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"I'm thrilled to be playing Cat's wacky gran, Nona! It's great fun!"
— Maree Cheatham confirming her character to be Nona.

Maree Cheatham
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Maree Cheatham




June 2, 1940 (age 82)[1]
Oklahoma, U.S.



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1964 - present

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Maree Cheatham

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Maree Cheatham is an American actress known for her roles on Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. She portrays Nona, Cat Valentine's wacky grandmother, on Sam & Cat.[2]


Personal life

She was married to Bill Arvin in 1964 but was later divorced the following year. She got married again to Robert Staron (also known as Bobbo Staron) in November 22, 1998.[3]


  • Maree's first tweet was on February 17, 2013.[4]
  • Maree's Twitter account was verified on March 1, 2013.
  • She selected the name of her fandom to be "Mareens".[5]
  • This is actually the second role she played in Dan Schneider sitcoms. She played Josh's driving teacher in the Drake & Josh episode "Driver's License".
  • She isn't a main cast member, although she can be judged as so. Her character, Nona, is a protagonist, like the main characters, and she appeared in #BlooperEpisode, in which only main cast members played a role on the blooper episodes of Schneider's previous shows, iCarly and Victorious. She was also present at the Kids' Choice Awards, when Sam & Cat won "Favorite Show", while usually, recurring cast members don't attend the Kids' Choice Awards. Zoran Korach, who portrays Goomer, is in the same situation as well.


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