This is a list of minor characters that were featured in Sam & Cat who are too minor to have their own pages.


Carl (Zoey 101) - Sam & Cat

Carl is a minor returning character from Zoey 101. He had married Coco Wexler and divorced her, then got engaged to her mother. He appeared in #FirstClassProblems when he, Coco, and Coco's mother were waiting for their flight to the wedding.


  • He is the only returning character to have no lines, if not counting the cameos of the main Victorious characters in #MommaGoomer.
  • He is the third Zoey 101 character to return, the first being Stacey Dillsen and the second Coco.

Dilben's fake father

"May we come in?"
— Dilben's fake father to Cat.

Dilben and his fake dad

Dilben's fake father (actual name unknown) appeared briefly in #NewGoat. He pretended that he was Dilben's father and also claimed that he was the landlord of the apartment Cat and Sam lived in. It is presumed that Dilben hired him to fool everyone in the building.

Dilben's father

"Go away dad, euhm..., stranger!"
Dilben to his father.

Dilben's dad

Dilben's father was featured in #NewGoat. He sells wide-footed shoes for wide-footed women. Dilben, his son, was extremely embarrassed of his father's profession.


"I joined the football team."
— Dillon to his mother


Dillon is a boy that appeared in #FavoriteShow as a character in the fictional television series That's a Drag!. He plays football. He is portrayed by Liam McKanna.[1]



DJ (actual name unknown) is a DJ that appeared in #SecretSafe. He was a DJ for a little girl's birthday party. He is portrayed by Burl Moseley.[2]


"You guys sure are weird babysitters."
— Dylan to Sam and Cat

Boy from SalmonCat

Dylan is a minor character of Sam & Cat. He is portrayed by Wade Maurice Johnson Jr..

He appeared in the beginning of the episode #SalmonCat. Sam and Cat are babysitting him. Cat suggests that he and Sam should hit her with tennis balls to make her jump rope better. Predictably, this doesn't work. When a lawyer named Martin Malloy comes to the apartment, the boy freaks out and runs out the back door.


  • His name wasn't said in the episode.

Grady Jeffers and his brother

"I did the zombie costume."
Cat about Grady's costume.

Grady Jeffers

Grady Jeffers and his brother are two boys Sam and Cat are babysitting at the beginning of #RevengeOfTheBritBrats. Sam and Cat dress them up in costumes. Sam dresses the brother as a box and Cat dresses Grady as a zombie.


"Hey, you said you were gonna help me pull out my loose tooth."
— Jake to Sam.

Jake in MadAboutShoe

Jake is a kid that Sam and Cat babysit in #MadAboutShoe. Two of his teeth were pulled out by Sam.

Jake's mom

"What have I told you about lying?"
— Jake's mom to her son.

Jake's mom

Jake's mom (actual name unknown) appeared in #MadAboutShoe. She was angry at Sam for pulling out 2 of Jake's teeth by tying it to a string attached to a toy car. But Sam denied it, so she thought Jake lied.

Kip Dooley

"Yay, she said I'm cute!"
— Kip to his mother upon receiving gentle words from Cat.


Kip is a kid that appeared in #ToddlerClimbing. His mom, Mrs. Dooley took him to another baby sitting service because she saw bad reviews about Sam and Cat's babysitting service online.

  • Not to be confused with Kip, who lived in the back seat of Goomer's car in #MyPoober. He made grilled cheese sandwiches with a Heezy Cake Oven.


"This is sad."
— Liddy about Cat

Liddy is a kid who Sam and Cat babysat in the beginning of #KnockOut. Sam handed her the chainsaw so she could help up Goomer and Liddy later laughed at Cat when she said that she would go "Boom" on Goomer's bully. After Sam quit the fight, Liddy watched movies with everyone else in Sam and Cat's bedroom. She was portrayed by Rita Angel.

Limo driver

"I believe you have the wrong limo."
— The limo driver to Sam

The Limo Driver from the Pilot episode

The limo driver appeared in #Pilot. In #Pilot, the limo driver waits by his limo to pick up Dr. Williams before Cat and Sam arrive and claim to be his British daughters. He is reluctant to believe their story and raises his hand, which causes the duo to claim that he is trying to strike them. In order to get them to stop, he offers to drive Sam and Cat where they want and takes them to Apartment 22.

He is portrayed by Mayank Bhatter.


  • Auditions for this character, along with Melinda, an elderly man, and a food truck worker, were held before the filming of the pilot episode.[3]
  • He is unnamed, even in credits.

Martin Malloy

"Salmon Cat. Sam and Cat. Obviously, that's confusing."
— Martin Malloy to Sam and Cat

Martin Malloy

Martin Malloy appeared in #SalmonCat. He is a lawyer that forces Sam and Cat to change the name of their babysitting service because it sounds too much like a show from 1974.


Myron and Byron Miller

Myron and Byron Miller are minor characters that are twins who appeared in #Twinfection. They are portrayed by Benjamin Royer and Matthew Royer[4], respectively.



  • Byron's name, as well that their last name, weren't said in the episode.

Mrs. Dooley

Mrs. Dooley

Mrs. Dooley first appeared in #ToddlerClimbing. She is Kip's mom. She asked Sam and Cat to babysit at first, but then she saw bad reviews online, and decided to take Kip to a different babysitter.

Mrs. Hartley

Mrs. Hartley

Mrs. Hartley first appeared in #MotorcycleMystery. She is the mother of Quincy. She was annoyed at Sam for using Quincy's diapers to clean her motorcycle, and putting Quincy in a garbage bag.

Mrs. Wexler

Coco's mother
Mrs. Wexler is a minor character, who appeared in #FirstClassProblems. She is Coco's mother and was engaged to Carl.


  • She was first mentioned in the Zoey 101 episode Hot Dean.
  • Like Nona, she is a returning character who has only been mentioned once in the show in which her family member got featured.

Poco Bernstein

"Hey, aren't you Sam from iCarly?"
— Poco to Sam

The food truck worker from Pilot
Poco Bernstein appeared in #Pilot. In the beginning of #Pilot, Sam orders a burrito from him despite him saying his burritos are disgusting. Afterwards, she discovers a battery in the burrito and tosses it away before having to throw the burrito out to save Cat from a garbage truck. In #WeStealARockStar, his name was said when the News News News News reporter reported when Del DeVille was last seen before going missing. He is portrayed by Shammy Dee.[5]


  • Auditions for this character, along with Melinda, an elderly man, and a limo driver, were held before the filming of the pilot episode.[3]
  • He was the first character to speak in the entire series.
  • His name was said in #WeStealARockStar.

Quincy Hartley


Quincy Hartley first appeared in #MotorcycleMystery. He is the son of Mrs. Hartley. He was put in a garbage bag because Sam used all his diapers to clean Sam's motorcycle.


  • He's the second baby to be babysat by Sam and Cat. The first was Darby.

Vance Anderson

"Did you take my advice and give up magic?"
— Vance to Dice

Vance Anderson

Vance Anderson appeared in #StuckInABox. He is a magician who loves belittling Dice and is in love with Sam. Dice calls him because he can't open a magician's box he bought from Vance's magic store, which Cat is trapped in. The gang arrives at his magic store and Vance starts putting Dice down and flirting with Sam. He tells them that he will help Dice open the box if he gets to use Dice's ticket to Mystic Mountain. Dice doesn't want to but he does anyway. Vance simply tells them that Dice has to push a button on the side to open it. That doesn't work so Vance tries it himself and states that the box is defective. Not caring, he and Sam go outside to kiss where Sam just simply beats him up. Red paint spilled so the rest of the gang thought it was blood. Vance was portrayed by Shayne Topp.



Woody is a minor returning character from iCarly. He appeared at the end of #MyPoober. He got scared by Goomer's rocket and thought it was a ghost and shot it. Sam got mad at him for "trying to murder [their] money". Ellie then got left with him as the gang ditched her. He played a song on his ukelele, which she found disturbing and covered Poober's eyes.