"Who wants chicken?"
— Sam holding him

Maurice-Sam & Cat
Animal Chicken
Color Orange
Owner(s) Nora Dershlit
First appearance #SuperPsycho

Maurice is an animal on Sam & Cat. He's Nora's pet and a returning character from iCarly.



Maurice is Nora's chicken pet since a long time. He appeared along her in iPsycho and iStillPsycho.


He appears at the prison and Nora carries him with her when she leaves. She has him with her at the abandoned house where she keeps Cat Valentine and Dice Corleone down a well, until Sam Puckett get there and took him, menacing to eat him, causing a fight against Nora.


Maurice doesn't have much of a personality due to being a chicken.


Nora Dershlit

Nora is Maurice's owner. Nora loves Maurice a lot and will do anything to defend him. Sam found this useful by holding him hostage in return for her friends.


This character has no lines due to being an animal.



  • Maurice is portrayed by a hen and not a rooster. It would mean that Maurice is a girl and not a boy.
  • It's unknown how he got to the prison and what happened to him after the events of the episode. Dice Corleone seems to have kept him after Nora got back to prison.
  • He's the only returning animal.
  • It was mentioned that he was sent to a foster animal home sometime after iStill Psycho.
  • Nora has a tattoo of him.


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