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— Jepson's catchphrase after stating a fact

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Resides in

Los Angeles, California

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Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information

Lucas (brother)
Unnamed mother


Sam Puckett
Cat Valentine
Other neighborhood kids


Bullying people


Wearing a bikini

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Portrayed by

Garrett Boyd[1]

Jepson is a minor character on Sam & Cat.


He arrived at Bots to pick up Lucas, much to everyone else's dismay. Lucas gets mad and calls him "lumpatious", which makes Jepson laugh because he thinks that it was not a real word. Sam and Cat make a deal with him that if they can prove that "lumpatious" is a real word, he will have to wear a bikini in public. If they can't, they have to drink his sweat. Later in the week, he arrives at Bots where Lucas is being babysat by Sam and Cat again all sweaty. He taunts them before squeezing out his sweat into Cat's drink as a preview. Sam gets mad and almost breaks his pinkie, then he leaves. After Sam and Cat put "lumpatious" in the dictionary, Jepson is wearing a bikini and has to walk around on a table outside of Inside-out Burger. To make it worse, Lucas tells a motorcycle gang that Jepson thinks that motorcycles are for wusses. After Sam, Cat, and Lucas leave, the motorcycle gang confronts Jepson.


Jepson is a bully that everyone in the neighborhood hates him, including Lucas.



Despite the two of them being brothers, Lucas hates him as much as everyone else. Jepson likes to boss Lucas around.



Jepson: What is this; the idiot section?!
Jepson: I'm a word that doesn't exist!
Jepson: Ooooh!
Jepson: Lucas, get back here!
Jepson: What do you freaks want?


  • Everyone hates him.
  • He's the first sibling of a babysat kid to not be babysat as well, along with being a teen.
  • He claimed he is a yellow belt in karate


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