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Marissa Benson
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Marissa Benson



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Seattle, Washington



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Freddie Benson




Dirty things, dangerous things, Carly Shay (sometimes)

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Mary Scheer

Marissa Benson is a minor character on Sam & Cat. She is a returning character from iCarly.



She is Freddie's overprotective mother. She is nosy and borderline psychotic. Despite that, she is a very caring mother who would do anything to protect her son. She is also a neat freak and does stuff that is clean, like using a wipe to twist the door knob and making people take off their shoes before entering hers and Freddie's apartment, as shown in iCarly episodes "iSaved Your Life" and "iQ".


She appears when Freddie is getting a phone call from Cat. She thought he was listening outside of Carly's door and says that she will never love him. She later comes back and says that she has an itch, but Freddie doesn't want to do anything with it. Later in the episode, she calls Freddie because she learned by someway that Freddie said buttocks, even though he's at Los Angeles.


She is very overprotective of Freddie because she's terrified that he will get hurt. She also dislikes Carly sometimes as she joyfully told Freddie that Carly will never love him or that she was annoyed to think that he was staring at her door again.


Freddie Benson

(1994-Present: Son)

Freddie and Marissa have a hard relationship. Most times, Marissa is overprotective of Freddie and he is annoyed by this. But despite this, Marissa is a very caring mother who loves Freddie. In #TheKillerTunaJump: #Freddie #Jade #Robbie, it is shown they have a tough relationship as Marissa is wondering what he is doing outside when he is talking to Cat Valentine and Freddie is easily annoyed by Marissa in the special. When Marissa says she has a itch, Freddie yells, "That's not my responsibility!"



Marissa: Are you staring at Carly's door again?
Marissa: I have an itch.


  • She is a talented fencer.
  • She once fought Nora Dershlit and her family to save her son and his friends.
  • Her overprotection toward Freddie is similar to Mrs. Lurkin's overprotection towards her son Oscar. The difference is that Oscar really has misfortune, while she is just afraid for Freddie.
  • It is unknown what happened to Freddie's father. Some fans speculate he might be either dead or divorced to her.
  • Her name wasn't said in the episode. It is known because of iCarly.
  • This is the first role Mary Scheer has done since 2012.


  1. Dan Schneider mentioned that she sometimes works as a part-time nurse, even if it hasn't been mentioned once in an episode.
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