat.



Janice created the puppet kid show Salmon Cat (TV series) with her friend Sylvia. This show won a Pupper, a fictional award for the best children's puppet shows. However, she fought with Sylvia to have it at their house. Since then, they were enemies for 30 years.


Cat comes to visit her because their babysitting service, Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service, is in order to get renamed because of the similarity of it's name and the one of her past show. She changes the subject to talk about her collections of sports balls. She has balls of all sports which are autographed by a famous sport player. She doesn't want to talk about Salmon Cat because of what happened when the show won a Pupper, where they fought with each other to get the statue. She wants to get her revenge since then. Later, Cat asked her to go to Punchy's to fight Sylvia, but it was in order to meet her again and be friends. Although they showed sympathy with each other, they fight anyway with each other. She finally signs a paper with Sylvia to allow Sam & Cat to use the name, after she got injured. Sam and Cat offer them a plush of the character Salmon Cat, but they fight to have it in the same way that when they got the Pupper.




Janice and Sylvia have created the show Salmon Cat together and won a Pupper, but they fought with each other to have it, which caused them to be enemies for 30 years. When they met each other again in order to fight, they showed sympathy, but they fight anyway. They got together to help Cat and Sam to be allowed to keep the name Sam & Cat. They also fight each other to have the Salmon Cat plush and the end.


Cat visited Janice and they seemed to get along well. Janice talked a lot about her collection of sports balls, which annoyed Cat.




  • She thinks the name Cat chose for the babysitting service is great and she is the only character to do so.
  • She does cookie balls.
  • She loves to collect sports balls.
  • She said to Cat that her whole life is about sports balls now, and she said that she has nothing to do with Sylvia.


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