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"Well, then you shouldn't have taken any money out of the ATM."
— Officer Kelvin to Cat on why she is under arrest

Season 1, Episode 21
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January 4, 2014 [1]

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Dan Schneider & Christopher J. Nowak


Adam Weissman


3.150 million[2]

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#MagicATM is the 21st episode of Sam & Cat and the first one to air in 2014.


Cat starts to ride around her shared apartment with Sam on a Ziggity-Zag. Sam comes home and sees this. She wants to try to ride on the Ziggity-Zag as well. Cat escapes into the apartment. Sam sees that they are in the middle of babysitting and that Cat had bought a bunch of stuff from the toy store. Cat gives Sam a Ziggity-Zag and they ride out of the apartment. The two unnamed kids they're babysitting shoots them with ping pong balls. They ride outside as the kids have a brief interaction with Herb. Then, they run into Dice. They make him babysit the kids so Cat can show Sam where she's getting all her money and they can get cool stuff.

Cat takes Sam to the Handy Quick. She shows Sam an ATM machine that gives $400 every time the user plays the tune to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". At the mall, Sam bought expensive fresh meat from her favorite store "Oh My God Meats" and Cat bought a cat tail that wags and meows when a sensor detects a change in a person's heart rate. Dice tells Sam and Cat to get some monkey pills from Pet-Mergency Hospital for Aunt Fergene's helper monkey Futz so that it can help Futz sleep while Aunt Fergeen flies to Japan. This is because Dice has to go to the Burbank Spelling Bee. Cat plans to go to the Handy Quick for more money. Sam is against this, but Cat tempts her with courtside tickets to Lakers games, violent video games, and fried chicken.

They go back, but Cat gets caught by Yokvish who attracts the attention of Officer­ Kelvin who then arrests Cat. Knowing that Cat won't survive juvenile hall, Sam makes Officer Kelvin arrest her too by dumping a drink down his pants. While Officer Kelvin drives to the police station, they see a speeding car. Officer Kelvin chases the car. He then sees the monkey pills Sam and Cat had bought. They tell him what it is, but Officer Kelvin thinks they're lying and eats them. He ends up falling asleep. Sam quickly starts driving the car and Cat gets them out of her handcuffs by stealing the cop's key. The guy who was speeding gets out of his car and runs for it. Sam follows and beats up the guy as Cat comments to the dispatcher.

Moments later, the police are at Apartment 22 repossessing the stuff that was bought with the ATM money much to the dismay of Sam and Cat. The police lieutenant states that Cat and Sam had stolen $4,000 from the ATM. When Officer Kelvin asks Yokvish if he wants to press charges, Yokvish isn't interested as he attempts to get Officer Kelvin to take a picture for his profile. When the police lieutenant states that they got to pay back the $4,000, Officer Kelvin mocks their plight as Sam tells him to take another monkey pill as the police lieutenant keeps them from getting into a conflict. The police lieutenant is then informed that the guy Sam defeated was wanted in three states and the reward for catching him was $5,000. That means Sam and Cat can pay back the money and keep $1,000. Cat then has the police and Yokvish sing her version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" as they are joined in by Dice (who won the Burbank Spelling Bee) and Herb. After the song is done, an unimpressed Sam remarks "That's not how the song goes."


Sam: Where did all this other stuff come from?
Girl: [arms raised in excitement] A toy store!
Sam: I was asking Cat. [to Cat] Where did all this other stuff come from?
Cat: [arms raised in excitement, imitating the girl] A toy store!

Sam: So where is this ATM?
Cat: Follow my body! [wiggles]

Yokvish: Hey, girls! Heey, girls. Heey, girls.
Cat / Sam: What's up? / Y-yeah?
Yokvish: Which picture make me look hot? [shows picture] This?
Sam: [disugsted] No.
Cat: [disugsted] Gross.
Yokvish: [shows another photo] This?
Sam: Gross.
Cat: No.
Yokvish: This? [shows another photo]
Sam: Ech.
Cat: Eew.
Yokvish: This? [shows another photo]
Sam: Eew.
Cat: Ech.
Yokvish: I take more selfies.

Sam: So this is your ATM?
Cat: Yerp.
Sam: But you don't have a bank account?
Cat: Norpe.
Sam: Well, then how did you get an ATM card?
Cat: I don't have an ATM card.
Sam: Well, then how are you getting money out of an ATM machine?
Cat: The tones!
Sam: The tones?
Cat: The tones!
Sam: Okay. You keep saying "The tones!", but I still have no idea what "The tones!" means.
Cat: [squeals] Push the buttons! [Sam does so] See? Everytime you press one of those number buttons, you can hear a beep.
Sam: And this is big news there on your bunny brain?
Cat: Well yeah, 'cause you know I started thinking of that old song, you know. [sings] ♪ Take me down to the basement ♪ / ♪ Fill the buckets with cheese. ♪
Sam: Wait. Wait. No. No, no, no.
Cat: What?
Sam: That's "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".
Cat: [confused] Huh?
Sam: [sings] ♪ Take me out to the ball game ♪ / ♪ Take me out with the crowd. ♪
Cat: Those lyrics make no sense. Anyway, I started wondering if I could play that song with these number buttons. See? [sings, as she pushes the number buttons] ♪ Take me down to the basement ♪ / ♪ Fill the buckets with cheese. ♪ [cash dispenses out] See? 400 bucks!
Yokvish: What did she say?
Sam: Nothing! Take more selfies!
Yokvish: Yes! I love to selfie!

Sam: How many times have you done this?
Cat: I don't know, like 2 or 3 times, a day.
Sam: What?! Shhhh! Listen! You cannot tell anyone about this.
Cat: Why? It's not stealing. I just play a song and the machine thanks me with cash.
Sam: I know, but I am not sure this is legal.
Cat: Oh. Should I give this back?
Sam: Well, I didn't say that.
Cat: Then what should we do?
Sam: I say, we think about it... while we buy stuff at the mall!!
[both cheering as they exit store, while Yokvish continues to take different selfies]

Sam: Whoever said money can't buy happiness was so stupid!
Cat: Yeah! You just gotta have enough money!

Dice: [entering the apartment] Boom! I have reached my destination.

Cat: [sings while pushing the ATM's buttons] ♪ Take me down to the basement ♪ / ♪ Fill my buckets with cheese. ♪
[cash dispenses out]
Yokvish: [catches Cat red-handed] Hey you, girl!
Cat: Hello, foreign friend.
Yokvish: You the one that's taking the money from my machine!
Cat: No, I don't take it. The machine just gives it to me.
Sam: Come on, let's just get out of here.
Customer: Can I please just pay for my tuna pouch?
Yokvish: [to customer] No tuna! [notices a police officer named Kelvin approach] Hey, policeman! Policeman! Come to here! Come!
Sam / Cat: Oh, geez...
Officer Kelvin: What's the problem?
Customer: I just wanted to buy the tuna pouch!
Yokvish: Shut up about pouch! You know how some person been sucking cash money from my atom machine?
Officer Kelvin: Uh-huh.
Yokvish: It's [points at Cat] this girl!
Officer Kelvin: You?
Cat: Maybe.
Sam: [quietly to Cat] Tell him he's handsome.
Cat: [to Officer Kelvin] You're handsome.
Sam: More flirty.
Cat: [more flirty, twirling her hair, but unconvincing] Wow, you're so handsome.
Officer Kelvin: [places Cat under arrest] Let's go. Hands in front of your stomach.
Cat: [gets handcuffed] Oh my gosh! Sam! Help me!
Sam: Man, leave her alone!
Cat: No!
Officer Kelvin: Officer, can you take her away, please?
Cat: Where am I going?
Officer Kelvin: To juvie.
Sam: Juvie?!
Cat: I don't wanna go to juvie!
Officer Kelvin: Well, then you shouldn't have taken any money out of the ATM.
Cat: Well, I didn't think there would be consequences!

Sam: You cannot take my friend to juvie!
Officer Kelvin: Why?
Sam: Because she's not tough! She can't handle it!
Officer Kelvin: Oh. Well, too bad.
Sam: Wait. Take me to juvie with her.
Officer Kelvin: No.
Sam: Why not?
Officer Kelvin: Because you didn't commit a crime.
Sam: [takes a slushie beverage from a customer, sips it] Here. Let me have that.
[assaults Kelvin by dumping the beverage down his pants]
Officer Kelvin: [shivers] Oh! Okay. Yeah, that does it. [places Sam under arrest] You know the drill. Thatta girl. Here we go.
Sam: Yes.

[sung to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, later joined in by Dice, Kelvin, and Herb]
Cat:Take me down to the basement.
Fill the buckets with cheese.
Tickle your mother with puffer fish.
Kiss a rhinoceros, then make a wish.
’Cause it’s noodle soup for the sailors ♪
If their boat sinks in the rain.
And we won’t, won’t, pay for this song
’Cause it’s public domain!

Sam: [last line] That's not how the song goes.


  • Jennette's grandma visited her on the Sam & Cat set during the production of this episode.[3]
  • Scott Baio guest stars in this episode as Officer Kelvin, a police officer who puts the girls under juvie arrest, which ultimately leads to a wild police pursuit as the group hunts down the real criminals.[4]
  • The episode was announced by a tweet from Nickelodeon.[5]
  • This is the first episode to feature Ariana Grande with a wig, instead of her actual hair.
  • Starting with this episode, there is a brand new updated opening sequence.
  • It is never stated which states the criminal was wanted in.
  • It is never revealed what sentence the criminal got but given the fact that he was wanted in three states he likely got a lengthly prison sentence.
  • The fourth wall is broken at the end of this episode when everyone sings, "And we won't, won't, pay for this song 'cause it's public domain."
  • The ending in the credits for this episode is from #YayDay, which is set to air after this episode.
  • It can be seen when Sam and Cat are going inside their apartment that there's a bag named Toys Are Wee, which is an obvious parody of Toys R Us.
  • Sam saying "monkeys with mustaches" to make Cat happy is similar to Jade West saying "puppies wearing sunglasses" to make Cat laugh in the Victorious episode "Opposite Date."
  • The store with the ATM is the store that appeared in the Victorious episode "Ice Cream for Ke$ha."
  • This episode is the sixth consecutive episode to have a special guest appearance. First was in #PeezyB with Kel Mitchell as Peezy B, second was in #SalmonCat with Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams as Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins, third was when Jennette McCurdy reprised her role as Sam's twin sister, Melanie Puckett in #Twinfection, fourth was in #MyPoober with Aubrey K. Miller as Ellie Farber, fifth was in #MadAboutShoe with Abby Wilde as Stacey Dillsen.
  • Cat's Tush Tail is based off of a real item called Necomini (moving cat ears that work with brain waves).
  • This is technically the second time Cat does something illegal in the show, as she stole Stacey's shoes in #MadAboutShoe however in that episode she wasn't arrested whereas in this one she is.


  • When Cat tells Dice to never ask about her business in response to his questions about the money, her line is a reference to The Godfather.
    • Coincidentally, Dice's last name is also a reference to The Godfather.
  • When Cat tempts Sam to go to the ATM machine, she mentions the Lakers, a real life basketball team.
  • At the Handy Quick, there are products named Schneider's, as an allusion to Dan Schneider.
  • The Ziggity-Zags Sam and Cat use are a parody of Crazy-Cart, a toy that acts like the Ziggity-Zag.

Character revelations

  • Sam's favorite store is "Oh My God Meats," which is a parody of Omaha Steaks.
  • Dice is part of the Burbank Spelling Bee.
  • Cat loves air travel.
  • The extent of how much Sam cares for Cat is shown in this episode. When Sam was concerned that Cat wasn't tough enough to handle juvie on her own, she purposely gets herself arrested to go with her.


  • Sam says, "Currently heading east on Melrose" when chasing the speeding car but the closed captions read "north."
  • In reality stealing money from an ATM is a federal offense. However, since Cat did it in a convenience store and not a bank she did not go to federal prison.
  • Sam is worried that the money from the ATM is illegal money. But in the iCarly episode iLove You, Freddie asks Sam what her favorite and least illegal thing to do is, Sam has trouble deciding.
    • However, she did say she did not want to go back to juvie.
  • Even if they were helping the police, it would also be illegal for Sam and Cat to drive a police car because they aren't real police officers. In reality, they would be arrested for stealing a police car. Then again, Officer Kelvin fell asleep at the wheel.
  • In reality, Officer Kelvin alongside Sam and Cat would likely die due to him sleeping behind the wheel.
  • Before Sam goes to get the Ziggity-Zag, you see a ping pong ball behind Cat, but after she rides out on the Ziggity-Zag, the ping pong ball is gone.

Running gags

  • Cat singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" with the wrong lyrics.
  • The cashier at Handy Quick taking selfies.
  • Cat gets Sam's last name wrong again. This time, she calls her Sam "Pumpkin".
  • Nona being old, seen in the end credits.

Series continuity

  • Cat believes in magic like she did in #DollSitting and #Twinfection.
  • Sam still loves meat as shown numerous times on iCarly and previously in Sam & Cat.
  • Sam's criminal past is repeatedly brought up in this episode.
  • Before the scene where Sam, Cat, and the officer are in the police car, Nozu from Victorious was shown.
  • The Handy Quick was the store they got the 'Funky Nut Blast' ice cream in the Victorious episode "Ice Cream for Ke$ha."
  • Pet-Mergency is the animal hospital Tori, Beck, Jade, and Cat went to in the Victorious episode "Opposite Date."
  • Dice's Aunt Fergene is mentioned again, as well as her " night gas" and helper monkey, Futz, which were first mentioned in #SecretSafe and #DollSitting respectively.
  • Sam was arrested for pouring a cold beverage down the cop's pants. In the iCarly episode "iWon't Cancel the Show," she was arrested for shoving a hot pepper down a foreign dignitary's pants.
  • This is the second time Cat sings. The first time is #BabysitterWar.
  • This is the second episode to have a scene in a car. The first one is #MyPoober. This is also the only time that it happens while Goomer isn't the one who drives the car.
  • You see a pack of cookies that say "Chips A'soy!" which is a parody of "Chips Ahoy!," originally seen in the iCarly episode iHeart Art.
  • When Cat walks in the door with a handful of shopping bags, she is carrying a bag from Mercedes Lens, also seen in iCarly, in the episode "iPromote Techfoots."
  • This is the second time Cat gets arrested. The first time was the Victorious episode Locked Up.
  • Sam driving the police car is a nod to Jennette McCurdy's character Ponnie from Victorious.

International premieres

  • May 4, 2014 (Poland, Germany)
  • May 17, 2014 (Netherlands)
  • May 19, 2014 (Latin America)
  • September 9, 2014 (Quebec)
  • September 11, 2014 (Greece)