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"I like your hair...and arms."
— Goomer to Rita

Season 1, Episode 34
General information
Air date

June 7, 2014[1]

Prod. code

134 [2]


Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Russ Reinsel[3]


2.446 million[4]

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#KnockOut is the 34th episode of Sam & Cat.


Sam and Cat are babysitting a five-year-old girl named Liddy when a depressed Goomer bangs his head on the glass door and collapses. Sam hands her chainsaw to Liddy before rushing out with Cat to help Goomer. They help Goomer up and ask him what's wrong. Goomer refuses to tell them when Dice comes in and tells him that he has practice at Punchy's. Goomer refuses then reveals that a bully was picking on him. Sam is outraged and wants to go to Punchy's and confront him. Cat is also mad and wants to beat the bully up, but everyone laughs because she can't fight. To prove it, Sam has Cat pretend that the former's the bully and easily tosses the latter onto the couch.

At Punchy's, Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer walk into Punchy's, but Goomer attempts to run away before Dice pulls him back. Goomer points to the bully, who turns out to be a woman named Rita Rooney, the MMA champion. Sam, Cat, and Dice soon discover that Rita wasn't bullying him but flirting with him. Goomer feels nervous then runs away.

At Bots, Goomer is crying and laughing while eating spaghetti when Sam and Cat see him. Goomer is upset because Sam and Cat told him Rita likes him like a boy likes a girl. Goomer admits he likes Rita, but can't talk to her because he might say something stupid. Sam tells Goomer to pretend Cat is Rita and Goomer gets nervous and runs away. Sam goes to get Goomer while Cat goes home to watch the duck channel.

At Punchy's, Sam and Dice tell Goomer to give a flower to Rita. Goomer and Rita talk again and he says he likes her arms and hair and gives her the flower. Rita asks Goomer if he wants to know a secret. Goomer says sure and Rita kisses him on the cheek and Goomer asks what was the secret. Then people come in and don't know who Rita is going to fight because she put her real opponent in the hospital. Sam volunteers and they fight. Sam and Rita fight and Rita seems to get the upper hand on Sam until Sam punches her and she falls on the floor.

At Sam and Cat's apartment, there is a news story how Rita Rooney has knocked down for the first time by Sam Puckett. Cat says they got Sam's last name wrong and Sam says no and Cat thinks she changed it. Goomer comes in and is upset because Rita hates him now that Sam punched her down for the first time and Sam and Goomer are friends. Dice comes in and wants Sam to fight Rita again and says she has to train and Sam refuses and instead wants Dice to give her a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich and to shut up. Dice introduces Sam to her trainer, named Bubs Dixon. Bubs has a loud voice and wants Sam to get in shape. In the morning, Bubs knocks on the door, but Sam shuts the door and goes back to sleep, but then Bubs crashes through the window and wants Sam to exercise. Sam is on a treadmill and is already exhausted after only almost two minutes and then Dice tells Sam to exercise more and Bubs electrically shocks Dice. At Bots, Cat, Dice, and Goomer enjoy their desserts while Sam can't have dessert because Bubs told her to only eat salad. Bubs then comes in Bots after Cat, Dice, and Goomer leave to ride go-carts and tells Sam to go to bed when it is only 9:00 PM and at Sam and Cat's apartment bedroom, Bubs is sitting on Sam while saying to sleep and dream of Bubs Dixon. At the press conference, Sam shows up late and cancels the fight. She explains she likes to sleep late and eat what she wants and watch bad movies and then she goes home to watch the worst movies ever. Everyone, even Rita, leaves to go to Sam and Cat's apartment to watch movies.


Cat: But, but that's a girl.
Goomer: Yeah, the meanest girl in the world. She's cruel.
Dice: Wait, you're saying that the person picking on you is a girl.
Sam: [pushes him] Shut up.
Dice: Ow.
Rita: [turns around and takes a towel] Thanks.
Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Cat: Whoa.
Sam: [gasps] That's Rita Rooney!
Dice: Oh my God, that is Rita Rooney!
Cat: Hooney Hooney?
Sam: She's the champ!
Cat: Of?
Sam: MMA fighting! Sh-she's like the number one fighter in the world!
Goomer: And she's mean. [approaches] She picks on me every single day I come in here!
Rita: [flirty] Hey, Goomer. Hey, boy. [touches his arm]
Goomer: [murmurs] Oh, no.
Rita: I didn't know you were here. Where you've been?
Goomer: None of your business!
Rita: Aw, I love how shy you are.
Goomer: I'm not shy, I'm just introverted.


  • This is the last episode to air before Sam & Cat's premiere anniversary.
  • This is the first appearance of Punchy's since #SalmonCat, 16 episodes ago, and it's first appearance in the second half of the season, not counting the clips from #BlooperEpisode. This is also it's final appearance.
  • This is the first time a different fighter has the same logo as Shelby Marx.
  • The ending credits from this episode is from #Twinfection.
  • Dan Schneider does the voice of the Duck Channel.
  • The exteriors shots at the beginning are from one shot of #MommaGoomer and the two others are from #TheKillerTunaJump.
  • Liddy makes a huge resemblance to Gwen from #TheBritBrats and #RevengeOfTheBritBrats.
  • What Cat does to put her laptop screen upside down can be done in some computers by pressing the left CTRL, the right Alt and the down buttons at the same time.
  • Even if Cat is described weak in this episode, she was strong enough to almost break Tori's nose in "Cat's New Boyfriend". Also, she was able to punch Robbie in "April Fools Blank".
  • This is the last episode featuring Bots, so the last appearance of Tandy and Bungle. This is also the last appearance of Herb.
  • During the scene where Bubs Dixon is sitting on Sam so she can't move and has to stay in bed, Bubs is reading a book called Catch 23 - The Sequel by John Yoss which is likely a parody of the real life book Catch 22 by author Joseph Heller.
  • For some reason, this Sam & Cat episode was available to watch on Netflix but not on Paramount Plus, along with two other episodes which include WeStealARockStar and GettinWiggy.
    • However, This episode and #WeStealARockStar were added to Paramount Plus a few months later.


  • Sam says she likes to watch bad movies, just like Drake from the Drake & Josh episode "Josh is Done" who said every Tuesday he and Josh see the worst movie out and calls it "Bad Movie Tuesday".

Character revelations


  • Stacey L. Howell is credited as "Bob's" stunt double, instead of Bubs's.
  • Bubs wakes up Sam at six in the morning. However, if you look outside, it is clear that it looks like the middle of the morning, when the sun shouldn't have risen yet.
  • When Bubs wakes Sam up, she runs through the glass window and it breaks. However, at the end of the episode the window is fixed.
  • Dice leaves with Sam, Cat, and Goomer to go watch movies but in the final scene, Dice wasn't there.
    • It's possible he went home.

Running gags

  • Cat still gets Sam's last name wrong.
  • Bubs saying "I'm Bubs Dickson!"

Series continuity

  • This is the second time Sam knocks out someone who is an expert at fighting. The first time was in #RevengeOfTheBritBrats with Sheila Balding.
  • Cat mispronounces Sam's last name yet again.
  • from #DroneBabyDrone returns.
  • This episode is similar to the iCarly episode "iFight Shelby Marx". Both episodes show a character being scared by a professional fighter but the difference is that Carly provoked Shelby but Rita was being nice to Goomer.


 International premieres

  • November 15, 2014 (UK & Ireland)