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Lettuce Eat Lunch
General information
Type Restaurant
City Venice, Los Angeles, CA
People Cat Valentine (possible customer)

Lettuce Eat Lunch is a new restaurant featured in Sam & Cat. It was first mentioned in the episode #TheKillerTunaJump. Cat suggested to eat there instead of Bots with Sam and Jade but the two girls leave to Bots anyways.


  • Cat thought the restaurant was called "Lettuce Have Lunch". The guy at the wharf corrected her.
  • It's a salad place, so possibly a vegan place.
  • The name is reversed and means "Lunch, Eat Lettuce".
  • Dan Schneider said on his fun facts blog that "There are probably a lot of people in Hollywood who'd love a lunch place that's all about lettuce".
  • Cat may have visited this place at least once off-screen, or liking this restaurant, since she suggested to go here.