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"Listen, I'm in love with this pink shoe I found, so I have to find the other one!"
Cat to Sam.

Season 1, Episode 20
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Air date

November 30, 2013

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Story: Lisa Lillien
Teleplay: Dan Schneider & Christopher J. Nowak


Steve Hoefer


2.273 million[1]

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#MadAboutShoe[2] is the 20th episode of Sam & Cat and the last one to air in 2013.


The episode begins with Sam sitting on the bar in her apartment enjoying a tub of meatballs. The kid she and Cat are babysitting, Jake, asks for a meatball, but there is only one left. Sam quickly eats the last one, ignoring Jake's request. Changing the subject, Sam had promised Jake that she would help pull out his loose tooth. In order to pull the tooth out, she attaches one end of a string to Jake's tooth while the other end was attached to a big RC toy truck. Sam drives the truck away and, like planned, Jake's tooth comes out. Once Jake's initial excitement calms down, he realizes Sam pulled out the wrong tooth. She quickly tells him to not tell his mom, and he owes her 60% of the money the tooth fairy brings him. After the incident, Cat comes home with groceries for her 'Throbbing Moon Party', which will be held the day after. Because Sam pulled out the wrong tooth previously, Sam yanks out Jake's loose tooth (the right tooth) with her bare hands. Jake then leaves. It turns out that the 45 meatballs Sam ate earlier were for Cat's party. Cat, who was shocked that Sam ate the whole tub of meatballs, plans to make wieners for the party instead, but Sam convinces Cat to make more meatballs. Cat agrees, but only if Sam went shopping with her. They go to leave, but on their way out, Jake's mom accuses Sam for pulling out Jake's perfectly good tooth, Sam denies the whole thing saying "I haven't seen him in weeks...". Jake's mom then accuses Jake of lying, which Jake denies.

While Sam and Cat are walking home from shopping, Cat excitedly finds a pretty pink shoe in a bush that just happens to fit her perfectly. Cat becomes excessively determined to find the other one. She roots through a dumpster but can't find it. Sam became impatient, and puts Cat in a shopping cart when she becomes tired of waiting. Sam pushes Cat away but she escapes, causing Sam to chase her. This gets so out of hand that Cat brings Dice in on it.

Sam goes out and buys every ingredient used to make meatballs from every recipe she found online and invites Nona over. Nona comes over unaware she's there to make meatballs, so she begins happily talking to Sam about her past but leaves when she finds out the reason she had to go there. Meanwhile, Cat and Dice find the other shoe. While filming an episode of "Toilet Wars", a girl named Stacey Dillsen (the owner of the shoes Cat wants to find and from Zoey 101) is riding a bike and hits a pipe. One of Stacey's shoes fall off, which is the one Cat found. Stacey was in Peter Sinai Hospital. Sam and Cat go there where they steal the shoe. Stacey finds out what's going on after waking up. Cat tries to tell Stacey that she was in her high school science class. Stacey doesn't buy this because she graduated from PCA years ago and is at San Francisco State University. Sam and Cat get busted but they jump out the window just in time. They come back to the apartment, and start hosting the Throbbing Moon Party with Dice and Nona.


Sam: Cat, let's go!
Cat: [inside dumpster] Not a shoe! [throws away a bat]
Two boys: [walk past Sam and Cat]
Sam: Hey, hey. You kids. You guys know how to make meatballs?
Cat: [shrieks from inside dumpster]
Two boys: [run away])
Sam: You were smart to run! Cat, come on, get out of there. [grabs a golf club and hits the dumpster with it three times]
Cat: [yells and angrily comes up from her trash can, holding a pink shoe and covering her ears] Listen, I am in love with this pink shoe I found, so I have to find the other one. I don't have time to think about meatballs, meatloaf, meat fruits, or any other kind of meat until we find the other pink shoe that matches this pink shoe!
Sam: Okay, I get it.
Cat: Thank you. Now, I've already searched through over half this garbage-
Sam: [grabs her and lifts her out of the dumpster]
Cat: Sam, put me down!
Sam: Sure thing. [puts Cat in a shopping cart]
Cat: Let me go!
Sam: [begins pushing the shopping cart] Sure, as soon as we get the ingredients to make more meatballs!
Cat: Noooooooo!

Doctor: Nurse, what's your name?
Sam: Sally Meatballs. [Sam jumps though the window] Have a good throbbing moon.
Stacey: Sally Meatballs? I'm suspicious.


  • This episode was filmed the week of July 22, 2013.[3]
  • This was the last episode the cast has filmed for six weeks, as they had all went on a break.[4]
  • Filming for this episode wrapped on July 26, 2013.[5]
  • Stacey Dillsen from Zoey 101 and iCarly made a special guest appearance and Stacey also mentioned Pacific Coast Academy, the school she went to in Zoey 101.
  • Cat always mispronounces Sam's last name "Puckell". This is the first episode she pronounced her name correctly to which Sam replies "the one time she gets my last name right".
  • The RC toy truck Sam used to pull out Jake's tooth was the Traxxas Summit.
  • This episode is the fifth consecutive episode to have a special guest appearance. First was in #PeezyB with Kel Mitchell as Peezy B, second was in #SalmonCat with Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams as Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins, third was when Jennette reprises her role as Sam's twin sister, Melanie in #Twinfection, fourth was in #MyPoober with Aubrey K. Miller as Ellie Farber.
  • If you searched "" which was seen on Dice's laptop, it will redirect to in Asia and everywhere else.
  • If you searched or, it will also redirect to the Sam & Cat website. However, for legal reasons, and were never valid links.
  • When Cat and Dice are in Cat's room trying to find where the shoe is, Cat's computer shows the PCA website. PCA is the boarding school in Zoey 101, another Dan Schneider show.
  • Sara was Abby Wilde's stunt double. [6]
  • This is the last episode to feature Ariana Grande's actual hair, all the following episodes were shot with a wig instead.
  • At the very beginning, there is a shot of the beach filmed in the exact same way than in a transition of the Victorious episode Survival of the Hottest between the scene where Tori shows her tiny fan and when the gang use it. This isn't the same, though, because in Victorious, this shot was more in a sunset.
  • The path Sam and Cat walk down when they find the shoe has been featured multiple times in iCarly and Victorious, in the iCarly episodes iGo Nuclear and iDo, and the Victorious episodes Freak the Freak Out, The Wood and Victori-Yes. It was also shown in others Sam & Cat episodes, like #MagicATM and #BlueDogSoda.
  • This episode is written by Lisa Lillien, Dan Schneider's wife and Bungle's voice actress.
  • Cat's pink shoes were shown again so she might have gave them back to Stacey or bought a pair of identical pink shoes just like hers.
  • By the garbage can when the two boys approach her, Sam is seen holding a pair of clackers, a popular toy seen in Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh.
  • San Francisco State University is a real life school in Northern California.


  • Sam and Cat jumping out a hospital window when about to get busted for something is a reference to Drake & Josh episode "Paging Dr. Drake" when Drake did the same thing.
  • The way Dice complained about getting no respect might be a reference to comedian Rodney Dangerfield and/or Jabberjaw, in which Jabber, the shark, keeps complaining the same thing.
  • Sam saying "You were smart to run!" is a reference to iCarly episode "iDon't Want to Fight" when Sam said "He was smart to run."
  • When Dice says to Cat, "Can I get get you an aspirin?", it could be a reference to the Zoey 101 episode "Hot Dean", where Dean Taylor asks Coco Wexler the same question.
  • In Zoey 101, there has always been a running gag about Stacey and cotton swabs. This has also been referenced in Sam & Cat when they are in the hospital room with her. The television in the background revealed images of cotton swabs. This is also what Stacey exclaims when she accidentally runs into the pipe.

Character revelations

  • The shoe Cat found belongs to Stacey.
  • Nona taught Cat how to cook meatballs.
  • Sam has put a lot of people in hospitals.
  • Nona lived in Buffalo, New York right after she graduated from college, while she was dating a professional basketball player, Bob McAdoo.


  • Stacey should not have been able to appear since she is a character from Zoey 101, and Zoey 101 was shown to be a TV show on the TV guide in #FavoriteShow.
    • However, this kind of goof has often been seen in Dan's shows since iCarly and Victorious, in which Dan's past shows like Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 have been referred as shows by some ways, even though some characters from these shows have been in iCarly and Victorious.
  • Stacey doesn't recognize Sam from either iStart a Fanwar or iHire an Idiot. Unlike Sam and Cat in iParty with Victorious, they did interact.
    • This may have been done so that viewers who hadn't seen iCarly wouldn't be confused about the fact they have already met.
    • This may also be explained if Stacey had sustained a head injury in the collision.
  • After Cat told Stacey her name is Sam Puckett, Sam says loudly that Cat got her name right, in front of Stacey. Despite this, Stacey still believes Cat.
  • When Dice leaves after Sam and Cat left to find Stacey, we can slightly see Jennette and Ariana's arm, which means they still there instead of leaving.
  • While at the hospital, Sam actually does answer one of the doctor's questions wrong, but the doctor doesn't notice. A "babinski" is a reflex that's used to diagnose neurological injuries and can only be classified as positive or negative, it can't "come and go."
  • It's strange how Stacey was back in LA despite attending San Francisco State. It was most likely that she went back home after she finished her classes.

Running gags

  • Nona talking about her past.
  • Cat obsessing over the pink shoe and Sam with Nona's meatballs.

Series continuity

  • Stacey Dillsen from Zoey 101 returns in this episode.
  • Pacific Coast Academy from Zoey 101 is also mentioned and its website was shown.
  • Sam says she's put a lot of people in hospitals, referencing her beating people up previously in iCarly.
  • Sam points out Cat finally got her last name right. This is a reference to Cat calling Sam Puckell for three episodes.
  • Sam's addiction to food comes back in full swing as previously shown throughout iCarly and Sam & Cat.
  • Cat said that she had a friend who is 'Chewish'. She could be referring to Jewish. This friend could be Robbie Shapiro from Victorious, who is Jewish.
  • Herb returns here from #SecretSafe.
  • The song Stacey is singing while she is riding her bike is the song she wrote about sassafras tea in the Zoey 101 episode "Goodbye Zoey."
  • In Stacey's room at the hospital, the TV shows cotton swabs, as a reference to Stacey's affection for it.

International premieres

  • February 11, 2014 (Southeast Asia)
  • February 25, 2014 (Italy)
  • February 28, 2014 (Spain)
  • March 29, 2014 (Latin America)
  • April 6, 2014 (Poland)