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"Thank you, my dear."
Jennette thanking Maree.

Jennette and Maree
Jennette and Maree doing a scene - Ta Da
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Jennette McCurdy and Maree Cheatham are friends in real life. They currently work together in Sam & Cat, portraying Sam Puckett and Nona, respectively. The pairing is often referred to as Marette (Mar/ee and Jenn/ette).

See Nona and Sam, the pairing for the characters of Nona and Sam Puckett, the characters Maree and Jennette portray, respectively.


  • Maree tweeted a picture of her and Jennette on March 30, 2013.[1]
  • Maree tweeted that she and Jennette were counting down the days until Sam & Cat premiered.[2]
  • Maree told Jennette that she done an "amazing" job guest-starring on the Jimmy Fallon show. She described Jennette as "poised", "gracious", and "funny".[3] Shortly after, Jennette thanked Maree saying, "Thank you, my dear!"[4]
  • Maree posted a picture from the filming of #MadAboutShoe and says "WOW! Who wouldn't want a hug from @jennettemccurdy ? Great way to start the day @NickelodeonTV !"[5]


  • Jennette was Maree's 73rd follower on Twitter.
  • Maree often retweets Jennette's tweets, or tweets to Jennette.
  • They are co-workers and they seem to get along quite well.