"I would never wear a wig. I'm all natural."
— Jett to Cat

Jett Zander
Jett zander
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Jett Zander




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Mrs. Zander (mother)


Cat Valentine (possibly)


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Being accused of wearing a wig
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Noah Urrea

Jett Zander is a minor character on Sam & Cat. He is the No. 1 teen hair model in the world. He is portrayed by Noah Urrea.



He has been known to be the No. 1 teen hair model in the world.


He participates in a hair modeling gig in Phoenix, Arizona that Dice is in. When he first walks in with his mother, everyone gawks at him because of his hair. Yonce is excited to see him and walks over to get pictures of him. Cat is also excited and runs to get a selfie with him. Later, he and the other models pose multiple times for pictures to see who gets to be on the cover of the magazine. After the posing, he is being discussed by Cat and Dice, the former saying that Jett is wearing a wig so they plan to expose him for wearing a wig. The next morning, Mrs. Zander is fluffing Jett's hair while Cat and Dice watch angrily. Cat then pretends to lose a contact lens so Jett comes over to help her. While Jett looks, Dice plugs in a fan so Jett's wig will blow off. It doesn't, then Yonce yells for Keith to unplug the fan. After the fan is unplugged, Yonce is amazed at what the fan did to Jett's hair, much to Cat and Dice's dismay. Later, Jett is announced as the winner who gets to be on the cover of the magazine, enraging Cat. Cat jumps up and confronts Jett for wearing a wig. Jett denies it so Cat tackles him and starts ripping off hair strands. She realizes her mistake, then gets arrested while Jett is taken to a scalp hospital.


He is proud of his hair and doesn't mind helping others even if he's in the middle of getting his hair done.


Mrs. Zander

Mrs. Zander is Jett's mother. She is protective of his hair and worries when it gets messed up or destroyed.


Yonce is in charge of the hair modeling gig and a fan of Jett. He often fanboys over Jett's hair.



Cat: That tears it! [gets up] Hey, Jett Zander. Why don't you just admit to everyone that you're wearing a wig?!
Everyone else: [gasp]
Jett: I would never wear a wig. I'm all natural. Look! [shakes his head without a wig falling off]


  • He is the Number 1 Teen Model in the world.
  • Cat thought he was wearing a wig.


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