"Why you got to be so... lumpatious?!"
— Lucas to Jepson.

Season 1, Episode 22
Dice holding a dictionary and talking to Sam and Cat 2
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January 11, 2014 [1]

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Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


Russ Reinsel


3.379 million[2]

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#Lumpatious[3][4] is the 22nd episode of Sam & Cat. It aired on January 11, 2014.


Sam, Cat, and the boy they're babysitting, Lucas is eating at Bots. Cat is helping him study his vocabulary words. Whilst quizzing him Lucas is unable to remember the word 'projectile', Sam takes one of her sliders and uses it as a projectile hitting Tandy. He remembers the word after Sam's demonstration. Lucas informs them that his mom isn't coming to pick him up today- that his brother Jepson is. Everyone who knows Jepson hates him. He picks on everyone and when Jepson comes to pick up Lucas, he scares Cat. Lucas calls Jepson "lumpatious." Sam and Cat think this is a real word. Sam says that if they can prove lumpatious is a word in one week, Jepson has to wear a bikini, and stand somewhere for an hour. Jepson says that if they lose, they have to drink his sweat.

Sam looks in dictionaries and Cat looks online. They can't find lumpatious. Dice comes in just as Sam accidentally throws a dictionary at Dice in fury. Dice was carrying a huge dictionary. Sam can't find lumpatious. Dice, whose nose was now bleeding, says that if they want to put lumpatious in the dictionary, they'd have to go to Oxnard. They do this and the Word Keepers there say that they have to prove that lumpatious is a word. To do it, a famous person must say it.

At Bots, Cat remembers that someone in Elderly Acres was famous. Sam and Cat run there but it was no use. The famous guy couldn't talk. At Inside-Out Burger, Sam and Cat see Chris Christie (the governor of New Jersey) in a van. Sam and Cat run up to Chris and make him say "lumpatious." Then, Sam and Cat go back to Oxnard and show the video to the Word Keepers. They add the word to a dictionary and Jepson has to wear a bikini. Lucas then goes over to a group of bikers and tells them that Jepson said that motorcycles are for wusses. The bikers then go and beat him up.


Woman: Good afternoon. Strawberry? [offers them a bowl of strawberries]
Sam: Sure. [takes a strawberry and bites it]
Cat: [takes a strawberry and bites it]
Sam: Wow.
Cat: Mmm. Good strawberry.
Woman: Well, of course. They're grown right here in Oxnard. Sometimes, we even call them nard-berries.
Sam: [takes two handfuls of strawberries and puts them in her pocket]
Woman: How can I help you girls today?
Cat: Oh, we need to put a word in your dictionary.
Sam: Yeah. [puts another handful in her pocket]
Woman: Hmm, do you have an appointment?
Cat: Yeah, I made one online.
Woman: Cat Valentine and Samantha Pookay?
Sam: It's Puckett.
Woman: My screen says Pookay.
Cat: I'm pretty sure it's Pookay.
Sam: Shouldn't I know?
Cat: Yeah, you should!
Woman: All right, girls. You may see the word keepers in a moment. Please have a stand over there.
Sam: [takes a few steps backward]
Cat: [takes a few steps backward] I'm nervous.
Sam: Don't be. We're just gonna go in there and talk-
Security: [drags a man out of a room]
Man: No! Please!
Word Keeper #1: Your word is rejected!
Man: But it belongs in the dictionary!
Word Keeper #2: Silence!
Word Keeper #1: Take him to the basement!
Man: The basement?! No! No! Please put my word in the dictionary! Wait! I didn't get my strawberry!
Woman: [motions them in]


  • A wacky guy wearing round glasses, a weird hat, and jester costume is hidden in this episode 15 times as part of Nick's Gotta Spot It Saturday event and contest. His name is Weirdo, as revealed in The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #Lumpatious webisode, in the segment titled "Where's Weirdo?" [5][6] Weirdo appeared 15 times in the actual episode, as confirmed by the official Nick Spot It Recap clip. However, two of those times were in the same location (TV in the Oxnard Dictionary waiting room), so as a result, he appeared only 13 times in the online Spot It Game about him on Nick's website.
  • This is the first time that Tandy has said anything besides "Oh no!" since #SalmonCat.
  • This is the first time that Sam and Cat are shown babysitting the same kid twice in one episode.
  • This is the second time a recurring cast member from Austin & Ally guest stars with Cole Sand as Lucas in this episode and the other one with Aubrey K. Miller as Ellie Farber in #MyPoober.
  • This episode is the least amount of time of the Apartment 22, being in one scene. This is also the first time the kid they're babysitting (in this case, Lucas) doesn't appear here.
  • The plot of the episode is a bit similar to the Zoey 101 episode "Drippin' Episode" where Michael tries to make up a new slang word by repeating it over and over.
  • Sam and Cat technically cheated in order to win the bet because they just invented "lumpatious", instead of finding it in the dictionary.
  • Twice in the episode, an invented word that was also said in a previous show has been spoken: "lumpatious" by Lucas and Beck and "suckish" by Cat and Nicole.
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Where's Weirdo?


  • Oxnard is a parody of Oxford.

Character revelations

  • Sam and Cat think "lumpatious" was a real word.
  • Tandy can shoot a laser from his finger.


  • The word "lummox" is misspelled in the closed captions as "lummix."
  • Sam & Cat don't provide a definition for "lumpatious", and they couldn't use context clues from the Governor's speech, because a multitude of words could have fit there.
  • While Cat says "Well not that we don't like your brother," a guy wearing a flannel shirt walks in. The camera then faces Sam and she says "But we hate him." When the camera faces Cat again, the guy with the flannel shirt walks in again.
  • Sam is an Internet celebrity, so they could have recorded her saying "lumpatious".
    • It's most likely than Dan doesn't want Sam (and Cat)'s past to be very important.
  • Sam said that they saw David Schwimmer in a gas station, but in iCarly episode, "iBelieve in Bigfoot," using context clues, David Schwimmer clearly died on Celebrities Underwater.
    • He possibly survived, but wasn't mentioned in the episode.
    • However, it was most likely non-canon, Schwimmer didn't die in real life.
    • He was revealed to be alive in the Victorious episode "Car, Rain and Fire" when Mona Patterson mentioned that she was playing his wife in a new show called "The Dead".
  • The world "lumpatious" was also used by Beck during the Victorious episode "Victori-Yes". The possibilities Beck and Lucas thought the same word are very little.
    • However Lucas might have read the word on Beck's post on
  • After Jepson said "I'm a word that doesn't exist. Fact!", the little girl that Tandy accused earlier is shown standing up and after Sam said that the word does exist, this girl is shown sat again.
  • When Sam says that Jepson would wear a bikini, Cat and Lucas are shown right after and we can see the PearPad behind. When Cat stands up right after, Bungle appears behind from nowhere.

Running gags

  • Cat messes up Sam's last name again in this episode. She calls her Sam "Puckell" in multiple episodes. In #MagicATM, she calls her Sam "Pumpkin". In this episode, she calls her Sam "Pookay".

Series continuity

  • When Sam & Cat meet the Word Keepers, Cat addresses them saying "if you please", which she has already said in the Victorious episode "April Fools Blank", as portraying Dorothy from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.
Beck using the term Lumpatious
  • Lumpatious is the word Beck used to describe how he was feeling in the Victorious episode "Victori-Yes".
  • A girl says "Why you so stupid?", which is reference from iCarly where Sam has asked Freddie the same question multiple times.
  • Sam throwing a slider at Tandy while he was facing away from her was similar to the game Boomba in iCarly's "iParty with Victorious", where Sam threw an orange at Freddie's back.
  • Cat fainting when under extreme stress or when she's frightened like in the Victorious episode "The Worst Couple" and in #NewGoat, is brought up again when she faints into her food after Jepson scares her.
  • When the lady at the front desk asks Sam and Cat how their meeting with the Word Keepers went, Cat replies by saying that it was "Suckish". 'Suckish' is a word that has previously been used in other Dan Schneider shows, such as iCarly and Zoey 101.
  • One of the toddlers in #ToddlerClimbing was revealed to be from Oxnard, which was mentioned to be a very fancy place.
  • This is the first episode in which a character is shown bleeding.

International premieres

  • May 12, 2014 (Latin America)
  • September 2, 2014 (Quebec)
  • September 5, 2014 (UK & Ireland)
  • September 10, 2014 (Greece)
  • December 6, 2014 (France)



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